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Issue : The Pharmaceutical Journal, September 2008

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  • Smokers die younger

    Latest smoking deterrent — graphic images

    30 SEP 2008 14:14

    Graphic pictures that illustrate the effects of smoking — from rotting teeth to throat cancer — will start to appear on cigarette packets sold in the UK from 1 October 2008, the Department of Health has revealed.

  • Image of pill bottle with word 'alert!'

    DRUG ALERT: Ionsys ITS fentanyl patches

    29 SEP 2008 15:28

    All Ionsys iontophoretic transdermal system (ITS) (fentanyl, 40µg) stock is being recalled by Janssen-Cilag after some units have been found to self-activate, which could cause overdose.

  • Blood donation rules relaxed

    29 SEP 2008 15:27

    People with diabetes are now able to give blood after changes to the UK blood service rules.

  • Membership Survey 2

    28 SEP 2008

  • consultation rooms

    27 SEP 2008

    i just had a thought. some consultation rooms aren't big enough to comfortably fit in people in wheelchairs (with the door closed behind them!). does this contravene some kind of Disability Discrimination Act? doesn't that mean this percentage of the population are being provided an inferior service? i think this is wrong. why didn't companies think about this when installing the rooms?

  • Few osteoporosis patients take optimal supplements

    26 SEP 2008 13:52

    Less than half (43 per cent) of patients in Europe with osteoporosis may be taking both calcium and vitamin D supplements and patients in the UK are the lowest users, suggests new research presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research held in Montreal, Canada, from 12–16 September 2008.

  • Could the dog-rose be a cure for arthritis?

    26 SEP 2008 By Glow-worm

    [img_assist|nid=33051|title=Hips|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=200|height=141]The dog-rose (Rosa canina) is the most widespread of all our wild roses, commonly seen climbing and scrambling through hedgerows.

  • Nelson: a hero despite sickness and injury

    26 SEP 2008 By Glow-worm

    Monday 29 September marks the 250th anniversary of the birth of Horatio Nelson, naval commander and national hero. During his career, he suffered innumerable illnesses, wounds and depression but overcame them to emerge as a leader and inspiration to others.

  • Windows that purify air

    26 SEP 2008 By Glow-worm

    Researchers from Queensland University of Technology have discovered that gold-painted medieval stained glass windows purify the air when exposed to sunlight.

  • Additional fees for supplementary or independent prescribing not paid for by NHS in hospital pharmacy - comments

    25 SEP 2008

    I find this matter of having to pay for the priviledge of taking on/ sharing the doctors' work through independendent or supplementary prescribing without any financial rewards in hospital totally unacceptable. Comments would be interesting.

  • Additional fees for supplementary prescribing iis not paid for by NHS in hospital- cooments

    25 SEP 2008

    Not sure if this discussion has taken place before. I find it totally unacceptable that in hospital pharmacy we are expected to pay extra fees to be supplementary prescribers and yet we are not rewarded financially. Are there others who are happy to accept this situation?

  • A kick in the kidneys

    25 SEP 2008

    Another quarter, another batch of NICE guidance arrives on ourdoorstep.  This month sees the release of the headline grabbing ADHDguidelines, but also NICE's take on the management of Chronic Kidney Disease.

  • Have your say: local support for the profession

    25 SEP 2008 14:41

    [img_assist|nid=24161|title=Steve Churton|desc=|link=none|align=none|width=126|height=219][img_assist|nid=24162|title=Nigel Clarke|desc=|link=none|align=none|width=126|height=219]

  • HPV vaccines win Prix Galien

    25 SEP 2008 13:52

    Two vaccines against human papillomavirus were the winners of this year’s UK Prix Galien medal for innovation.

  • Continuing professional development

    24 SEP 2008

    From Mr K. CookeI commend Navjot Nannar for his comprehensive review of managing ankylosing spondylitis (AS). Having suffered from AS for nearly 40 years and with a wife who was a pharmacist until her retirement, I might be considered an expert patient.

  • Responsible pharmacist regulations are open to interpretation

    24 SEP 2008

    From Mr I. D. Kemp, MRPharmS

  • The importance of the role of the practice educator pharmacist Subscription

    23 SEP 2008

    Significant changes were made to the preregistration trainee pharmacists’ placement year by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain in 2001. In addition, in 2002, a major review of practice support infrastructure took place within the Thames Valley region (now South Central North).

  • Patient counselling — developing a standard approach Subscription

    22 SEP 2008

    Pharmacy technicians at the Western General Hospital (WGH) in Edinburgh are involved in organising discharge medicines for patients (via a “one stop dispensing” service). Traditionally, technicians at the WGH have not been involved in counselling patients on how to use these medicines.

  • Understanding hospital pharmacy’s interface with research networks Subscription

    22 SEP 2008 17:02

    ClarificationAlthough Alan Denby is listed as the author, other members of the group contributed to the article. They areCatrin Barker, lead pharmacist at the Medicines for Children Local Research Network for Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales

  • ATHP calls for local collaborative networks and a seven-day service Subscription

    22 SEP 2008 16:48

    [img_assist|nid=32978|title=Doc at computer|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=221|height=160]

  • Intravenous fluid therapy — what pharmacists need to monitor Subscription

    22 SEP 2008

    [img_assist|nid=32965|title=Prescription|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=219|height=130]Pharmacists should check intravenous fluid prescriptions as thoroughly as drug prescriptions (Mark Borthwick)

  • Pharmacy interior

    Scotland's pharmacies to get money for better premises

    22 SEP 2008 13:39

    Guidance on the NHS funding available to upgrade community pharmacy premises was issued in Scotland on 17 September 2008.

  • Lipid lowering in aortic stenosis unnecessary

    22 SEP 2008 11:12

    Simvastatin plus ezetimibe does not reduce the risk of patients with aortic stenosis suffering from aortic-valve events and ischaemic events, a study has shown (published online in New England Journal of Medicine).

  • Free parking introduced at 14 Scottish hospitals

    22 SEP 2008 10:52

    Car parking charges at 14 hospitals in Scotland will be abolished from 31 December 2008, the Scottish Government announced earlier this month.Scottish health secretary Nicola Sturgeon said the move would help to reaffirm the NHS’s founding principle of healthcare free at the point of delivery.

  • Fruit juice shown to reduce drug absorption

    22 SEP 2008 10:49

    Taking certain medicines with fruit juice may impair their absorption, Canadian research suggests.Their research identified an active ingredient in grapefruit juice called naringin, which appears to block an intestinal drug uptake protein.They also identified naringin-like substances in orange juice and apple juice.

  • APTUK invites nominations for technician award

    22 SEP 2008 10:44

    Nominations are invited for a new award to be presented at the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK annual conference next June.The award, entitled “Pharmacy technician of the year — professional award”, is open to technicians in community or hospitals.Further details can be obtained from Esther Joberns (telephone 024 7643 2941).

  • Unite consults members on industrial action

    22 SEP 2008 10:40

    Health union Unite is consulting its members to gauge support for industrial action after it rejected the recent pay deal offered by the Department of Health.

  • Private hospitals to produce care quality reports

    22 SEP 2008 10:35

    Private hospitals will be expected to publish annual quality reports, similar to those produced by NHS hospitals, according to David Nicholson, NHS chief executive.

  • Rita Shane

    Pharmacists advised to lead on reducing administration errors

    22 SEP 2008 10:30

    Pharmacists in all countries should be taking the lead for reducing errors that occur during drug administration.So said Rita Shane, director of pharmacy services at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, California, at the Global Conference on the Future of Hospital Pharmacy (held in Basel, Switzerland, on 30–31 August).

  • Licensed vs unlicensed — to make medicines, or to buy them? Subscription

    22 SEP 2008 10:17

    Many hospital manufacturing units have reported escalating activity during recent years — particularly in the supply of cytotoxic chemotherapy. This has increased pressure on staff and facilities, which in turn introduces risk.

  • New pharmacy workforce survey starts

    19 SEP 2008 14:01

    A research-based census of the pharmacy workforce is being carried out by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to gather information such as the number of practising pharmacists, their areas of practice and the number of hours they work, and to examine how well pharmacists balance work with other commitments.

  • Origins of the Straight Track Club

    19 SEP 2008 By Merlin

    I have always been fascinated by the idea of ley lines. For those not familiar with the concept, ley lines are supposed lines across the landscape, usually linking ancient sites, such as prehistoric burial mounds and early churches.

  • Another special awareness day

    19 SEP 2008 By Merlin

  • An unwelcome new plant in my garden

    19 SEP 2008 By Merlin

    [img_assist|nid=32114|title=Goldfinch feeding on niger seeds|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=219|height=307]Callie Jon

  • Guilt by Association

    17 SEP 2008

    A patient a few years ago came in for an operation, for which she had to stay a few days post-operatively.  During that time she developed a UTI, and so was treated with trimethoprim.  36 hours into the course of trimethoprim, she developed severe hallucinations, despite no history of psychiatric illness.

  • Drug Tariff

    17 SEP 2008

    From Mr M. Cottingham, MRPharmSOn occasions I have reason to pick up the Drug Tariff, a reference book designed in part to inform a pharmacist or dispensing doctor what medicines and appliances they can supply to a patient on prescription and be reimbursed for that supply by the NHS.

  • Reye's syndrome and ibuprofen

    17 SEP 2008

    With regard to the administering of paediatric formulations of ibuprofen to infants and children, I never recommend ibuprofen suspension and, in fact, I always positively discourage parents from buying it for their children.

  • Do not encourage others to break the law

    17 SEP 2008

    From Mrs L. K. Gilpin, MRPharmSThere is much in Derek Balon’s Agenda article with which I agree and pharmacists may be heartened to discover there is a proposal in the English pharmacy White Paper to change the emergency supply provision from five days to 28 days.

  • Prescription products, SPC changes, Discontinued products, Supply issues (22 November 2003)

    17 SEP 2008 15:27

    Prescription products Minocycline tabletsMinocycline 50mg and 100mg tablets have been launched (PLIVA Pharma). Net price: 50mg 28 £8.36, 100mg 28 £14.74.

  • Devastating critique of the pharmacy profession

    17 SEP 2008

    From Mr A. M. Melzack, MRPharmSI am surprised that there has been no mention in The Pharmaceutical Journal of the devastating critique of the pharmacy profession, given by Linda Strand at the British Pharmaceutical Conference to a largely empty hall.

  • Life-long learning (Intravenous fluid therapy) Subscription

    16 SEP 2008

    Intravenous fluid therapy: Background and principlesIntravenous fluid therapy: What pharmacists need to monitor

  • Is Steve Churton a hockey dad?

    14 SEP 2008

    The PJ online has asked it's readers to comment on Steve Churton's presidential BPC speech.  Alas, I was not there and so I can't.  It's a shame no-one thought to put it on YouTube.I do have access to edited highlights, which suggest that he's got our interests at heart. Apparently it was warmly received (not rapturously?) by those at the conference.

  • Gedoogbeleid

    12 SEP 2008

  • "Exclude me!" say 90 pharmacists

    12 SEP 2008

    So the results of the PJ survey are in and (thankfully for Transcomm) are in broad agreement with the membership subcommittee's announcement of a pharmaceutical scientists adn pharmacists' professional body (with affiliation to APTUK) rather than a professional body for the whole pharmacy body,

  • Jeremy Holmes

    Pharmacy bodies line up behind Government plans for the profession in England

    12 SEP 2008 13:39

    Five key representative bodies for pharmacy have pledged their commitment to realising the service development goals proposed in the pharmacy White Paper for England.

  • Aspirin fails to prevent cognitive decline

    12 SEP 2008 13:36

    Low-dose aspirin taken over five years does not affect cognitive function in middle aged to elderly people at increased risk of cardiovascular disease, researchers report (BMJ 2008;337:554).

  • John D’Arcy

    Expect less profit from medicines, Numark director says

    12 SEP 2008 13:27

    Pharmacists need to change their way of thinking with respect to purchase deals, John D’Arcy, interim managing director at Numark has said..

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