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Category list : Differential diagnosis

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  • Cervical cancer prevention: advice and services

    Cervical cancer prevention: advice and services Subscription

    29 SEP 2020 11:15 By Melanie Dalby, Yvonne Law

    With the uptake of cervical screening at 70–73% in the UK, it is important for pharmacy teams to recognise the symptoms of cervical cancer, as well as provide advice on prevention strategies.

  • Insomnia disorder diagnosis and prevention SS20

    Insomnia disorder: diagnosis and prevention Subscription

    Insomnia can have a profound impact on a patient; understanding its causes and how it can be prevented can have significant implications on their wellbeing.

  • Pharmacist giving out medication in cancer awareness paper bag

    Identifying patients with suspected cancer: red flags and referral Subscription

    16 OCT 2018 12:21 By Jackie Lewis

    This article provides practical advice to support pharmacy professionals in their duty of care to recognise and refer patients with ‘red flag’ cancer symptoms.

  • blepharitis inflammation eyelid wi 17

    Eye disorders: understanding the causes, symptoms and management Subscription

    15 AUG 2017 9:39 By Alison Brown, Brian Addison
    Comments (3)

    Patients often visit community pharmacy with eye complaints, and pharmacists are well placed to advise them. Boost your knowledge of the pathology, signs and treatment of common eye conditions, such as conjunctivitis and blepharitis.

  • Pharmacist takes the blood pressure of an elderly patient

    How to support cancer patients in community pharmacies Subscription

    17 MAR 2017 11:54 By Jackie Lewis

    Every community pharmacy team will come into contact with cancer patients or their family members. This article aims to provide community pharmacists and healthcare professionals with the tools to be able to speak confidently to patients with cancer and summarises the useful resources available.

  • Man looking at gluten free products in a supermarket

    How to identify symptoms of coeliac disease in community pharmacy and primary care Subscription

    7 MAR 2017 16:41 By David Wright, Heidi Urwin, Norma McGough

    It is estimated that in the UK there are more than half a million people with clinically undiagnosed coeliac disease, caused by an adverse immune response to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. Pharmacists and healthcare professionals can play a key role in identifying individuals with symptoms, referring them for testing, ultimately leading to earlier diagnosis.

  • Spotting the signs of oral mouth cancer in pharmacy Subscription

    17 NOV 2016 9:47 By Nigel Carter

    In the UK, mouth cancer cases have increased by 39% in the past decade and by 92% since the 1970s. In fact, it is one of a small number of cancers that is continuing to see cases increase. Alongside this, survival rates have not improved in the same period and, sadly, more than 2,000 lives are lost to the disease every year. This is twice as many as cervical and testicular cancers combined and much of this can be attributed to late diagnosis.

  • Infographic explaining the pathology and treatment types of dry eye disease

    Dry eye: pathology and treatment types

    12 AUG 2016 17:15 By Dawn Connelly

    The underlying disease process in dry eye disease causes deterioration of the tear film, which leads to either mild or more serious forms of the condition. A variety of treatment types may offer symptomatic relief.

  • An injured player is carried out of a field with the help of two other people

    Advising patients on prevention and management of sporting injuries in the pharmacy Subscription

    10 AUG 2016 17:49 By Trudy Thomas, David Mottram, Colin Waldock

    How to identify common sporting injuries and provide specific advice to patients on their effective management, including the role of over-the-counter pharmacological treatments, as well as when to refer for specialist assessment and treatment.

  • Close-up of a person taking a dry-blood spot test

    Integrating community pharmacy testing for hepatitis C with specialist care Subscription

    5 AUG 2016 16:56 By Ryan Buchanan, Pembe Hassan-Hicks, Kevin Noble, Leonie Grellier, Julie Parkes, Salim I Khakoo

    Many patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection lie undiagnosed and a significant proportion of patients that have been identified are disengaged from specialist services. The Isle of Wight (IOW) typifies this issue, with an estimated 200 undiagnosed patients with HCV infection and a small number of known cases engaged with specialist services. Aim: To reduce the burden of undiagnosed HCV on the IOW and link new diagnoses directly ...

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