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Category list : Media

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  • Abraham Khodadi, a community and practice pharmacist

    Abraham Khodadi: YouTube, BBQs and not playing it safe

    24 MAY 2018 10:09 By Abraham Khodadi

    A minute in the company of the social media educational video creator. 

  • Karen Baxter is director of content strategy for The Pharmaceutical Press (PhP)

    How Karen Baxter's career evolved from clinical pharmacy to content strategy Subscription

    2 OCT 2017 13:37 By Angela Kam

    Twenty years after registering as a pharmacist, Karen Baxter, director of content strategy for Pharmaceutical Press, reflects on her move into publishing and shares some advice for others considering a similar career change.

  • Amit Dhand, best selling crime author and pharmacist

    Fact or fiction? My career as a pharmacist and best-selling author Subscription

    11 SEP 2017 14:55 By Amit Dhand

    The world of pharmacy has changed so much in recent years, but is still misunderstood by the media, says Amit Dhand.

  • Image of a media press conference with journalists holding up microphones

    Media training and media-facing roles in pharmacy Subscription

    19 JUN 2017 14:52 By Gareth Malson
    Comments (1)

    Pharmacy is too often left out of the media conversation on key healthcare issues, so it is important to strengthen our presence across all sectors, through both mainstream and social media. Gareth Malson explores how media training benefits both pharmacists and pharmacy.

  • Media revelations: trust your pharmacist supported by the RPS Subscription

    11 MAY 2017 15:53 By Mark Collins

    The latest media revelations advising that taking “even short courses of certain painkillers increased the risks of heart attacks” shows how important it is for pharmacists to be accessible as trusted healthcare professionals. Unfortunately in this era of media hype, social media hysteria, and ‘Doctor Google’, patients and customers often have misinformation overload. This means that the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS), in its unique position as leader of the profession, must take ...

  • Roger Humbles, community pharmacist and owner of Fourway Pharmacy

    How a community pharmacy owner became the face of a media campaign Subscription

    27 FEB 2017 14:31 By Roger Humbles

    As a community pharmacist, Roger Humbles is aware of the increased levels of illness, deaths and pressure on the NHS in winter. Here, he talks about publicity and running his own pharmacy.

  • Iqbal Mohammed

    Heading for Hollywood: how community pharmacist Iqbal Mohammed ended up screening his films across the world Subscription

    23 JAN 2017 12:10 By Iqbal Mohammed

    Balancing working as a pharmacist with writing, directing and producing films means finding time can be a challenge, says Iqbal Mohammed.

  • Images from some of the top news stories in 2016

    The Pharmaceutical Journal’s best of 2016: top news stories

    5 JAN 2017 By Harriet Adcock

    A round up of the most popular news stories of 2016.

  • Female student researching in a library

    How to write a research article to submit for publication Subscription

    21 NOV 2016 14:23 By Michael Dowdall
    Comments (1)

    Pharmacists and healthcare professionals who are undertaking research should have an understanding of how to produce a research article for publication, and should be aware of the important considerations relating to submission to a peer-reviewed journal.

  • A media campaign in Portugal to highlight responsible medicines use Subscription

    18 OCT 2016 14:48 By Ema Paulino, Nuno Cardoso

    The World Health Organization estimates that approximately 50% of people across the globe fail to take their medicines correctly and, according to a study by the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics, it is estimated that US$500bn could be saved in healthcare services through more responsible use of medicines, which represents approximately 8% of the world’s healthcare expenditure per year.

  • A writers' desk with different pharmacy-related magazines and publications

    What a career in publishing has to offer pharmacists Subscription

    17 OCT 2016 17:33 By Ingrid Torjesen

    The media is a highly competitive industry and perhaps one that most pharmacists would not have considered exploring as a career option. However, there are many pharmacists who work in publishing.

  • Bav Heer, pharmacist and television presenter holds a clapperboard

    Lights, camera, action: my career as a pharmacist and television presenter Subscription

    10 OCT 2016 12:51 By Bav Heer
    Comments (2)

    Presenting live television to a global audience in two different languages every morning is a positive stress, says Bav Heer.

  • Cover of ‘Handling the media: communications skills for healthcare professionals’

    A definitive guide to handling the media Subscription

    9 AUG 2016 9:58 By Steve Bremer

    ‘Handling the media: communications skills for healthcare professionals’, by John Illman

  • Mark Pitt, director of defence services at the PDA

    GPhC’s social media guidance for pharmacists has ‘gone too far’, warns PDA

    21 JUL 2016 16:37 By Elizabeth Sukkar
    Comments (10)

    The Pharmacists Defence Association and other pharmacy leaders have expressed concern about new guidance published by the General Pharmaceutical Council on what is expected of pharmacy professionals when using social media.

  • ‘AHFS drug information 2016’, Gerald K. McEvoy. Pp xvi+3824. Price US$360. Maryland; American Society of Health-System Pharmacists: 2016. ISBN 978 1 58528 557 0

    Easy-to-use drug compendium Subscription

    10 JUN 2016 11:16 By Laurence A. Goldberg

    ‘AHFS drug information 2016’, Gerald K. McEvoy. Pp xvi+3824. Price US$360. Maryland; American Society of Health-System Pharmacists: 2016. ISBN 978 1 58528 557 0

  • Role of The Pharmaceutical Journal Subscription

    8 JUN 2016 15:09 By Douglas Simpson

    Nick Wood, a past president of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, has complained at the current policy of the The Pharmaceutical Journal in relation to publication of obituaries and governing body reports (The Pharmaceutical Journal 206;296:295). The publisher, in response, has indicated, with regard to obituaries, that it is people who have made outstanding contributions to pharmaceutical science or practice who will be noticed, whether pharmacists or not, ...

  • April 2016: Who read what on

    31 MAY 2016 By Arash Hejazi

    Find out what other readers found useful in April 2016 and discover the most popular articles and sections on

  • Journal of record for the profession Subscription

    20 MAY 2016 15:39 By Nicholas Wood
    Comments (1)

    I was pleased to see in your April issue a feature looking back on the 175 years of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) (The Pharmaceutical Journal 2016;296:245).

  • Andrew Herxheimer

    Andrew Herxheimer (1925–2016) Subscription

    15 MAR 2016 16:55 By Joanna Lyall

    Andrew Herxheimer was a champion of evidence-based medicine and founder of the Drugs and Therapeutics Bulletin.

  • Duncan Rudkin, chief executive of the General Pharmaceutical Council

    Pharmacy regulator confirms that it is still seeking surveillance powers Subscription

    8 MAR 2016 15:36

    The pharmacy regulator has confirmed that it is still in discussions with the government over new surveillance powers to help it uncover illegal professional practice.

  • Drug safety was a hot topic in 2015, accounting for five of the top 10 news stories consumed by our readers.

    Top 10 news stories for 2015

    25 JAN 2016 By Elizabeth Sukkar

    Drug safety was a hot topic in 2015, accounting for five of the top 10 news stories consumed by our readers.

  • Last year saw a significant shift in the pharmacy landscape, with calls to better utilise the clinical knowledge and skills of pharmacists, and expand their role within the multidisciplinary team

    Most read 'Your RPS' articles of 2015

    13 JAN 2016 By Julia Robinson

    Last year saw a significant shift in the pharmacy landscape, with calls to better utilise the clinical knowledge and skills of pharmacists, and expand their role within the multidisciplinary team.

  • Features about new cholesterol-busting drugs, the use of ketamine to treat depression and the regulation of clinical trials in India were the most popular of those published online in 2015

    Most popular features of 2015 from The Pharmaceutical Journal

    11 JAN 2016 By Dawn Connelly

    Features about new cholesterol-busting drugs, the use of ketamine to treat depression and the regulation of clinical trials in India were the most popular of those published online in 2015.

  • Finding out what members want and need is vital for any membership body, and user data from our website will help us deliver more of what you want. In the image, illustration of feedback and communication

    Your reading habits help us give you more of what you want Subscription

    18 DEC 2015 11:12
    Comments (1)

    Finding out what members want and need is vital for any membership body, and user data from our website will help us deliver more of what you want.

  • Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 09.40.39

    A reflection on RPS members' priorities as pharmacists

    15 DEC 2015 By Arash Hejazi

    What RPS members are anonymously telling The Royal Pharmaceutical Society via the content they read on

  • Community pharmacist Mr Dispenser has written two books of collections of anecdotes about pharmacy, including ‘Pills, thrills and methadone spills’. In the image, illustration of the anonymous Mr Dispenser

    How Twitter led me to write a book on community pharmacy Subscription

    11 DEC 2015 10:12 By Mr. Dispenser

    After discovering Twitter, Mr Dispenser started a blog on community pharmacy — which eventually became a book.

  • Peer review involves the unbiased, independent critical assessment of scholarly or research manuscripts submitted to journals by key experts or opinion leaders. In the image, illustration of a three scientists researching in a library

    How to be an effective peer reviewer Subscription

    9 NOV 2015 16:39 By Michael Dowdall

    The peer review process allows experts to analyse scientific research before it is published. Being a peer reviewer enables you to take part in the scientific process, build contacts and view your own work more objectively.

  • Learning objects

    Pharmaceutical Journal Publications’ learning and CPD strategy

    6 OCT 2015 By Arash Hejazi

    On the various article types with a ‘learning element’, and the concept of ‘learning object’ adopted by Pharmaceutical Journal Publications.

  • The publisher of the Pharmaceutical Journal, Arash Hejazi, discusses the changes that are taking place in the publication. In the image, a selection of print and online versions of The Pharmaceutical Journal

    The next step in the evolution of Pharmaceutical Journal publications

    21 SEP 2015 By Arash Hejazi

    On the changes happening in The Pharmaceutical Journal and Clinical Pharmacist.

  • 1068467_pharmaceutical-journal-snd-cover-spread-15

    What changed in The Pharmaceutical Journal and what we are going to do next

    25 AUG 2015 By Arash Hejazi
    Comments (1)

    Arash Hejazi summarises the changes to The Pharmaceutical Journal in the past twelve months and explains the upcoming changes to The Pharmaceutical Journal and Clinical Pharmacist.

  • Nadia Bukhari was given an opportunity to host and present a show on health giving her the opportunity to emphasise the role of the pharmacist to the public, especially within the Muslim community. In the image, a professional video camera in a studio

    Putting pharmacists in the media

    21 JUL 2015 By Nadia Bukhari
    Comments (1)

    Nadia Bukhari, senior teaching fellow at the UCL School of Pharmacy, presented a show on health for the Islam Channel for the month of Ramadan.

  • Why not just ask a pharmacist for advice? Subscription

    10 APR 2015 12:03 By Andrew Grierson

    I have just watched the BBC programme ‘The truth about your medicine cabinet’, which was a fairly entertaining exposé (in the loosest sense of the term). I found it strange that the nation needs a 60-minute programme to tell us what people could have discovered if they had simply walked into a pharmacy and asked a pharmacist’s advice on treating their minor symptoms. Instead, the programme insinuates that, as a nation, we appear to be wandering aimlessly around supermarkets and service ...

  • Complaints about medicines advertising fall by a third Subscription

    26 FEB 2015 12:03

    The number of complaints about medicines advertising made to the safety regulator fell by a third in 2014, according to official figures released on 24 February 2015.

  • Pharmaceutical companies violate drug advertising codes, study highlights. The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), pictured, oversees drug advertising in the UK.

    Pharmaceutical companies often violate drug advertising codes, study finds Subscription

    23 FEB 2015 16:56 By Bernard Murphy

    The pharmaceutical industry’s systems for self-regulation of drug advertising and marketing are weak, according to a study published in PLoS Medicine.

  • Dawn Connelly (right) receiving her Medical Journalists’ Association award for data journalism from Rosemary Hennings on behalf of Galliard Healthcare Communications

    Dawn Connelly wins prestigious medical journalism award Subscription

    6 FEB 2015 16:35

    Dawn Connelly, features editor at The Pharmaceutical Journal, won the Data Journalism Award at the Medical Journalists’ Association winter awards, held at BMA House in London on 5 February 2014. The prize was awarded for her graphic feature ‘A visual guide to the Ebola virus epidemic’

  • ‘I think you’ll find it’s a bit more complicated than that’ by Ben Goldacre

    An anthology of fun fights about science Subscription

    4 DEC 2014 11:41 By Emma Page

    ‘I think you’ll find it’s a bit more complicated than that’ is a compilation of Ben Goldacre’s work from over the past 20 years.

  • Social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can help you secure a job by improving your curriculum vitae (CV) online

    Boost your chances of securing a job by enhancing your online CV Subscription

    19 NOV 2014 16:51 By Emma Page

    Perhaps you’ve set up a LinkedIn account and have no idea what to use it for. Maybe you have a Twitter profile and only use it to tweet photographs of your dinner. This article explains how you can use social media to your professional advantage — increasing your chances of being spotted by an employer and getting a job offer.

  • RPS conference opening session

    RPS annual conference 2014 in pictures

    12 SEP 2014 14:40

    Delegates attended educational sessions and made the most of networking opportunities at the 2014 Royal Pharmaceutical Society Annual Conference, held at the ICC, Birmingham, on 7–8 September.

  • John Collins with David Sharp of D&R Sharp Chemists, Doncaster

    'I love my pharmacist' competition highlights work of community pharmacists Subscription

    4 SEP 2014 By Jeff Mills

    Patient stories form part of magazine competition that aims to raise the profile of pharmacists.

  • Access to pharmacies in areas of deprivation Subscription

    22 AUG 2014 11:18

    13 August 2014: David Branford, English Pharmacy Board chairman, was featured on BBC Online talking about the new study from the University of Durham on the accessibility of community pharmacies, especially in areas of high deprivation. He emphasised the huge potential of the sector in improving health inequalities.

  • Advice for the public on insect bites Subscription

    22 AUG 2014 11:17

    19 August 2014: The Daily Mail reported on “Which insect bite remedies actually work?”. Speaking to the paper, RPS spokesperson Sid Dajani said: “Your immune system is more likely to over-react to bites if you have other allergies, eczema or hay fever”. He explained that people should look for a remedy that relieves the itching and pain, as well as tackling the inflammation.

  • Changing perceptions, what else can be done?

    20 AUG 2014 By Sultan Khan

    Sultan Khan wonders what could be done to change the perception that pharmacists are just shopkeepers

  • A futile endeavour?

    18 AUG 2014 By Andrew Haynes

    Andrew Haynes is frustrated with the amount of pharmacy-related errors in television programmes, films, newspapers and books

  • Interactions between alcohol and sedatives Subscription

    12 AUG 2014 15:08

    5 August 2014: As part of The Daily Mail series that looks at food and drink interactions with medicines, Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) spokesman Neal Patel was interviewed. The article explained that because alcohol is a depressant, it should not be consumed with certain drugs, such as sleeping tablets or strong painkillers including morphine. “If you take a combination, then you may in extreme cases become unconscious,” said Patel. “One glass of wine and a ...

  • Interactions between Vitamin K and warfarin Subscription

    12 AUG 2014 15:05

    29 July 2014: The Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s (RPS) English Pharmacy Board vice-chairwoman Sandra Gidley featured in The Daily Mail as part of a series about foods that interact with medicines. Gidley focused on foods high in Vitamin K and advised that high levels of it in the blood can interfere with the action of warfarin.

  • Dose adjustments for overweight patients Subscription

    12 AUG 2014 14:58

    5 August 2014: The Daily Mail looked at whether GPs should be giving higher drug doses to patients who are obese. Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) spokesman Steve Tomlin spoke to the newspaper and said that the weight of the patient needs to be considered when calculating doses. Referring to the fact that some drugs are fat soluble, Tomlin said: “Once absorbed, most drugs do not spread evenly throughout the body. Drugs that dissolve in water tend to stay within the blood and ...

  • Will Rowlands Pharmacy's appearance on TV change pharmacy? I doubt it

    12 AUG 2014 By Anas Hasan

    The managing director of Rowlands Pharmacy is a brave man and showed valuable insight into how the company is run. But last week’s Undercover Boss on Channel 4 will change nothing across pharmacy anytime soon.

  • Consuming grapefruit juice alters statin effectiveness Subscription

    11 AUG 2014 11:16

    15 July 2014: In the latest Daily Mail “drug wreckers” feature, which looks at foods that stop medicines working properly, the newspaper examined how grapefruit juice can alter the effectiveness of some lifesaving drugs. Neal Patel, a Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) spokesman, told the paper that for those taking statins, for example, the juice can increase levels of the drug in the bloodstream, which can raise the risk of side effects and toxicity. “It’s the juice that seems to ...

  • Foods containing high levels of potassium can interfere with ACE inhibitors Subscription

    11 AUG 2014 11:12

    19 July 2014: The Weekly News reported on foods that can affect how some medicines work. Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) spokesman Paul Johnson was interviewed by the paper. He highlighted that some foods, such as bananas, oranges and green leafy vegetables, are high in potassium and so those taking ACE inhibitors should be careful. Johnson also noted that some antidepressants should not be taken with large amounts of chocolate, because chocolate and caffeine can negate ...

  • Counterfeit medicines could contain placebos or poisons Subscription

    11 AUG 2014 11:12

    21 July 2014: BBC Scotland investigated the counterfeit goods market and found that it is worth £10m a year. Speaking to BBC 2’s ‘Scotland 2014’, Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) spokesman Neal Patel focused on the dangers that counterfeit medicines pose to the individual. “The real danger is that you’ll get hold of either a placebo — and by that I mean something that doesn’t work — so it doesn’t treat a condition that could potentially be life threatening,” he said. “Or, more seriously, ...

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