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Issue : The Pharmaceutical Journal, 7 June 2014, Vol 292, No 7813

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  • E-cigarettes

    7 JUN 2014 11:58

     In a letter signed by researchers and public health specialists the World Health Organisation was asked to “resist the urge to control and suppress e- cigarettes”. Richard Evans, vice-chairman of the Welsh Pharmacy Board was interviewed by BBC Radio Wales, Radio Cymru and BBC Wales Today. Speaking to BBC Radio Wales, Evans said: “At the moment the products that are on the market — we don’t know what standard they are. They can vary from product to product — there is no uniformity.” 

  • Daily Mail

    7 JUN 2014 11:56

    27 May 2014 — The Daily Mail reported how the potency of daily medication can be affected by sickness or diarrhoea.

  • Yours Magazine

    7 JUN 2014 11:51

    May 2014 — Yours Magazine interviewed English Pharmacy Board vice-chairman Ash Soni for a feature called “Making the most of your medicines”. 

  • Woman’s Own

    7 JUN 2014

    26 May 2014 — As part of Woman’s Own “Health dilemas solved” Ash Soni, English Pharmacy Board vice-chairman, was asked when you should stop taking a medicine.

  • Does nothing ever change? Subscription

    7 JUN 2014 By Anne Liddell

    I recall when I was at college 50 years ago, we were lectured on the dangers of microbial resistance to antibiotics and, unless care was taken in their use, we would end up in a situation where we would be left with nothing in our arsenal.

  • Primum non nocere Subscription

    We welcome the comments from Stuart Hill providing a counter-argument to the concerns initially raised by the UK Clinical Pharmacy Association Respiratory Group about Relvar Ellipta.

  • Pessimist or realist? Subscription

    7 JUN 2014 By Harry McQuillan

    I am writing in response to the Leading article in The Pharmaceutical Journal (2014;292:472) entitled “Excellence prescribed”. This refers to the evidence and subsequent roundtable session held by the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee on 29 April 2014.

  • Amoebic dysentery in an elderly patient Subscription

    7 JUN 2014 By Lucy Hedley, Preet Panesar

    A 70-year-old, 47kg woman was admitted via the accident and emergency department with a 14-day history of diarrhoea with recent urge incontinence, cramping abdominal pain and three episodes of vomiting. The patient was diagnosed with amoebic dysentery. Read on to learn about the patient’s signs and symptoms.

  • Not a priority Subscription

    7 JUN 2014 By David Norris

    I consider the Agenda in the The Journal (24/31 May 2014, p545) “Time to act: pharmacists must be prepared for environmental changes” to be controversial.

  • Prescription products: June 2014 Subscription

    7 JUN 2014

    21/28 June 2014 Lucentis

  • SPC changes: June 2014 Subscription

    7 JUN 2014

    21/28 June 2014 Synacten

  • Counterfeit medicines

    What the EU has proposed for spotting fake medicines Subscription

    7 JUN 2014 By Charles Willis

    RPS head of public affairs Charles Willis looks at what implementation of the EU Falsified Medicines directive means for pharmacists 

  • Helen Gordon

    Providing the tools you need to help patients Subscription

    7 JUN 2014 By Helen Gordon

    RPS Chief Executive Helen Gordon reflects on some recent initiatives in patient care and offers the RPS’s view on these 

  • Conterfeit medicines

    Taking stock of counterfeit medicines Subscription

    5 JUN 2014 9:12 By Elizabeth Sukkar

    Criminals who trade in fake medicines are finding ever more sophisticated ways to infiltrate legitimate supply chains. And pharmaceutical companies and regulators are developing ways to stop them.

  • Enhanced services Subscription

    4 JUN 2014 15:11

    NHS England has published a question and answer document for its area teams and local commissioners including frequently asked questions about the commissioning of enhanced services from community pharmacies.

  • Asthma UK Subscription

    4 JUN 2014 15:10

    Asthma UK offers a range of materials, including the leaflet “Understanding asthma: how your pharmacist can help”, to support healthcare professionals working with people with asthma.

  • The face of pharmacy Subscription

    4 JUN 2014 15:08

    “The face of pharmacy” project is an academic study in the form of a survey into the brand of the pharmacy profession as experienced by the public and key stakeholders. 

  • Leadership scholarships Subscription

    4 JUN 2014 15:07

    The Florence Nightingale Foundation is offering 15 leadership scholarships to pharmacists and other healthcare professionals working within Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

  • Public health interventions Subscription

    4 JUN 2014 15:06

    A team at Durham University is conducting a systematic review, funded by the National Institute for Health Research, into community pharmacy public health interventions.

  • Mortar and pestle (Lisa F Young/

    Regulator tells pharmacists how to supply unlicensed medicines

    4 JUN 2014 11:13

    Pharmacists must give patients as much written information as possible about doses, expiry date and storage instructions when supplying an unlicensed medicine, according to new guidance produced by the professional regulator last week …

  • Jonathan Burton

    Appraisal at a senior level Subscription

    4 JUN 2014 0:00 By Jeff Mills

    Jonathan Burton tells Jeff Mills how he is sharing his experience of RPS Faculty assessment with his pharmacy employees

  • A weighty problem

    4 JUN 2014 0:00

    New figures published in The Lancet last week show that the proportion of adults in the world who are overweight or obese increased between 1980 and 2013 from 29% to 37% in men and from 30% to 38% in women. Similarly, data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development suggest that most people in the world’s most developed nations and emerging economies are overweight or obese.

  • Mental health Subscription

    4 JUN 2014 0:00

    A new website,, has launched to support young people aged 13–25 who take medicines for mental health conditions. The website contains information about potential side effects, frequently asked questions and case studies.

  • Parkinson’s disease Subscription

    4 JUN 2014 0:00

    Parkinson’s UK has launched a booklet with information for community pharmacists and their teams about how to help someone with Parkinson’s disease take control of their condition by effectively managing their medicines. The booklet is available from the Parkinson’s UK website.

  • Lenalidomide Subscription

    4 JUN 2014 0:00

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has issued draft guidance that does not recommend lenalidomide (Revlimid; Celgene) for treating low- or intermiediate-1-risk myelodysplastic syndromes associated with a deletion 5q cytogenic abnormality when other therapeutic options are insufficient or inaccurate. The guidance is available for comment on the NICE website until 11 June 2014.  

  • RPS Faculty Subscription

    4 JUN 2014 0:00

    The Royal Pharmaceutical Society Faculty team is conducting three webinars to guide people through the Faculty journey and prepare them for the next submission date.

  • Dosing and compliance Subscription

    4 JUN 2014 0:00 By Michael Charvonia

    There appears to be a contradiction in the opening and closing paragraphs of Stuart Hill’s letter. In the first paragraph he criticises concerns over comparative potencies of corticosteroids as being “theoretical” and not evidence based but, in his final sentence, he suggests that once-daily dosing will improve compliance.

  • Opportunities to promote self care Subscription

    We welcome the article by Amisha Patel and Hemant Patel (PJ 2014;292:484), which focuses on self care of long-term conditions, how healthcare professionals should engage with it and the role community pharmacy should have in promoting this.

  • Deborah Evans

    National pharmacy board election results announced

    3 JUN 2014 0:00
    Comments (4)

    Deborah Evans joins the English Pharmacy Board and replaces Steve Hadley

  • Nurse on the telephone

    NHS England assures future of specialist pharmacy services

    2 JUN 2014 16:19

    Specialist pharmacy services are currently supported by the Department of Health, but this will now become the responsibility of NHS England until at least April 2016

  • Matt Barclay

    Rules on pharmacy openings to change in Scotland

    2 JUN 2014 16:06 By Clare Morrison

    New prejudice test would need to be objective, says Matt Barclay

  • Pharmacist at a computer (TylerOlson/

    Software enables pharmacists to access GP records

    2 JUN 2014 0:00

    EMIS Group is launching a platform called “pharmacy access” which taps into GP records

  • Pharmacy students at the University of Central Lancashire got the opportunity to speak with volunteer members of the Comensus initiative about a wide range of social and health care issues

    Involving patients and the public in the delivery of pharmacy education Subscription

    Gordon Becket and colleagues explain how pharmacy students at the University of Central Lancashire benefited from speaking directly to patients about their medical conditions

  • Scratch card

    Medicines optimisation scratch card piloted in West Yorkshire

    30 MAY 2014 0:00
    Comments (1)

    A scratch card designed to help patients seek support from pharmacists in how they use their medicines was launched in 47 pharmacies in West Yorkshire this week (27 May 2014).

  • Revlar Ellipta approved for NHS use in Wales

    29 MAY 2014 15:16

    Inhaled fluticasone furoate and vilanterol (Relvar Ellipta) has been approved for use in NHS Wales by the All-Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG). it is recommended as an option for symptomatic treatment of adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

  • GSK's corporate headquarters in Brentford, London (Mark Thomas/Science Photo Library)

    GSK faces investigation by UK Serious Fraud Office

    29 MAY 2014 0:00

    The Serious Fraud Office has launched a formal criminal investigation into the commercial practices of GlaxoSmithKline, the UK’s largest pharmaceutical company, following cases of alleged bribery in other jurisdictions.

  • Simeprevir

    Simeprevir launched as combination treatment for chronic hepatitis C

    28 MAY 2014 18:23

    European approval granted for new hepatitis C treatment

  • NICE recommends alemtuzumab

    28 MAY 2014 16:29

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has issued final guidance recommending alemtuzumab for the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS).

  • Overweight person (

    NICE urges pharmacists to measure BMI then refer overweight patients

    28 MAY 2014 0:00

    Pharmacists are being asked to measure the body mass index (BMI) of overweight patients and refer them to local weight management programmes

  • NICE rejects ustekinumab

    27 MAY 2014 16:38

    The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has issued final guidance that does not recommend ustekinumab for psoriatic arthritis, alone or in combination with methotrexate

  • Parliament

    Four medicines set to become controlled drugs

    27 MAY 2014 0:00

    Zopiclone and zaleplon will become controlled drugs (CDs) from next month, in addition to tramadol and lisdexamphetamine.

  • Hand washing (Subbotina/

    European project recommends mass flu vaccination

    27 MAY 2014 0:00

    Mass vaccination is the most cost-effective way of dealing with influenza, both seasonal and pandemic, according to the Fluresp project consortium.

  • Scottish Parliament building (Paul Reid |

    CPS publishes briefing paper on pharmacy strategy for Scotland

    27 MAY 2014 0:00

    Community Pharmacy Scotland, which represents contractors supplying pharmaceutical services to the Scottish NHS, has written its own plan for the delivery of the Scottish Government’s latest pharmacy strategy, saying it has not had enough input since the strategy was launched.

  • /files/rps-pjonline/180_Pfizer_Logo_Robwilson39__Dreams_0

    Pfizer accepts defeat in AstraZeneca bid

    27 MAY 2014 0:00

    Pfizer confirmed on Monday that it was no longer interested in buying AstraZeneca.

  • Conventional cigarette (Joyfull/

    US report challenges e-cigarettes ‘smoke screen’

    23 MAY 2014 0:00

    Researchers have called for tougher regulation of the use of e-cigarettes after a review of literature about the devices found many marketing claims are untrue or unsupported.

  • E-cigarette user (Annems/

    E-cigarettes help smokers quit, according to study

    23 MAY 2014 0:00

    Fresh evidence suggests smokers attempting to quit are more likely to succeed if they use e-cigarettes than if they use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or willpower alone.

  • Money (

    Government-industry forum aims to improve access to innovative medicines

    23 MAY 2014 0:00

    A plan to improve patient access to innovative medicines will be discussed at a forum between the government and the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry.

  • Seized medicines from a raid in Bolton

    UK regulator cracks down on illegal medicines suppliers as part of international operation

    23 MAY 2014 0:00

    The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has seized £8.6m of counterfeit and unlicensed medicines and closed almost 2,00O UK-based websites as part of an international crackdown on the illegal trade of medicines.

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