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  • When a nightingale sang just a few miles from Berkeley Square

    20 MAY 2010

    The nightingale is famous for its song, but I suspect that few Britons have knowingly heard one sing. The bird is a scarce summer visitor to southern England, where it usually keeps to...

  • Origin of “the wave”

    13 OCT 2011

    The rippling effect produced by the sequential action of structures such as the cilia of ctenophores is called metachronal rhythm. A more familiar example might be the “Mexican wave” or “Ola” which came to the...

  • The nail biting wait for our Exam Results...

    23 FEB 2011

    It is that time again, well for Manchester students anyways, post-Christmas exams then a month to sweat over how you feel the examinations went. With most of Christmas spent with your head buried in a...

  • Pressure on the prescriber / "The cups that cheer but not inebriate" / Antidepressants need supportive support / La Corona: lost

    26 NOV 2005

    Pressure on the prescriber An investigation by Nature , described in the 20 October issue, has indicated that more than...

  • Pharmacy scores a goal with unusual location

    18 DEC 2013

    Emma Page reports on a pharmacy in a football stadium There are not many places that you can get your flu jab and watch “the Os” score in the top corner at the same time. In fact for this purpose...

  • Christmas light cast on CAM and CPD

    18 DEC 2012

    Brits set to spend £22billion on Christmas cheer. Available at, accessed 26.11.12 See other Christmas miscellany articles .  ...

  • The mood for celebration

    22 AUG 2012

    It seemed at times in the lead-up to the London 2012 Olympic Games that people just weren’t that excited about the event. Media-inflated fears of a public transport meltdown saw some people gloating that they had decided...

  • Athletics At The Stadium

    18 AUG 2012

    I was overjoyed on receiving notification that we had successfully bought tickets to the Athletics Final, as it was a much anticipated race. I was overjoyed on receiving notification that we had successfully bought tickets...

  • Olympic Orientation Day At Wembley Arena

    15 MAR 2012

    Successful games makers were invited to an Orientation Training event at Wembley arena. See links attached for more details.

  • Sahara desert challenges pharmacist download

    11 DEC 2009

    Iodine, Compeed and more Leukopor tape were applied ready for the final day and a marathon run. Day 5, 42km My stomach had settled a little overnight so I was determined to run as much of the day as I could. There...

  • BPC 2008: Pharmacy practice research reviewed

    1 OCT 2008

    The researchers state that if comparability is assumed, switching these patients from Seretide to Symbicort would save £5,100 per annum. Public health Few members of the public are aware that community...

  • The long voyage to the defeat of scurvy / Cold comfort in the land of fires / A Victorian engineering triumph

    11 APR 2008

    As late as 1893 Fridtjof Nansen took to the Arctic a store of provisions so varied as to supply whatever was needed to fend off scurvy. It...

  • PJ Online | Articles | Multivitamins for HIV, fruit powder for osteoarthritis and kava for cheerfulness

    11 DEC 2004

    At the end of the study, severity of joint pain was higher in the group receiving placebo first. The author concluded that R canina is effective...

  • Problems can be addressed

    The Pharmaceutical Journal, May 2012

    From Mr A. J. T. Low, MRPharmS I write regarding the frank article on problem drinking ( PJ , 21 April 2012, p493 ). It was a distressing story. But it was cheering to think that there was a happy ending. From Mr A. J. T.

  • Mail order pioneer

    24 NOV 2011

    Thomas Hood (1799–1845) described this often dark, gloomy month in his poem “November” which begins “No sun, no moon! No morn, no noon! No dawn, no dusk, no proper time of day . . .”. It continues in similar vein with...

  • Saturday and Glastonbury Moments.

    27 JUN 2010

    Glastonbury is one of the few places where it’sstill OK for a man of my age to lie back looking up at the waving flags and thebirds circling in the sky! We settledup near the tree again for the evenings shows. The...

  • Memories and imagination / Why stocking shelves is hard in the Pacific / Humans virtually unwrapped / Fairy physicians: fact or

    26 JAN 2008

    Memories and imagination We all have memories of one sort or another. Many stay with us for ever but some fade away...

  • Time to reflect

    8 JAN 2014

    The turn of the year is always a time for reflection: a time to take stock of personal and professional aspirations, pursuits and achievements. The turn of the year is always a time for reflection: a time to take stock of personal...

  • Pharmacy in the mountains of lions

    18 DEC 2013

    Several of the locals are in recognised training programmes, some of which are funded by the BLF, and the camp allows them to work with qualified professionals, have some tuition and use equipment otherwise...

  • The world of Botox® and why I strongly support Dr Leah Totton

    17 DEC 2013

    Earlier this year, unapologetically, I was cheering on Dr Leah Totton who is a qualified doctor from Derry/Londonderry in Northern Ireland who deservedly became the latest winner of BBC...

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