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Ben Merriman

Ben Merriman



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  • Comment on: More generic prescribing could save £18m, NHS Business Services Authority says

    Ben Merriman's comment 25 OCT 2017 22:43

    Unfortunately for NHSBSA, mesalazine 800mg m/r g/r tablets are in part VIIIA of the Drug Tariff as both Asacol and Octasa. The payment made to the pharmacy is based upon the endorsement; if the pharmacy dispense Asacol and endorse "ex 84" or equivalent, they will be paid for Asacol.

  • Comment on: MHRA issues drug alert after drugs mislabelled

    Ben Merriman's comment 7 SEP 2017 11:54

    You'd have thought that the amount that Focus (i.e. Corncordia) charge for their generic medicines (as opposed to when they were branded medicines), they'd be able to have some sort of check in place to ensure this basic sort of thing is correct...!

  • Comment on: Market competition a predictor of changes in generic drug prices, concludes US study

    Ben Merriman's comment 5 JUL 2017 16:43

    What about old proprietary drugs at risk of being discontinued, replaced with an identical generic to avoid government agreed price controls then have their price inflated to several times more than they use to be? Cyanocobalamin 50 microgram tablets, anyone...?

  • Comment on: Penicillin allergy often inaccurately recorded by healthcare professionals

    Ben Merriman's comment 1 JUL 2017 9:58

    We're often asked to annotate records/MAR sheets for residential/nursing home patients with records of their "allergies". There's the usual "trimethoprim makes me feel sick" type "allergy" but also "patient allergic to beta-blockers" when they're not allergic, they're asthmatic!!!

    I do try to challenge these things but it nearly always falls on deaf ears. In fact, a couple of months ago I was asked to dispense bisoprolol for a patient new to a nursing home who was "allergic to beta-blockers" and assured it was "OK, she's had it for years".

    It's an absolute minefield - I'd hate to be responsible for the delayed prescribing of an antibiotic for meningitis because a surgery didn't have cefotaxime in stock but penicillin G available, because of an incorrect declaration of an allergy on one of my MAR sheets. I'd also hate to be responsible for the supply of something responsible for an allergic event after I'd "convinced" a patient/home that they weren't truly allergic to that agent.

    Would be interested to hear CQC's take...

  • Comment on: HIV services need to evolve to meet new needs

    Ben Merriman's comment 7 JUN 2017 17:26

    A completely free and anonymous service has been set up to those at risk of HIV. They present at any of the pharmacies offering the service and a simple finger prick test shows their HIV status within minutes. As the patient doesn't need to be registered to the pharmacy, they can choose any of them, regardless of where they live or work allowing complete anonymity.

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