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  • Society's first Academic Excellence Awards go to Belfast and London

    11 NOV 2006

    The first schools of pharmacy to receive an Academic Excellence Award from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society are those at Queen's University of Belfast and at the University of London.

  • PJ Online | Belfast consumers "willing to pay" for medicine risk services

    4 MAY 2002

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  • New 3.5m pound research centre for Belfast

    8 JUL 2000

    The Pharmaceutical Journal Vol 265 No 7104p38July 8, 2000 NewsNew £3.5m research centre for Belfast...

  • Antibacterial hydrogel could influence development of medical implants

    22 AUG 2014

    Researchers have developed an antibacterial hydrogel that reduces bacterial biofilm formation.

  • Design features to consider before refitting your pharmacy weblink

    6 MAR 2015

    Pharmacists with their eye on a good or excellent rating from the pharmacy inspector may benefit from a refit, finds Ailsa Colquhoun.

  • Iron deficiency anaemia: basic management download

    24 FEB 2015

    Test your knowledge with this case study on a common condition with non-specific symptoms.

  • When it comes to working in the industry, pharmacists have greater competition

    26 SEP 2014

    There is a diverse range of roles for pharmacists in the pharmaceutical industry, so the training of undergraduates should equip them to work in all of these fields.

  • Medicines support for young people with arthritis

    28 AUG 2014

    Funded by Pharmacy Research UK, a team is exploring the current and future roles of pharmacists in providing medicines support to young people with arthritis. Pharmacists who are currently practising in the community or hospital are invited to discuss these issues, many of which relate to all long-term conditions. No previous experience in rheumatology or young people’s health is required. A £30 fee and reasonable travel expenses will be paid. Focus groups will take place in September ...

  • Become a teacher-practitioner to help tomorrow’s pharmacists excel

    18 JUL 2014

    Trainee pharmacists need input from experienced pharmacists to put their learning into practice. If you enjoy helping people learn and develop themselves, the role of teacher-practitioner could be for you.

  • George Tedford Nelson (Death notice)

    The Pharmaceutical Journal, February 2009

    On 18 January 2009, George Tedford Nelson, aged 80, of Slough, Berkshire.Mr Nelson qualified in Belfast, registered in 1957 and retired from the Register in 2006.He was for a time managing director of Parke-Davis, Tehran, Iran.

  • Owen Lyndon Wade (Death notice)

    The Pharmaceutical Journal, March 2009

    On 10 December 2008, Owen Lyndon Wade, aged 87TributesMARTIN KENDALL writes: Owen Wade was one of the founding fathers of clinical pharmacology and therapeutics in the UK. He created two new departments in Belfast and Birmingham and played a key role in the training of many medical students.

  • Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists Group

    19 NOV 2005

    The Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists Group conference was held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, from 28 to 30 October Pharmaceutical changes on the path through childhood and adolescence...

  • BPC 2008: New ways of tackling device-associated infection

    1 OCT 2008

    Incorporating active antibacterial mechanisms into medical devices will help health services tackle the growing levels of device-associated infection caused by resistant biofilms, according to Sean Gorman, head of the school of pharmacy at Queen’s University Belfast, during a session at the British Pharmaceutical Conference 2008.

  • PJ Online | British Pharmaceutical Conference 2003 | Science presentations: A review of science at Harrogate

    13 SEP 2003

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  • Older people excluded and under-represented in clinical trials

    13 SEP 2011

    “The pharmacoparadox is that the most important healthcare intervention [medication] in older people is inadequately tested in this group,” stated Carmel Hughes, professor of primary care and pharmacy and director of research, University of Belfast, during a session at the RPS conference.

  • Quartz crystals are forever

    25 NOV 2009

    Merlin’s collection of geological specimens includes some quartz crystals and a small geode of amethyst. Quartz crystals can be made to vibrate at specific frequencies, and this property is used in accurate time keeping. The watch on your wrist is likely to contain a quartz crystal.

  • BPC2008: Features of a good CF care centre

    1 OCT 2008

    The features of an effective cystic fibrosis care centre were described to the meeting by Stuart Elborn, professor of respiratory medicine at Queen’s University Belfast. This was during a session at the British Pharmaceutical Conference 2008.

  • Four more pharmacists are designated as fellows of the Society

    17 DEC 2005

    Four pharmacists — three of them resident overseas — have been designated as fellows of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society by the Society's panel of fellows. The four are James McElnay, of Belfast, Northern Ireland, George Lees, of Dunedin, New Zealand, Margaret Malone, of New York, US, and Steven Williams, of Nantwich, Cheshire.

  • The schools of pharmacy

    14 OCT 2000

    The Pharmaceutical Journal Vol 265 No 7118 p568-573 October 14, 2000 Pharmacy educationThe schools of pharmacy...

  • New JPP editorial arrangements

    29 JAN 2000

    For the first time in its long history, the editorship of the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology is moving away from the headquarters of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, although it will continue to be published by the Society through the Pharmaceutical Press.

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