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Rivaroxaban, marketed by Xarelto

Rivaroxaban more effective than aspirin for preventing blood clots, study results suggest

Researchers find that blood clot rates in patients taking rivaroxaban were significantly lower than those taking aspirin, and there were no significant differences between bleeding side effects

Jeremy hunt, secretary of state for health

Government lawyers defend community pharmacy budget cuts in High Court

Lawyers representing health secretary Jeremy Hunt have defended his decision to slice more than £320m off the community pharmacy budget in England.

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Molecular structure of fentanyl

Researchers create opioid that only activates at pain sitesSubscription

Opioid-receptor agonist demonstrated similar level of pain relief to fentanyl but without typical side effects associated with opioids

Smoker lighting a cigarette

Brain activity predicts success of attempts to quit smokingSubscription

Researchers found that smokers who relapsed while trying to quit had a reduced functional connectivity between brain regions involved in inhibitory control, compared to those who remained abstinent.

Blister pack of pravastatin

No survival benefit from adding statins to lung cancer treatmentSubscription

Adding pravastatin to platinum-based chemotherapy offered no benefit to survival compared with placebo, researchers report

Ovarian cancer cells

Researchers discover molecule that inhibits cancer cell stress responseSubscription

Scientists find a new chemical probe that is a potent inhibitor of human cancer cell proliferation in vitro, with potential applications against many cancers.

Molecular structure of ketamine

Antidepressant response associated with increased resilience to stress in miceSubscription

Researchers say their study using a mouse model of chronic social defeat stress could be applied to identify novel drug targets for depression therapies.

Micrograph of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria (yellow) on human nasal epithelial cells

Salicylic acid exposure might increase risk of Staphylococcus aureusSubscription

Animal research suggests that frequent consumption of aspirin could contribute to S. aureus infection.

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GP out of hours service sign

New urgent drug supply scheme adds a layer of difficultySubscription

The new urgent medicines supply service takes the load off out-of-hours GP services, but adds bureaucracy for patients and pharmacists.

Illustration of network of pipes

Understanding irritable bowel syndrome: bugs, brains and leaky barriersSubscription

Research indicates that there are multiple causes for the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, and that most of them may involve the microbiome.

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Diagram showing different pharmacy organisations in the UK and who they represent

Pharmacy organisations in the UK: a complicated webSubscription

Pharmacy is a diverse profession and this is reflected in the wide variety of organisations that can represent the interests of pharmacists, pharmacy owners, trainees and students. 

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Special report

Community pharmacy cuts

On 21 March, the UK High Court will consider two legal actions against the government’s decision to cut community pharmacy funding. The joint hearing will consider cases put forward by the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) and the National Pharmacy Association (NPA). Follow the judicial review with The Pharmaceutical Journal’s special report on community pharmacy cuts.

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Closed pharmacy store

Latest update: Follow news and reaction to pharmacy cuts as they unfold

Follow the latest updates on the proposed 12% funding cuts to community pharmacy, which could result in the closure of a quarter of pharmacies in England.

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