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Henry Linderman

Henry Linderman

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  • Comment on: Why we should increase access of EHC to women, rather than restrict it

    Henry Linderman's comment 1 SEP 2017 14:24

    What interests me is that when you have 'POM to P' items, the wholesale price of the P item is always more (or the pack-size less) than the POM item. I don't remember this being the case with the 'Schedule 1' items of my younger days. Otherwise, we have the schemes where we are able to supply the item (with paperwork) for a few weeks, and then have to send the patient for proper medical consultation.
    Surely, if the purpose of 'POM to P' is to satisfy a need to stop people going to the doctor (as doctors are overloaded anyway), then there needs to be a more economical way for people to buy OTC items for IBS, or modern antacids, or whatever.

  • Comment on: PSNC considering legal action over community pharmacy cuts, but says strike action ‘unwise’

    Henry Linderman's comment 26 APR 2017 10:32

    We hear a lot about the possibility of pharmacies closing, or reducing their services, and, at the same time, of the Government trying to get prescriptions dispensed in central warehouses, with courier-delivery.
    How would these developments affect dispensing doctors? Would the traditional wholesalers now not be needed, and no longer serve dispensing doctors? Or would every GP practice want to become a dispensing practice?
    And are dispensing doctors getting similar pay-cuts to what we are now suffering?
    Perhaps we could get GPs on the same side as us?

  • Comment on: High Court throws out legal challenge over GPhC standards but PDA says ruling provides “welcome clarification”

    Henry Linderman's comment 13 APR 2017 17:54

    Correct me if my memory is wrong, but is all this not connected to a case where a pharmacist was physically abusive to his wife, and the fitness-to-practise people sanctioned him, but the sanction was overthrown by the people who oversee these sanctions?
    I hope everything is clear now.

  • Comment on: We need safe and better labelled vitamin D products on the market

    Henry Linderman's comment 4 FEB 2017 19:20

    I think Ben has stolen most of my thunder. We can't get Calcium with Vitamin D (BPC?) tablets any more. And I think we'd be pushed to get a 400IU preparation with a product-licence at all. Otherwise, higher doses are (I hope I am right here) POM, or sold as food-supplements: even THIS is a nonsense. There is a large prescription market for chewable Vit D plus calcium tablets, but I think they are expensive.
    I always remember that a large teaching hospital in London had to make its own Vit D capsules, presumably because there was no licensed source: perhaps these were for serious medication, rather than for supplementation.
    There are all kinds of vitamin preparations (usually multivitamin ones) available in all kinds of shops, but they are expensive (but 3 for the price of 2!).
    Yes, it was a very timely article/letter.

  • Comment on: Two legal cases against pharmacy cuts to be heard jointly in March 2017

    Henry Linderman's comment 17 JAN 2017 11:28

    And we are still hearing adverts on the radio saying that people over sixty-whatever feeling unwell should 'talk to your pharmacist'. It's the word 'your' that does it for me.

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