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Issue : The Pharmaceutical Journal, November 2012

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  • Self-administration of medicines by inpatients

    30 NOV 2012

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  • Do female pharmacists struggle to climb the career ladder compared to males?

    30 NOV 2012

    Pharmacy is now a female dominated profession, but it never used to be. We only have to scan around the lecture theatre to notice a higher proportion of females compared to males.

  • Welsh Government misses opportunity to introduce PNAs Subscription

    30 NOV 2012 12:21

    The opportunity to introduce pharmaceutical needs assessments to control market entry and exit for pharmacies in Wales has been missed by the Welsh Government.

  • ADR reporting: specifics needed Subscription

    29 NOV 2012 13:53

    Brand names and batch numbers should be provided when reporting suspected adverse drug reactions to biological medicines, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has advised in its latest issue of Drug Safety Update.

  • We do more than “count Smarties” Phillip Lee Subscription

    28 NOV 2012

    From Mr S. K. Bhatti, MRPharmS

  • QPs to review quality Subscription

    27 NOV 2012

    From Mr J. R. A. Baker, MRPharmSProcedures advocated by Robert Lowe (PJ, 24 November 2012, p596) to ensure specials are of the correct quality are duties carried out all the time by Qualified Persons for licensed medicines.

  • Students benefit from joint meetings Subscription

    27 NOV 2012

    From Mr T. E. Whaley, MRPharmSOn 2 November 2011 the University of East Anglia hosted a joint meeting with the British Society for the History of Pharmacy (BSHP). This was the first of what we at BSHP hoped would become annual joint meetings with schools of pharmacy around Britain.

  • Regenerative medicine

    26 NOV 2012 By Sophie Khatib

    What a weekend!  I have just got back from the BPSA conference and the focus of today was ‘Science into practice’.  Something that I am really interested in, as you can probably tell from my other blogs!

  • Safety and Evidence- Black Cohosh

    24 NOV 2012

    Fromwhat I have encountered so far, there has been widespread confusion betweenhomeopathy and herbal remedies regarding the lack of distinction between them.  Homeopathy is a completely different conceptwhich has been the subject of many debates.

  • Buy self-test kits from trusted source Subscription

    23 NOV 2012 14:40

    Self-test kits should only be bought from trusted sources, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency says in new guidance issued this week (19 November 2012).

  • Injectable medicines prescribing audit impresses at UKCPA symposium Subscription

    23 NOV 2012 14:30

    An audit of injectable medicines prescribing on a medical investigations unit was the subject of a winning poster at the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association autumn symposium last weekend (16–18 November 2012).

  • Sophie the scientist

    23 NOV 2012 By Sophie Khatib

    I never thought I was very good at science – it always posed more questions than it answered and was very complicated with lots of work to learn for exams.  Since I started Uni, I realised that learning was SO much more than passing exams.

  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction Subscription

    21 NOV 2012

    From Dr K. E. Neil, MRPharmSI read with interest the article “Blank brain images speak volumes about the pressures on pharmacists” (PJ, 3 November 2012, p497).For many pharmacists, myself included, these important findings are probably not unexpected.

  • Other points to consider Subscription

    21 NOV 2012

    From Mr R. A. Lowe

  • Remember to ensure safety of specials Subscription

    21 NOV 2012

    From Mr M. N. Jackson, MRPharmS

  • Too much focus on the regulatory function of CPD Subscription

    21 NOV 2012

    From Mr D. A. Hancox, MRPharmS

  • Capital punishment? Subscription

    21 NOV 2012

    From Professor J. Dearden, HonMRPharmS

  • Collaborate and share resources Subscription

    21 NOV 2012

    From Professor J. Wingfield, FRPharmS

  • /files/rps-pjonline/nppg-logo-RGB

    The Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists Group annual conference 2012 Subscription

    20 NOV 2012 17:46

    The Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists Group held its annual conferencein Liverpool from 9 to 11 October 2012. Peter Mulholland reports*This meeting report has not been edited. Click here for more information

  • Norovirus hits Scotland early Subscription

    20 NOV 2012 16:14

  • Red tape being cut by scissors (Christian Delbert Dreamstime)

    Pharmaceutical regulations under the spotlight Subscription

    20 NOV 2012 15:15

    Regulations relating to pharmaceutical needs assessments, repeat dispensing schemes, pharmacist independent prescribing and local pharmaceutical services are taking their turn in the spotlight for the Government’s Red Tape Challenge. The Government wants to hear views on which of over 500 regulations should be scrapped, which should be kept and which could be improved.

  • The Role of a Pharmacist

    20 NOV 2012 By Brendan Fraser

    This is funny to admit at this stage of my pre-registration year, but I do not fully understand the role of a pharmacist. Those of you who read my blogs may be thinking – “why?” Surely after four years at university and four months of pre-registration training I should understand the role of the pharmacist. But the truth is I don’t, and here’s why.

  • Beat antibiotic resistance, before it beats us

    19 NOV 2012

    Yesterday, November 18th, marked European Antibiotic Awareness Day, which aimed to raise awareness of the threats imposed by antibiotic resistance and irresponsible antibiotic prescribing. Several campaigns took place across Europe where focus was taken to educate health professionals about the health crisis that is antibiotic resistance.

  • Do people really know what we do?

    19 NOV 2012 By Emily Hardaker

    Recently when I was wasting time on the internet, I stumbled across an article on the Times Higher Education website. It was written by one Kevin Smith of the University of Abertay Dundee about another article discussing the increasing numbers of students studying pharmacy in the UK.

  • Roll-out of telehealth to start next year Subscription

    19 NOV 2012 15:58

    Telehealth will benefit 100,000 people with long-term conditions next year, health secretary Jeremy Hunt announced at an Age UK conference last week (14 November 2012). He said that seven pathfinders, including clinical commissioning groups, would negotiate with suppliers to provide the NHS with the technology and services needed at no upfront cost.

  • Paul Gimson

    RPS in Wales calls for pharmacy to be at heart of chronic conditions care Subscription

    19 NOV 2012 15:53

    Community pharmacy should be integrated into a coordinated service for chronic conditions management, including diabetes, to ensure the best possible care for people living with chronic conditions, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society has told Welsh politicians.

  • Patient notes

    18 NOV 2012 By Sophie Khatib

  • BPSA conference: Pennine area

    18 NOV 2012 By Sara Valente

    The Pennine area BPSA conference took place this Saturday (17thNovember) at Manchester University, which boasted a sold out event with topspeakers. Annie Sellers – a fourth year pharmacy student at Manchester University –

  • Make sure patients know how long to self treat, says PAGB Subscription

    16 NOV 2012 14:11

    Pharmacists should make sure people know how long to self treat coughs and colds before visiting their GP, according to the Proprietary Association of Great Britain. Ahead of European Antibiotic Awareness Day on Sunday (18 November 2012), the PAGB is reminding pharmacists that many people give up on self-treatment of minor ailments and visit their doctor too early.

  • Older people and lots of pharmacy

    16 NOV 2012 By Ayla Atalar

  • Edible deodorant

    15 NOV 2012 By Sara Valente

    A Daily Mail article was brought to my attention about a newdeodorant that is being marketed by Deo Perfume but instead of applying it to yourarmpits, you eat it! The scientific rationale behind the new candy is that it

  • Pre-registration training: a week in the life part 1.

    14 NOV 2012 By Connie Pringle

    Any attempt I make to describe aweek in the life of a hospital pre-reg promotes the conclusion that there is no‘typical’ day.  However, over the nextcouple of months, I intend to blog through a few weeks of my working life as apre-registration pharmacist. Maybe this will give students an insight into

  • The Bolam test Subscription

    14 NOV 2012

    From Mr J. N. Glassbrook, MRPharmS

  • Pharmacists and patients both benefit Subscription

    14 NOV 2012

    From Mr M. A. C. Field, MRPharmSI am not sure how to take the article about community pharmacists’ continuing professional development (PJ, 3 November 2012, p489). Is it condescending, insulting or just naive?

  • Taking the leap to do my first locum

    12 NOV 2012

    So this month I have moved flats and it was both costly and stressful. After moving in, I discovered I needed to buy everything from a shower rail to a television. Needless to say, the lack of cash flow gave me the final push to do my first locum.

  • How pharmacists can promote the sensible use of antimicrobials Subscription

    12 NOV 2012 14:36

    Ensuring appropriate and safe use of any drug in an individual patient is important. However, antimicrobials are the only class of drugs where irresponsible use in one patient may affect the potential use of these drugs in future patients...

  • Hangover patches removed from sale after MHRA steps in Subscription

    12 NOV 2012 12:17

    Bytox hangover prevention patches have been removed from sale by UK internet retailer, in response to an urgent notice from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

  • How generic drugs are named

    11 NOV 2012 By Ranveer Bassey

    Despite what it might seem, the process of creating drug names does not involve a bowl of alphabet soup, someone sneezing and interpretation of the resulting mess.  The process is a little more considered than that.

  • Epigenetics

    9 NOV 2012 By Sophie Khatib

    I must admit, I had never heard of epigenetics until this week so I have done what any scientist would: started a literature search on the topic.

  • Scottish money (Steve Roberts/

    Pharmacists profit from misery of addicts, says MSP Subscription

    9 NOV 2012 12:39

    Scotland’s pharmacists were yesterday (8 November 2012) branded “methadone millionaires” who profit from people’s misery by Scottish Labour MP Jenny Marra, in what the Royal Pharmaceutical Society has called an “absolutely unacceptable” attack for which she should apologise.

  • Brain cartoon with pills (Kovacevicmiro/

    Increased use of cognition-enhancing drugs presents workplace challenges Subscription

    8 NOV 2012 16:01

    Cognition-enhancing drugs present the greatest challenge when it comes to regulating technologies that enhance human abilities, and minimising their impact on the work environment, medical experts have said.

  • Kidneys (London England/

    Gliptins endorsed in Wales for diabetes patients with damaged kidneys Subscription

    8 NOV 2012 15:11

    Type 2 diabetes patients with severely damaged kidneys can be treated with vildagliptin or sitagliptin, according to the latest advice from the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group.

  • Contraceptive pill now more popular than condom among teenage girls Subscription

    7 NOV 2012 15:15

    The contraceptive pill is now more popular among 15-year-old girls than the male condom, according to statistics released by the NHS Information Centre for Health and Social Care last week (31 October 2012).

  • Patients could take more responsibility for health, say GPs Subscription

    7 NOV 2012 15:10

    By News team

  • Hospital work experience: the journey of a prescription through the dispensary

    6 NOV 2012 By Helen Caley

    The general workflow in the dispensary is as follows: any incoming medicines requests are entered into a filing system according to urgency.  A dispenser selects a medicines request and proceeds to work on one of five dispensing computers to input patient information and to select the medication etc.  The dispenser then has to choose the correct person/ward to cost the supply to.

  • Patient instincts should not be ignored Subscription

    6 NOV 2012

    From Miss K. S. Ginsbury, MRPharmSI took objection on behalf of Hourglass’s late mother at the implication that she had negative feeling about medication and was “ruralised” rather than mentally “urbanised” (PJ, 1 September 2012, p243).

  • The public decides our value and future survival Subscription

    6 NOV 2012

    From Mr D. McVeigh, MRPharmSI read the letters from the 3 November 2012 issue of the PJ (p492–3) regarding the implementation of self-selection of pharmacy medicines, with dismay. I am concerned about some correspondents’ cloistered views of the open display of P medicines.

  • Are expired drugs overlooked?

    5 NOV 2012 By Sophie Khatib

    You have a throbbing headache and look in your medicine cabinet for something to take.  Oh thank goodness, you have got some painkillers in.  But you notice that they are 6 months out of date – would you still take them?  We have had it drilled into us that we should not use things past their expiry date: food, medicines and cosmetics alike. 

  • The Real World

    5 NOV 2012 By Brendan Fraser

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