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Category list : Animal diseases

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  • Dairy farm cowshed with cows eating hay

    Training programme for UK farmers and vets aims to encourage responsible use of antibiotics

    18 JUL 2018 12:14

    A training programme aimed at supporting the responsible use of antibiotics across UK farms has been launched by the National Office of Animal Health.

  • animal pig antibiotics ss 17

    WHO calls on food industry to stop routinely using antibiotics in healthy animals

    10 NOV 2017 15:29

    The World Health Organization has called on farmers and the food industry to stop using antibiotics routinely to promote growth and prevent disease in healthy animals.

  • Illustration showing alarm due to rise of antimicrobial resistant bacteria from biocides and heavy metals

    How chemicals and heavy metals contribute to antimicrobial resistance Subscription

    15 FEB 2017 14:02 By Andrew Singer

    Evidence is emerging that biocides and heavy metals all contribute to the growing problem of antimicrobial resistance.

  • Balancing action on antimicrobial resistance with animal welfare Subscription

    26 JAN 2017 16:14 By Rob Morris, Gwyn Jones

    As almost everyone in the business of caring for the health of humans and animals is acutely aware, on our current trajectory, it is estimated that antimicrobial resistance (AMR) will cause 10 million deaths annually by 2050, with many arising from simple infections following routine operations. This is why the UK government has placed antimicrobial resistance at the top of its risk register alongside terrorism and pandemic influenza.

  • Book cover of ‘One health and the politics of antimicrobial resistance’, by Laura Kahn

    The history of antibiotic use in livestock and its contribution to antimicrobial resistance Subscription

    11 OCT 2016 15:27 By Steve Bremer

    ‘One health and the politics of antimicrobial resistance’, by Laura Kahn.

  • The European Medicines Agency (EMA) is looking at whether its advice about the use of the antibiotic colistin in animals, especially pigs, needs to be updated following a request from the European Commission (EC). In the image, a pig farm

    European Medicines Agency to reconsider colistin advice Subscription

    12 JAN 2016 16:38

    The European Medicines Agency is looking at whether its advice about the use of colistin in animals, especially pigs, needs to be updated following a request from the European Commission.

  • A suspected case of avian influenza (bird flu) has been reported on a poultry farm in Dunfermline in Fife, Scotland, the Scottish government has confirmed. In the image, micrograph of avian influenza virus particles

    Bird flu case reported on Scottish poultry farm Subscription

    11 JAN 2016 16:26

    A suspected case of avian influenza (bird flu) has been reported on a poultry farm in Dunfermline in Fife, the Scottish Government has confirmed.

  • Resistance to the antibiotic colistin has been found in samples of bacteria on three British farms, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has confirmed. In the picture, a pig farm.

    Resistance to 'last resort' antibiotic found in bacteria on British farms Subscription

    23 DEC 2015 11:51

    Resistance to the antibiotic colistin has been found in samples of bacteria on three British farms, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has confirmed.

  • Mind-altering parasites

    25 NOV 2014 By Steve Bremer

    Steve Bremer describes different types of parasitic infection that can cause behavioural changes in humans.

  • Case of bird flu confirmed in UK Subscription

    17 NOV 2014 16:31

    A case of avian influenza has been confirmed in the UK by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

  • New drugs are under development to reduce the use of antibiotics in animals and help slow the rise of antimicrobial resistance in humans

    Strategies to reduce the use of antibiotics in animals Subscription

    11 NOV 2014 17:05 By Brian Owens

    New drugs that could eventually replace or reduce the use of antibiotics in animals are in development to help slow the rise of antibiotic resistance.

  • Veterinary Pharmacy Subscription

    21 JUN 2014

    Harper Adams University is hosting the Veterinary Pharmacy Conference on 20–21 September 2014 in association with the Veterinary Pharmacy Forum of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Enquiries for further information can be directed to  

  • Fake veterinary prescription

    Police issue warning over fake veterinary prescriptions

    30 APR 2014 18:32

    Police are warning community pharmacists to be on the lookout for fake veterinary prescriptions circulating in the north of England. The prescriptions are for medicines that can be used as recreational drugs.

  • Dog and cat

    Thinking about stocking veterinary products in your pharmacy? Read on! Subscription

    4 DEC 2013 14:14 By Rob Morris

    With remuneration for NHS prescriptions continually decreasing, there is no better time than to consider expanding your business with veterinary products. Rob Morris explains

  • Try veterinary pharmacy! Subscription

    4 DEC 2013 12:44

    Have you had to turn away customers who have asked about veterinary products at your pharmacy because you do not stock them? Have you thought about adding veterinary products to your shelves? Given that pharmacists are being paid a pittance to dispense NHS prescriptions (compared with, say, 10 years ago) — and that they are being asked to provide more and more advanced or enhanced services to “claw back” the income made originally from dispensing — perhaps now is a good time to

  • Shropshire is the home of Harper Adams University

    Provide veterinary pharmacy advice with confidence Subscription

    24 JUL 2013 10:45

    A postgraduate qualification in veterinary pharmacy can prepare a pharmacist to give animal owners the best animal care advicePharmacists can legally dispense veterinary prescriptions and sell veterinary products by virtue of their registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

  • Veterinary medicines legislation under review Subscription

    19 JUL 2013 11:16

    By News team

  • System launched for reporting veterinary prescription misuse Subscription

    11 APR 2013 14:38

    The Veterinary Medicines Directorate is encouraging pharmacists, veterinarians and retailers of veterinary medicines to report suspected prescription misuse via a new electronic form.

  • Consultations: Veterinary Medicines Subscription

    21 JAN 2013 13:19

    The Veterinary Medicines Directorate is seeking views on proposed changes to the Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2011. The full consultation package is available on the VMD website or can be requested by calling 01932 338320. The deadline for response is 18 February 2013.   

  • DEFRA to tackle fraudulent veterinary prescriptions Subscription

    7 DEC 2012 12:30

    An improved system for reporting and recording cases involving fraudulent veterinary prescriptions is being considered by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

  • Veterinary pharmacy registration criteria confirmed Subscription

    31 AUG 2012 14:47

    Veterinary pharmacies that dispense human medicines for animal use will be required to register with the General Pharmaceutical Council, the GPhC confirmed this week (30 August 2012).

  • Call for a veterinary pharmacy focus

    1 JUN 2012 11:06

    Veterinary pharmacy is an area that should be developed further for all pharmacists, according to a small online survey of Royal Pharmaceutical Society members.

  • Resources: Veterinary medicines Subscription

    17 MAY 2012 9:55

    The Veterinary Medicines Directorate has produced an information leaflet for pharmacists, which explains the specific requirements for prescribing, dispensing and supplying veterinary medicines. It also provides information about the regulation of veterinary medicines in the UK. The leaflet is available from the VMD website.

  • dog (Grecu Mihail Alin/

    Veterinary pharmacies could be stripped of pharmacy status

    5 APR 2012 9:28

    Veterinary pharmacy owners have met with the General Pharmaceutical Council over the regulator’s proposals not to register in future pharmacy premises that only sell or supply medicines for animal use.

  • Book cover)

    Book review: ‘An introduction to veterinary medicine for pharmacists and suitably qualified persons' Subscription

    14 SEP 2011 13:34

    An invaluable resource on veterinary medicine‘An introduction to veterinary medicine for pharmacists and suitably qualified persons’, 2nd edition, edited by Steven B. Kayne. Pp xiv+659. Price £45. Scotland: Saltire Books Ltd; 2011. ISBN 978 0 95590 653 4

  • Veterinary pharmacy Subscription

    18 MAR 2011 11:52

    A special feature on veterinary pharmacy, published in The Pharmaceutical Journal on 19 March 2011 

  • Cow

    Zoonoses: public health issues with keeping animals or eating them Subscription

    17 MAR 2011 11:43

    Zoonoses can become major public health threats if they become uncontrolled. Martin Shakespeare looks at the factors that can lead to unexpected zoonotic disease outbreaks and how they can be controlledSee also Veterinary pharmacy resources   

  • Do you want to learn more about veterinary pharmacy? Read on ... Subscription

    17 MAR 2011 11:34

    The Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Harper Adams University College have produced a selection of veterinary pharmacy programmes for those involved with the provision of animal health. Steven Kayne, the course director, explains

  • Quality control

    The quality of veterinary medicines — what is it and why does it matter? Subscription

    17 MAR 2011 11:21

    Sarah Cockbill examines how the UK Veterinary Medicines Regulations came about, how consistent quality is ensured in the production of veterinary medicinal products and safeguards that ensure the quality of new veterinary medicines is maintainedSee also Veterinary pharmacy resources   

  • Veterinary medicines

    Veterinary medicines — a not-to-be-missed opportunity for pharmacy Subscription

    17 MAR 2011 11:11

    At a time when traditional over-the-counter business for community pharmacy has been in decline for many years, Andrew Evans takes a look at how veterinary medicines are fast becoming a professional range that may fill the gapSee also Veterinary pharmacy resources  

  • Veterinary pharmacy courses launched

    6 JAN 2011 10:44

    Professional courses aimed at pharmacists interested in developing skills in animal health are being launched this month (January 2011) by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and Harper Adams University College.The courses are part time and range from professional certificates to MSc level qualifications.

  • Puppy eyedrops

    Online sale of veterinary medicines to be tightened

    5 JAN 2011 14:04

    Regulations around the sale of veterinary medicines by online pharmacies is to be tightened, the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has announced (PDF 154kb) (30 December 2010) following advice from its Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD).

  • Veterinary medicines regulations delayed

    22 DEC 2010 14:18

    Enforcement of the Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2010 has been delayed until the New Year. The regulations were due to come into force on 1 December 2010 (PJ, 26 June 2010, p625).

  • Reindeer

    The animal world has its junkies too Subscription

    17 DEC 2010 7:07

    Andrew Haynes kicks off 2010’s Christmas miscellany with reports of rampant reindeer, sozzled starlings and junkie monkeys, and a look at how goats seem to be the cause of many of man’s sinsSee other Christmas miscellany articles 

  • Veterinary medicine ADRs

    15 SEP 2010 16:34

    Suspected adverse drug reactions or side effects involving veterinary medicines can now be reported online via the Veterinary Medicines Directorate website.The VMD website collects reports on licensed and unlicensed veterinary medicines and human medicines used to treat animals.

  • Veterinary Pharmacy Education Programme (exam results) Subscription

    19 JUL 2010

    The following candidates have been successful in the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Veterinary Pharmacy Education Programme:

  • Animal medicines rules revised again

    24 JUN 2010 12:54

    Amendments to the Veterinary Medicines Regulations 2009 have been put out to consultation until 10 September 2010.Changes include a move to allow UK pharmacists to dispense prescriptions written by vets in the European Economic Area and the introduction of a fee to assess equivalence data for parallel imported products.

  • Veterinary medicines rules subject to EC consultation

    1 MAY 2010 10:12

    Rules governing theauthorisation of veterinary medicines are being reviewed by theEuropean Commission, following concerns that the current system istoo complex and stifles innovation.

  • New masters in veterinary pharmacy announced

    18 FEB 2010 14:09

    Masters courses in veterinary pharmacy will be available in autumn 2010, Harper Adams University College, Telford, has announced (9 February 2010).

  • Dogs could be given tick control treatment in the form of dips, spot-ons or pour-ons (Goranmulic/

    Development of Veterinary Medicines (reports)

    29 MAY 2009 15:37

    Using pharmacological interventions as a method to control variousanimal infections and current and future developments in veterinarymedicine formulation were discussed at a conference on the developmentof animal medicines. Steven Kayne reportsHow to win the battle against ticks, fleas, parasites and all the rest

  • Students should learn veterinary pharmacy

    30 APR 2009 17:35

    Veterinary pharmacy should be included in both the undergraduate pharmacy course and preregistration training programmes, according to Bill Scott, chief pharmaceutical officer for Scotland.

  • Cows (Matt Collingwood/

    How aware are consumers of animal medicines use in the food industry?

    8 APR 2009 14:59

    Consumers have confidence in those working in the food chain to use animal medicines appropriately and produce safe food. Steven Kayne reports Details of a recent survey revealing increased consumer awareness of animal medicines were examined by food industry stakeholders during the conference.

  • Pets (Flavijus Piliponis/

    Animal medicines — a neglected market Subscription

    24 MAR 2009 11:51

    Animal healthcare offers pharmacists a lucrative market for which there is limited competition. Francesca Rivers explains how to get startedBusiness insight | Expanding your income streams and product range  

  • Veterinary Pharmacists Group committee election 2009

    27 FEB 2009 14:06

    The Veterinary Pharmacists Group of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society is looking for members willing to serve on the group committee.All five elected places on the committee will become vacant this year.  The group is seeking nominations for election by 18 March 2009.

  • Novel compound has antianginal activity in animals Subscription

    30 JAN 2009 10:20

    F15845, a novel compound, has been found to have antianginal activity in animals and also to protect the heart from damage research published online in the British Journal of Pharmacology suggests.

  • Veterinary pharmacy

    17 DEC 2008

    Lack of veterinary content in the MPharmFrom Mr A. M. Cairns, FRPharmS, and others

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