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Hana Fayyad

Hana Fayyad

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  • Comment on: Using aspirin for six months or more reduces the risk of some gastrointestinal cancers, study finds

    Hana Fayyad's comment 3 NOV 2017 1:12

    It will be interesting to know how and why effect on gastrointestinal Cancer was the most significant, and the lowest Aspirin dose producing that cancer-protection impact.

  • Comment on: Proton pump inhibitors linked to liver disease, researchers find

    Hana Fayyad's comment 12 OCT 2017 12:25

    This adds to the list of harmful side effects of proton pump inhibitors use; kidney dysfunction, deficiency of vitaminB12, iron, magnesium and calcium, gastric polyps, and possible heart disease. Effect on intestinal flora also increases risk of clostridium difficile infection, and incurred microbiota change has potential possible impact on long term cognitive function, lung disease, breast cancer, obesity, autoimmune disorders, and more!
    Accurate selection of cases who really need gastric acid-suppression medications is mandatory.

  • Comment on: Delayed antibiotics have similar benefits to those taken straight away, according to UK study

    Hana Fayyad's comment 16 AUG 2017 10:04

    These results may be no surprise. After all, the role of the patient's immune system against infection has to be remembered. In the old days, while a few cases with pneumococcal pneumonia would succumb on no antibiotics, a few others would fully recover without antibiotics. So it should be in sore throat; few days of antibiotics, compared to a full course, would be an aid to an already competent immune system, resulting equally in cure.
    Dr Hana Fayyad, pediatrician

  • Comment on: Saving my mother from depression using skills I learned in pharmacy

    Hana Fayyad's comment 2 AUG 2017 12:55

    It is indeed crucial for a health professional to secede from one's position as a relative to a patient(though not always feasible), so an optimal treatment approach is arrived at. As a peditatrician I have fortunately came to be able to do that with my children to a big extent.
    Herein, changing to a different type of medication allowed for the patient's improvement, which made way for further communication, boosting her improvement further. Particularly in depression, different patients respond to different medications, which is where advanced imaging techniques may be helpful in drug selection, and luckily here the writer hit the right target without need for further procedures.
    Of note here is that depression being a biochemical imbalance, conversation and advice alone are mostly insufficient to cure a patient, which drives the care-taker only more frustrated. It should be realized that while antidepressants are a two-edged sword, to be avoided to the utmost when plausible, there are times when they are pivotal in achieving recovery.
    May I finally pose a query here; how old is the writer's mother, Is she close to menopause?! If so, this makes her state explicable, and may implicate approaching her from that perspective.
    Dr Hana Fayyad, pediatrician
    (Maria Jasmine Freeman)

  • Comment on: Whooping cough: public health management and guidance

    Hana Fayyad's comment 27 MAY 2017 8:11

    Thank you v much for this beautiful informative revision!!
    It is terse and concise, yet v comprehensive; I gained great benefit of reading it, while never getting bored!

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