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  • PJ Online | Onlooker (Passing the salt / Cups that cheer / Over the hill / Desperate remedy)

    12 OCT 2002

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  • Pressure on the prescriber / "The cups that cheer but not inebriate" / Antidepressants need supportive support / La Corona: lost city of Guatemala unearthed

    26 NOV 2005

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  • PJ Online | Christmas 2003 (Medicated cheer)

    20 DEC 2003

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  • Pressure on the prescriber / "The cups that cheer but not inebriate" / Antidepressants need supportive support / La Corona: lost

    26 NOV 2005

    Pressure on the prescriber An investigation by Nature, described in the 20 October issue, has indicated that more than one third of authors of papers describing drug use have been subject to unwarranted influence from those with a financial interest in the treatment.

  • PJ Online | Onlooker (Baby talk and pets / Galvanic touch / Big ideas / Cups that cheer)

    27 JUL 2002

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  • PJ Online | Articles | Multivitamins for HIV, fruit powder for osteoarthritis and kava for cheerfulness

    11 DEC 2004

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  • The crocus — reasons to be cheerful

    12 FEB 2009

    [img_assist|nid=49349|title=Crocus sativus|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=200|height=318]As we move towards springtime, green shoots of crocus plants are beginning to appear, ready to burst into bloom in a variety of colours. The crocus was first brought to England in the late 16th century by Jean Robin, curator of the Jardin du Roi in Paris.

  • Tribute to Ian Caldwell

    2 MAR 2015

    It was with great sadness that I learned this week of the death of my very good friend Ian Caldwell. He was a community pharmacist second to none. He was loved by his patients, admired and respected by his professional colleagues.

  • Brian S Baker

    29 AUG 2014

    I have known Brian Baker, as a friend and colleague, since the mid-1960s, when he moved from the pharmaceutical industry to join us at the Royal Free Hospital and set up its first quality-control laboratory. Later, in the early 1970s, when the regional and area pharmacy structures were established, and I returned to North East Thames Region, Brian was appointed Regional Quality Controller. A first-rate pharmacist, Brian’s friendly and engaging personality enabled him to achieve the ...

  • Commonwealth Games and The Queen’s Baton

    28 JUL 2014

    Pharmacist Audrey Thompson describes the journey of the Queen’s Baton across 70 nations to its current home at the Athlete Village in Dalmarnock.

  • When a nightingale sang just a few miles from Berkeley Square

    20 MAY 2010

    The nightingale is famous for its song, but I suspect that few Britons have knowingly heard one sing. The bird is a scarce summer visitor to southern England, where it usually keeps to dense woodland well away from human habitation. Since the males sing only for a few weeks, and mainly during unsociable hours, they are not often heard.

  • The nail biting wait for our Exam Results...

    23 FEB 2011

    It is that time again, well for Manchester students anyways, post-Christmas exams then a month to sweat over how you feel the examinations went.With most of Christmas spent with your head buried in a book and not really feeling the Christmas "cheer".

  • Origin of “the wave”

    13 OCT 2011

    The rippling effect produced by the sequential action of structures such as the cilia of ctenophores is called metachronal rhythm. A more familiar example might be the “Mexican wave” or “Ola” which came to the world’s attention during the 1986 FIFA World Cup in Mexico. However, in North America the origin of what they simply call “the wave” is the subject of controversy.

  • PJ Online | Christmas Miscellany (2003)

    20 DEC 2003

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  • Pharmacy scores a goal with unusual location

    18 DEC 2013

    Emma Page reports on a pharmacy in a football stadium...

  • Christmas light cast on CAM and CPD

    18 DEC 2012

    Pharmacists have a duty to make sure that their practices are evidence-based and up-to date. This review aims to assess the evidence for various Christmas practices and allow readers to make judgements as to their relative risks and benefits. To this end a hierar-tree of evidence (see Figure) will be applied.

  • The mood for celebration

    22 AUG 2012

    It seemed at times in the lead-up to the London 2012 Olympic Games that people just weren’t that excited about the event. Media-inflated fears of a public transport meltdown saw some people gloating that they had decided to fly to the Bahamas rather than stay amid the chaos.

  • Athletics At The Stadium

    18 AUG 2012

    I was overjoyed on receiving notification that we had successfully bought tickets to the Athletics Final, as it was a much anticipated race.

  • Olympic Orientation Day At Wembley Arena

    15 MAR 2012

    Successful games makers were invited to an Orientation Training event at Wembley arena. See links attached for more details.

  • Sahara desert challenges pharmacist download

    11 DEC 2009

    Doing medicines use reviews and getting services commissioned are not the only challenges for pharmacists. Andy Humphreys, principal pharmacist for patient services at the Princess Royal University Hospital, Kent, describes competing in what is often billed as the toughest foot race on earth...

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