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Category list : Educational organisations

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  • Asha Fowells

    A day in the life of a school drugs educator Subscription

    8 APR 2019 13:59 By Asha Fowells

    Pharmacist Asha Fowells describes a typical day in her role as a drugs educator for a charity.

  • Swansea university

    Swansea University launches its first MPharm degree

    28 JUN 2018 11:09

    Swansea University Medical School is launching its first pharmacy degree programme in response to a broadening of pharmacy roles.

  • Hands typing on keyboard

    Revalidation: support and implementation Subscription

    24 JAN 2018 14:48 By Ingrid Torjesen

    This is the second in a series of in-depth articles The Pharmaceutical Journal is running on revalidation. In December 2017, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) formally approved the framework for revalidation and agreed a timetable for its implementation. Pharmacy professionals will be required to submit various pieces of work, and make declarations to illustrate that they are keeping their skills up to date. In this article, we talk to the GPhC to find out how revalidation ...

  • David Scott, lecturer in the pharmacy department of the University of Malawi, Africa, with students and pharmacists

    Developing pharmacy in Malawi

    4 JUL 2017 By David Scott
    Comments (1)

    Malawi needs more pharmacists, but lack of money means many students cannot afford to go to university.

  • Christine Bond being awarded her honorary fellowship at the Royal College of General Practitioners

    Pharmacist professor Christine Bond made fellow of Royal College of General Practitioners

    18 MAY 2017 14:41 By Elizabeth Sukkar

    Christine Bond, an emeritus professor (primary care) at the Institute of Applied Health Sciences at the University of Aberdeen, was awarded an honorary fellowship at the Royal College of General Practitioners on 12 May 2017.

  • Pharmacy students at Cardiff School of Pharmacy

    Introducing students to telehealth via a novel online placement

    2 MAY 2017 By Efi Mantzourani

    Undergraduate pharmacy students are learning to engage with telehealth activities to prepare them for their future career.

  • Diagram showing different pharmacy organisations in the UK and who they represent

    Pharmacy organisations in the UK: a complicated web Subscription

    23 MAR 2017 16:15 By Dawn Connelly
    Comments (2)

    Pharmacy is a diverse profession and this is reflected in the wide variety of organisations that can represent the interests of pharmacists, pharmacy owners, trainees and students.

  • kings college, university of london

    Nottingham, King's and UCL ranked among best in the world for pharmacy and pharmacology education

    20 MAR 2017 15:13

    Three UK universities that offer the Master of Pharmacy degree have been ranked among the best in the world for their pharmacy and pharmacology education.

  • Professor speaks with students in a laboratory

    The role of academic pharmacists in science and research

    17 JAN 2017 10:00 By Steve Hemsley

    A career in academia allows pharmacists to conduct research and work in the cutting edge of pharmaceutical science. Here, Steve Hemsley speaks to academic pharmacists to find out more about what such roles involve.

  • Multidisciplinary preregistration training is the way forward Subscription

    3 JAN 2017 15:15 By Ricarda Micallef, Reem Kayyali, Atif Shamim

    Pharmacists increasingly need to work within a multidisciplinary team, especially in light of their increased potential roles. However, there is currently no formalised training model for multidisciplinary learning (MDL) after graduation. Opportunities need to be sought for learning together through provision of placements and learning events.

  • Thomas Geoffrey Booth, past president of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society

    Thomas Geoffrey Booth (1928-2016) Subscription

    1 DEC 2016 11:27 By Joanna Lyall

    Thomas Geoffrey Booth, past president of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, founded the UK’s first department of pharmacy practice.

  • Bugewa Apampa, pharmacist and one of just 18 black female professors in the UK

    How Bugewa Apampa overcame the odds to launch a new pharmacy degree Subscription

    7 NOV 2016 14:55 By Julia Robinson

    Pharmacist Bugewa Apampa has recently launched a new professional pharmacy degree at the University of Sussex. Here, she tells Julia Robinson about her journey to professorship.

  • Lecturer in classroom full of students

    How pharmacists can get into a career in academia

    1 NOV 2016 12:04 By Steve Hemsley

    A career in academia means the opportunity to publish research and support future members of the profession, while often still retaining the ability to practise pharmacy. Steve Hemsley finds out how pharmacists can get started in the sector.

  • Paul Gallagher, head of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland’s School of Pharmacy

    Q&A: From training surgeons in Ireland to providing healthcare education internationally Subscription

    7 OCT 2016 10:41 By Benedict Lam

    Paul Gallagher, head of the school of pharmacy at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, speaks to Benedict Lam about how the royal college focus on education and training led to the expansion of its provision of healthcare education in Ireland and beyond.

  • Lord Peston’s influence in the development of pharmacy education Subscription

    17 AUG 2016 10:20 By John Ferguson
    Comments (1)

    In his tribute to Maurice Peston (The Pharmaceutical Journal 2016;297:60), Mark Burdon was correct in concluding that his association with pharmacy started with his appointment as a member of the Nuffield Committee of Enquiry on Pharmacy. That committee was established not long after a health minister, speaking at a British Pharmaceutical Conference, said words ...

  • Aston University

    Aston’s pharmacy school awarded Regius Professorship

    21 JUL 2016 16:33
    Comments (4)

    Aston University’s school of pharmacy has been awarded a Regius Professorship by the Queen. The university is one of twelve British institutions to receive an award to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday.

  • How students at the University of Manchester are promoting inter-professional education

    14 JUL 2016 By Linda Owens, Piruntha Palarasa

    Healthcare students at the University of Manchester have set up a society to improve inter-professional learning. Pharmacy student Linda Owens describes its most popular event, the clinical skills evening.

  • Black-African student

    GPhC sheds light on lower pass rates in Black-African pharmacy students

    11 JUL 2016 15:27 By Ingrid Torjesen

    An investigation into why Black-African trainee pharmacists perform less well in the registration assessments has been carried out by the General Pharmaceutical Council and the results suggest they could be more likely to struggle because many are also mature or overseas students.

  • Joint education to break down barriers and open doors Subscription

    18 MAY 2016 9:42 By Elizabeth Butterfield

    I have been a long-time enthusiast for joint education at local and national levels for building working relationships and opening doors to new ways of working. While pharmacists work predominantly in silo — an enigma and largely invisible part of the NHS — we will struggle to convince commissioners of our value.

  • General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) signage

    Preregistration tutors should be held to account to ensure pharmacists meet performance standards Subscription

    2 MAR 2016 10:02

    Preregistration pharmacy tutors need to be held to account to ensure that pharmacist trainees meet required performance standards, according to delegates who attended a round table event organised by the General Pharmaceutical Council.

  • In the image, University of Bradford Pharmacy students learn how to deal with patients in the university's mock clinical pharmacy

    The five-year pharmacy degree: what have we learnt? Subscription

    8 FEB 2016 9:47 By Ingrid Torjesen
    Comments (1)

    Proposals for a five-year pharmacy degree – where preregistration training is integrated into undergraduate education – have been discussed since 2011. But how is the programme working in universities that already offer it?

  • Putting together a conference about alternative pharmacy careers

    7 JAN 2016 By Sarah Kirk

    The Alternative Pharmacy Careers conference is due to take place on 23 January 2016 at the University of East Anglia. Third-year pharmacy student Sarah Kirk describes how the conference came about.

  • Junk food tax, statins prescribing and opioid painkiller addiction were among the most read topics in the opinion section in 2015.

    The Pharmaceutical Journal's top 5 comment pieces of 2015

    22 DEC 2015 By Benedict Lam

    Junk food tax, statins prescribing and opioid painkiller addiction were among the most read topics in the opinion section in 2015.

  • 2015 looks like a year of transition. From new clinical opportunities to slow progress on reforming pharmacy education, the pharmacy landscape continues to shift amid a backdrop of austere UK public spending and the spectre of centralised dispensing

    Review of 2015: ten developments that are changing pharmacy Subscription

    18 DEC 2015 10:33 By Stephen Robinson

    The pharmacy landscape continues to shift amid a backdrop of austere UK public spending and the rising spectre of centralised dispensing in the community. The Pharmaceutical Journal presents ten developments that affected pharmacists in 2015.

  • New models of training needed to ensure future pharmacists are fit for new roles Subscription

    2 DEC 2015 14:32 By Ricarda Micallef, Reem Kayyali

    There has been much talk in recent years about workforce and workforce planning to enhance the provision of current and future healthcare roles. Pharmacy is no exception.

  • Trainees having to pay for placements must not become reality Subscription

    23 NOV 2015 9:42 By Chi Huynh

    I was concerned to hear Keith Ridge, chief pharmaceutical officer for England, say that some preregistration trainees may in the future need to pay for their placement year. (The Pharmaceutical Journal, online, 12 November 2015) ...

  • How to use the BNF Subscription

    13 NOV 2015 10:16

    The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) has launched a new distance e-learning programme called ‘How to use the BNF’. The programme explores the recent changes in the structure of content in the British National Formulary (BNF). The programme can be accessed on the CPPE website. 

  • Sexual health learning programme Subscription

    13 NOV 2015 10:11

    The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) has launched a new e-learning module called ‘Sexual health in pharmacies’. It is designed to help pharmacists and their teams deliver sexual health services. This programme replaces the ‘Sexual health in pharmacies: developing your service’ distance learning programme. The new programme can be accessed via ...

  • Cancer distance learning programme Subscription

    30 OCT 2015 12:21

    The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) has launched a new distance learning programme called Cancer. It is aimed at all pharmacy professionals and aims to help integrate cancer prevention, cancer awareness and support for cancer patients into pharmacy practice. The programme can be accessed via the CPPE website and is free for NHS employees through funding ...

  • Clinical diplomas, management courses and other advanced learning programmes can improve pharmacists’ knowledge and skills. But juggling work, learning and other responsibilities can be challenging

    How to balance studying with working as a pharmacist Subscription

    23 OCT 2015 13:14 By Ross Ferguson

    Clinical diplomas, management courses and other advanced learning programmes can improve pharmacists’ knowledge and skills. But juggling work, learning and other responsibilities can be challenging — this article provides practical tips and guidance from those who have done it.

  • Leader of undergraduate placement-based learning Efi Mantzourani (pictured, left) and Louise Hughes (pictured, right), who both lecture in pharmacy practice at the university, describe the benefits of the programme

    How working in non-pharmacy placements can benefit students' professional development Subscription

    2 OCT 2015 15:05 By Efi Mantzourani, Louise Hughes

    Role-emerging placements enable pharmacy students in all years to work with members of the public and learn about their needs.

  • Workshops on Parkinson's disease Subscription

    22 SEP 2015 14:47

    The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) has launched a new “focal point” programme on Parkinson’s disease for pharmacy teams. Workshops will be held across England starting from October 2015. The workshops are free for NHS staff. More information can be found on the CPPE ...

  • Simon Tweddell (pictured) brought team-based learning to students at the University of Bradford’s School of Pharmacy — and has secured a prize for his radical overhaul of the course.

    How pharmacy students are taught in teams Subscription

    7 SEP 2015 11:58 By Emma Page
    Comments (1)

    Simon Tweddell brought team-based learning to students at the University of Bradford’s School of Pharmacy — and has secured a prize for his radical overhaul of the course.

  • Plans for a new £60m life science block at the University of Sussex — which includes space for the pharmacy department — are back on track after original plans were rejected by Brighton and Hove city council (building pictured)

    Campus development back on track at University of Sussex Subscription

    11 AUG 2015 15:44

    Plans for a new £60m life science block at the University of Sussex — which includes space for the pharmacy department — are back on track.

  • The types of services offered by pharmacies within the NHS are expanding, which means that all members of the pharmacy team need to attain new competencies and skills.. In the image, a close up of a pharmacy sign in a hospital

    How do we ensure pharmacists have the skills they need for their expanding role? Subscription

    6 AUG 2015 13:05 By Ingrid Torjesen
    Comments (2)

    We asked several prominent academics and a student organisation what skills and abilities they thought pharmacists would need in the future and how education and training needed to change to deliver that.

  • Pharmacy students must be better prepared for their future careers Subscription

    14 JUL 2015 14:14 By Chijioke Agomo
    Comments (1)

    I read with interest the General Pharmaceutical Council’s (GPhC) recent conclusion that the existing MPharm degree offered by British universities fails to equip pharmacists with the skills needed to deliver care and services expected of them in the future (The Pharmaceutical Journal 2015;294:677). ...

  • BPSA wants full speed ahead with move to five-year pharmacy course Subscription

    6 JUL 2015 16:07 By Lottie Bain

    The British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (BPSA) fully supports the move to a five-year integrated pharmacy degree. We believe that this is essential in order to continue to train pharmacists who are fit for purpose at the point of qualification in a fast-moving and increasingly challenging profession.

  • UCL School of Pharmacy, Monash University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  signed a five year memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the creation of a PharmAlliance partnership. In the image, students from the 3 universities

    Pharmacy schools take a global route to solving world problems Subscription

    26 JUN 2015 10:43 By Elizabeth Sukkar

    Three notable schools of pharmacy in the UK, US and Australia are working together to change education, pharmaceutical research and professional practice.

  • Transfer of care learning module Subscription

    19 JUN 2015 15:39

    The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) has launched an e-learning module called ‘Transfer of care: supporting patients moving into and out of hospital’. It is designed to support pharmacy teams working in all sectors. The module is available from the CPPE website. It is free of charge to NHS employees and £10 for non-NHS workers.

  • Declaration of competence Subscription

    27 APR 2015 14:51

    The Declaration of Competence (DoC) system has been given national support after a pilot in the North West of England. It is designed to test pharmacists’ and pharmacy technicians’ competence at delivering a certain service and provides evidence of competence to commissioners. The new system replaces the accreditation system used in arrangements with the now defunct primary care trusts. The DoC has been endorsed by Health Education England, NHS England and Public Health England. The ...

  • University of Sussex to offer pharmacy degrees from 2016 Subscription

    14 APR 2015 16:24

    The University of Sussex is to offer Master of Pharmacy degrees from 2016, pending accreditation of its course by the General Pharmaceutical Council.

  • Atrial fibrillation learning module Subscription

    13 APR 2015 16:58

    The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) has published a learning module on the management of atrial fibrillation that helps pharmacists and other healthcare professionals provide a personalised package of care for patients. The three-hour module is free for most NHS employees and is £15 otherwise. It is called ‘Atrial fibrillation: applying a patient-centred approach’ and ...

  • Global alliance of pharmacy schools launched to boost joint research Subscription

    10 MAR 2015 16:12

    A global alliance of pharmacy schools based in the UK, Australia and the United States has been launched to boost joint international research.

  • Lipid modification learning tool

    30 JAN 2015 16:40

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has launched a new online learning tool – Lipid modification. Developed by the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education, the tool supports the implementation of NICE guideline 181, called Lipid modification. It is available from the

  • Repeat dispensing e-learning programme Subscription

    8 JAN 2015 15:45

    The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) has developed a new e-learning programme to help community pharmacists provide a safe and efficient repeat dispensing service, explain repeat dispensing and its benefits to patients and prescribers, and use paper-based and electronic repeat dispensing. The programme is available from the CPPE website.

  • CPPE antibacterial resistance learning programme Subscription

    10 OCT 2014 9:54

    The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) is launching a new learning programme called ‘Antibacterial resistance — a global threat to public health: the role of the pharmacy team’. It supports a campaign from CPPE called ‘Use antibacterials wisely’, which will be running in the lead up to European Antibiotic Awareness ...

  • Developing international policy for interprofessional experiential education

    Learning from patients and other health professions Subscription

    26 SEP 2014 16:44 By Claire Anderson

    Students can learn important skills from interprofessional experiential education.

  • Black African university student studies in library

    Seminar aims to help improve pass rates for Black-African pre-registration pharmacists Subscription

    16 SEP 2014 15:42 By Debbie Andalo

    The General Pharmaceutical Council will hold a seminar with the charity Equality Challenge Unit to help investigate why pre-registration pharmacists from a Black-African background have the lowest pass rate for registration assessment.

  • Student at a university in Ethiopia, Africa

    Online initiative aims to improve pharmacy education in Africa

    5 SEP 2014 8:00 By Benedict Lam

    A virtual centre of excellence that aims to help pharmacy schools in Africa increase the number of regionally-trained pharmacists has been launched.

  • University of London reunion Subscription

    10 MAR 2014 9:27

    A reunion lunch for alumni who graduated in 1974 from The School of Pharmacy (“The Square”), University of London (now UCL School of Pharmacy), is being organised. It is planned for 2 August 2014 at around 1pm in London. Philip Bunting can be contacted for more information at or 07930 881271.

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