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Issue : Clinical Pharmacist, 2010

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  • Get out what you put in (Clinical Pharmacist, December 2010) Subscription

    3 DEC 2010 9:05

    Get involved. For busy professionals that’s often easier said than done. Yet for those pharmacists who throw themselves into professional activities the expression “you only get out what you put in” will certainly ring true.

  • Guild Matters (December 2010) Subscription

    2 DEC 2010 10:29

    See Guild Matters  Topics include

  • Spotlight on medicines: Denosumab Subscription

    2 DEC 2010

  • Negotiations

    On-call negotiations — get involved now

    2 DEC 2010 7:02

    Pharmacists need to get to grips with the newly published principles for on-call payments and become involved in negotiating local arrangements  

  • Antimicrobial pharmacy conference held in Lancashire

    2 DEC 2010 6:05

    Antimicrobial pharmacists in the north west of England staged their first conference on 9 November 2010 in Lancashire.

  • Improved blood pressure control with pharmacist input

    2 DEC 2010 6:05

    The addition of pharmacists to the primary healthcare team increased the number of patients with type II diabetes achieving blood pressure control in a Canadian study, published online in Diabetes Care (7 October 2010).

  • Trastuzumab approved by NICE for gastric cancer

    2 DEC 2010 6:05

    Trastuzumab, in combination with cisplatin and capecitabine or 5-fluorouracil, has been approved by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence for the treatment of HER2-positive metastatic gastric cancer.

  • Royal Pharmaceutical Society calls for evidence

    2 DEC 2010 6:05

    Evidence supporting the value of pharmacy services is needed for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to lobby effectively, according to chief executive of the RPS Helen Gordon.Mrs Gordon was speaking at a question and answer session held recently at University College London Hospital and attended by senior and chief pharmacists from the NHS.

  • Preliminary data for rivaroxaban vs warfarin in AF

    2 DEC 2010 6:05

    Rivaroxaban is non-inferior to warfarin for the prevention of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation (AF), according to preliminary results of the ROCKET-AF study, presented at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions in Chicago (13–17 November 2010).

  • Sorafenib given with doxorubicin could benefit liver cancer patients

    2 DEC 2010 6:05

    Adding sorafenib to treatment with doxorubicin increases the time to disease progression for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) compared with doxorubicin alone, according to a phase II study published in JAMA (2010;304:2154).

  • Fall in band 6 posts

    2 DEC 2010 6:05

    The number of band 6 pharmacist posts has decreased by 3.5% in the period from May 2009 to May 2010, results of 2010’s “National NHS pharmacy staffing establishment and vacancy survey” reveal.

  • Knowledge and Skills Framework made simpler

    2 DEC 2010 6:05

    A revised Knowledge and Skills Framework, designed to be more user-friendly and flexible than the previous version, has been published by NHS Employers.

  • Mildly symptomatic congestive heart failure

    Eplerenone can improve outcomes in mild CHF

    2 DEC 2010 3:45

    Use of eplerenone for patients with mildly symptomatic congestive heart failure can reduce their risk of cardiovascular death and first admission to hospital for heart failure, say the authors of the EMPHASIS-HF study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (online 14 November 2010).

  • Eating disorders (answers) Subscription

    1 DEC 2010

    Questions October 2010’s Lifelong Learning questions are based on the CLINICAL FOCUS articles on Eating disorders The questions can be viewed/printed This online module is closed

  • Remain focused in unfamiliar territory (David Gibson) Subscription

    1 DEC 2010 12:29

    Studies have shown that 5–10% of hospital admissions in the UK are due to adverse drug reactions. The problem for the acute hospital clinician is how to identify patients who are at risk of these events.

  • Driving quality will help “unprecedented financial position”

    1 DEC 2010 11:40 By Matthew Wright

    The autumn symposium of the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists procurement and distribution interest group was held in Birmingham on 11 November 2010. 

  • Chris Green, Catherine Duggan, Chris Acomb and Ian Bates

    Protect clinical services by collecting the evidence

    1 DEC 2010 10:34

    The autumn residential symposium of the United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association, entitled “Progress in practice”, was held in Daventry on 19–21 November 2010. Kate Towers reports 

  • Sarah Garner

    Getting a NICE deal out of value-based pricing Subscription

    1 DEC 2010 10:06

    Health technology assessments vary globally. In the coming years the price the NHS pays for a drug could better reflect the value it offers  

  • Research has a bright future (Clinical Pharmacist, November 2010) Subscription

    5 NOV 2010 9:01

    History has shown that when it comes to medical research the scientific community does not always get it right. We can highlight, for instance, failings by the pharmaceutical industry in recent years to reveal, fully, data that may raise questions about the safety of certain new drugs.

  • Clinical Pharmacist and CPPE

    4 NOV 2010 16:39

    Clinical Pharmacist has launched a new partnership with the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education, whereby CPPE learning@lunch flex modules are linked to a clinical focus article in Clinical Pharmacist.

  • Christopher Cutts

    New partnerships in pharmacist education Subscription

    4 NOV 2010 13:02

    We must all work together to ensure that education for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians continues to be a priority in the new NHS  

  • Atopic eczema (answers) Subscription

    4 NOV 2010

    Questions September 2010’s Lifelong Learning questions are based on the CLINICAL FOCUS articles on Atopic eczema The questions can be viewed/printed This online module is closed Answers 1    (a) T,    (b) T,    (c) T,    (d) F,    (e) F

  • Giving the yellow card

    Give adverse drug reactions the yellow card

    4 NOV 2010 6:04

    Through a collaboration with the MHRA, medicines information pharmacists are tackling the under-reporting of adverse drug reactions  

  • NHS uptake of bar-coding has been slow

    4 NOV 2010 6:03

    Uptake of coding technologies by the NHS has been slow, says a review of the 2007 Department of Health report “Coding for success”.

  • NPSA issues recommendations on anticancer medicines

    4 NOV 2010 6:03

    New recommendations to minimise risks associated with anticancer medicines have been released by the National Patient Safety Agency.

  • National Prescribing Centre to merge with NICE

    4 NOV 2010 6:03

    The National Prescribing Centre will merge into the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence from April 2011.

  • Long-term aspirin use reduces the risk of colorectal cancer

    4 NOV 2010 6:03

    Long-term use of aspirin, at doses of at least 75mg daily, reduces the risk of colorectal cancer, conclude the authors of an analysis published online in The Lancet (22 October 2010).

  • IT can achieve efficiencies but takes staff time

    4 NOV 2010 6:03

    Implementing new IT systems can generate efficiencies in hospital pharmacy departments, but they often require additional staff time to set up and maintain. This was a recurring theme at the joint UK Clinical Pharmacy Association and Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists IT interest group meeting (Birmingham, 6 October 2010).

  • Antimicrobials

    New tool available to help assess hospital antimicrobial stewardship

    4 NOV 2010 6:03

    A standardised way to assess the level of antimicrobial stewardship in hospitals is now available in the form of an antimicrobial self-assessment toolkit (ASAT).

  • On-call notifications are premature

    4 NOV 2010 6:03

    Some hospital pharmacists could see substantial reductions in the pay they receive for working on-call from April 2011.

  • To protect life, well-being and dignity Subscription

    3 NOV 2010 14:07

    The Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki and the Belmont Report. Before these became the “ethical pillars” of good clinical practice, crimes against humanity were committed in science’s name  

  • UK Clinical Pharmacy Association (November 2010 news) Subscription

    3 NOV 2010 9:16

    See UKCPATopics includeChair's welcomeGroup newsPromising start to partnershipUKCPA central to pharmacy wiki developmentTap into knowledge and experienceFuture eventsMembership 

  • How pharmacists helped make opioid prescribing “DR CD SAFE” Subscription

    2 NOV 2010 16:27

    In response to the National Patient Safety Agency’s 2008 opioid report, a multidisciplinary team at King’s College Hospital developed and implemented an opioid prescribing guide called “DR CD SAFE”  

  • One size does not fit all patients (Suzanne Elvin) Subscription

    1 NOV 2010 16:11

    No matter the medical condition, no one drug regimen suits all patients — part of being a successful prescriber involves learning how to identify what regimen will suit each individual patient.

  • British Oncology Pharmacy Association conference 2010

    1 NOV 2010 13:57

    This year’s British Oncology Pharmacy Association annual conference was held in conjunction with the United Kingdom Oncology Nursing Society.

  • BOPA 2010: No buffer for GPs in the liberated NHS

    1 NOV 2010 9:15

    There will be great opportunities for pharmacists to help GPs balance their clinical and corporate responsibilities without losing sight of patient needs, it was suggested in an industry-sponsored session during the British Oncology Pharmacy Association conference 2010.

  • Steve Williamson

    BOPA 2010: Access vs capacity at the heart of debate on cancer drugs fund

    1 NOV 2010 9:04

    We now have 200 million extra reasons for cancer patients to be grateful. So said Steve Williamson, consultant pharmacist in cancer services at Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, at the British Oncology Pharmacy Association conference 2010.

  • Burns (answers) Subscription

    1 OCT 2010

    QuestionsJuly/August 2010’s Lifelong Learning questions are based on the CLINICALFOCUS articles on BurnsThe questions can be viewed/printedThis online module is closed

  • Let’s not start from scratch (Clinical Pharmacist, October 2010) Subscription

    1 OCT 2010 11:10

    When you read this there will be a new pharmacy regulator (the General Pharmaceutical Council) and a new Royal Pharmaceutical Society — a voluntary membership organisation with the same name but whose remit, at least, is vastly different from that of the defunct body.

  • Looking for information

    Looking for information on future medicines? Try New Drugs Online Subscription

    30 SEP 2010 15:18

    Pharmacists are often asked to make decisions on medicines that are not yet licensed or have only just reached the market. New Drugs Online, a resource from UKMi, is useful in such situations  

  • Homecare providers

    Clinical homecare providers are warmed up and ready

    30 SEP 2010 6:13

    Increasingly patients are receiving their medicines via clinical homecare companies. How are these providers meeting challenges such as NHS budget cuts and calls for increased governance? Ailsa Colquhoun is a freelance writer and media trainer  

  • Medicines information pharmacists give yellow card reporting a boost

    30 SEP 2010 6:08

    Adverse drug reaction reporting has been enhanced through a collaborative project between the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and UK Medicines Information.

  • Pharmacists in primary care look to the future

    30 SEP 2010 6:05

    Most primary care pharmacists expect to be working for GP consortia once primary care trusts are abolished, according to a recent survey (July 2010) by the Primary Care Pharmacists’ Association.

  • Coronary stenting

    Double-dose clopidogrel benefits PCI patients

    30 SEP 2010 6:02

    Doubling the dose of clopidogrel for patients admitted to hospital with acute coronary syndromes (ACS) does not reduce their risk of cardiovascular death, myocardial infarction or stroke, according to research in The New England Journal of Medicine (2010;363:930).

  • Helen Gordon

    Representing pharmacy in the liberated NHS Subscription

    30 SEP 2010 6:02

    The woman at the helm of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society considers what support clinical pharmacists will need in the new NHS  

  • Cisatracurium reduces mortality in severe ARDS

    30 SEP 2010 6:02

    Early administration of the neuromuscular blocker (NMB) cisatracurium improves mortality among patients with severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), research suggests (New England Journal of Medicine 2010;363:1107).

  • Why I like to get to know my patients Subscription

    29 SEP 2010 13:18 By Rachel Hall

    I am passionate about getting to know my patients — I believe this continuity builds trust, gives me insight into their condition and helps with the shared decision-making process.

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