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Category list : Job interview

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  • A candidate during an interview talks with the interviewees

    Seven of the hardest pharmacy interview questions and how to answer them

    15 AUG 2016 16:59 By Emma Page

    Some questions asked in job interviews can be a challenge, even for an experienced pharmacist. What are prospective employers hoping to find out from the trickiest questions and how should you tackle them?

  • Community pharmacy counter assistants (pictured) are the first people your customers will interact with in the pharmacy. It is their job not only to advise patients correctly but also to act as brand ambassadors for your business

    Qualities to look for when hiring medicines counter assistants in pharmacies Subscription

    19 OCT 2015 15:34 By Saša Jankovic

    Hiring pharmacy counter assistants is about more than just recruiting friendly people who know how to use a till. Sasa Jankovic finds out what skills and knowledge counter assistants should have.

  • Job interview

    Preparing for a pre-registration interview in a hospital

    6 JUL 2015 By Matthew McArdle
    Comments (1)

    Pre-registration trainee Matt McArdle recently secured a role at St George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, London. Here, he shares advice for others trying to secure their pre-registration roles.

  • Whether a seasoned interviewer or your first time in the seat, trying to find the right candidates for openings in your business, particularly specialist roles, can be challenging. Whittling down applicants requires an element of skill

    How to conduct an effective pharmacy job interview Subscription

    15 JUN 2015 14:31 By Saša Jankovic

    If you think going to a job interview is tough, try being the interviewer. It takes more than knowing what questions to ask to identify the right person for the job, finds Sasa Jankovic.

  • How to dress so you look professional, presentable and approachable in a pharmacy

    Look sharp! How to dress so you look professional, presentable and approachable in a pharmacy Subscription

    13 FEB 2015 15:01 By Saša Jankovic

    Do you need to wear a white coat to be taken seriously? Sasa Jankovic finds out that it is attitude more than appearance that influences customers’ perceptions of you.

  • Writing a good covering letter for a pharmacy job can help you stand out from other applicants

    How to write a successful pharmacy cover letter Subscription

    26 JAN 2015 17:22 By Amy Zydzienowski
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    Writing a cover letter that helps you stand out from other applicants can be challenging. Pharmacy career consultant Amy Zydzienowski, from Vertica Career Consultants, explains how it is done.

  • Interview

    Facing the hospital preregistration interview

    9 SEP 2014 By Helen Caley

    Helen Caley was interviewed for her hospital preregistration placement this time last year. Here, she shares her tips and advice.

  • Preregistration interview at hospital

    How to prepare for your hospital preregistration interview Subscription

    Comments (1)

    Well done — you have secured a preregistration interview in a hospital. How are you going to make that all-important first impression and secure a job offer? Gill Shelton and colleagues offer an insight into the interview process and the characteristics that the recruiter will be looking for.

  • Interviews done, one more year to go....or is it?

    23 OCT 2012

    It has been a awhile since my last post, where I shared my thoughts on the whole interview process and how to conduct yourself when you are face-to-face with the “grown ups” sitting opposite you. Well, that whole process has concluded and I am rather pleased to say I was offered a split preregistration place between a London hospital and primary care (from April 2013, this will be known as a clinical commisioning group). 

  • My experiences of pre-registration interviews

    19 OCT 2012

    As a current 4th year pharmacy student with a pre-registration place secured I would like to share my experiences with fellow pharmacy students.

  • Pre-reg interviews: Who are you?

    11 SEP 2012

    My first blog (see Awaiting Exam Results ) was all about the Kubler-Ross model, or better known as the Five Stages of Grief. It explained how an individual goes through a five step phase regarding a certain situation. I feel that this is certainly applicable to the next 24 hours, as I have an interview for a pre-reg in a London Hospital tomorrow. At the moment, I am in stage 3 (Bargaining) and I really want to skip stage 4 (Depression) ...

  • Pre-Reg Interview Tips

    23 MAY 2012 By Sara Valente

    Pre-Registration applications are well underway and many students are waiting for offers of interviews from hospitals, community and industry. The interview may be the most vital part of the application as it will ultimately decide whether a person receives a placement or not.

  • Applying for a hospital preregistration placement online

    Making a successful hospital pharmacy preregistration application Subscription

    14 MAY 2012 13:37 By Helen Middleton

    Are you hoping to apply for a preregistration placement in hospital? Helen Middleton provides some essential information on the process, plus tips on how to make a successful application

  • My Pre-registration Interview Tips

    6 FEB 2012

    This post was originally written in December. I left it for editing and since then my life has been taken over by OSCE’s, revision and exams! I never though 4th year would be this intense… I hope this post is useful to the current third years and anybody else with an interview coming up. 

  • Preparing for Hospital Pre-Registration Interviews

    10 OCT 2011 By Ayla Atalar

    Somehow, I had managedto complete my third year of university and I found myself face to face with myfuture, or rather my interviewers who would determine my future. I did not knowhow time had so quickly flown by, did not know how I managed to get hospitalinterviews and did not know what to expect.

  • Hospital Pre-reg Interviews

    21 SEP 2011

    Literally not more than 3 hours ago as I write this, I’ve just had my hospital pre-registration interview. It was shorter than I imagined only about 20mins! 

  • My First Hospital Placement Interview...

    3 MAY 2011

    A couple of weeks ago I received the most unsuspected call…that’s right, I was offered an interview for a hospital placement! They mentioned that it would be a ‘normal’ interview and that it would be in 2 weeks! So naturally the first thing I did was search google for forums discussing hospital summer placement interviews, in an attempt to find out more about the experiences of others. I bought out the book that I had ordered online – The Pre-registration Interview by Nadia Bukhari. ...

  • The Interview

    14 APR 2011 By Benedict Lam

    Normal0 Cue image of the Mastermind chair; that’s as close to avoluntary interview as ever I’ve seen. As a third year, I frantically appliedto all the standard pharmacy chains for a summer placement this year andeventually received an invite for an interview from one after countless

  • Interview panel

    How to ensure you do well at a hospital preregistration placement interview Subscription

    13 AUG 2010 15:11

    Congratulations, you have got an interview for hospital preregistration training. Now, you just need to make a good impression at the interview. Helen Middleton, Helen Badham and Janet Whittam show you how to prepare for your interview and enable you to show a potential employer you are the right person for the job

  • Interview panel

    Do not give rehearsed answers if you want to do well at a hospital preregistration interview

    13 AUG 2010 11:00

    A common mistake that candidates make at hospital preregistration interviews is giving a rehearsed answer without listening to the question and not actually answering the question that was asked, the authors of a Tomorrow’s Pharmacist article suggest.

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