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Issue : The Pharmaceutical Journal, December 2008

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  • Flu levels trigger antiviral prescribing in Scotland Subscription

    29 DEC 2008 15:08

    Influenza levels in Scotland have reached the point at which antiviral drugs can be used.In a statement issued last week (23 December 2008), Health Protection Scotland said the increased level of influenza it has detected means antiviral drugs can now be used in people who are at higher risk of developing complications from flu.

  • PJ letters (20/27 December 2008) Subscription

    19 DEC 2008 23:52

    Letters on the following topics have been published in the 20/27 December 2008 issue of The Pharmaceutical Journal.The letters pages are available as a downloadable PDF (70K).

  • Christmas miscellany 2008 Subscription

    19 DEC 2008 21:43

    Christmas miscellany articles published in the Christmas double issue of The Pharmaceutical Journal (20/27 December 2008)Competition: Can you spot the differences? Pharmacy’s Twelve Days of Christmas Sarah Marshall finds the pharmacy in “The 12 days of Christmas”

  • Be kind to yourselves … Subscription

    19 DEC 2008 19:03

    As 2008 draws to a close and we start to look forward to next year (2009), there cannot be many people without anxieties. Even pharmacists are not immune to the financial squeeze and there are already some casualties (p719).

  • Laying the foundations for the future

    19 DEC 2008 11:00

    Although there were financial problems and setbacks in IT developments, important foundations — including a White Paper and the professional body prospectus from the Transitional Committee — were laid for the future of pharmacy in 2008. Leila Taheri looks back over 2008 

  • Graham Phillips: the profession consistently fails to act on good advice

    Lessons from pharmacy’s history

    19 DEC 2008 10:59

    Whether or not the pharmacy profession has learnt from the past was the subject of a recent debate. Francesca Rivers reports 

  • Culture change needs a road-map to a well defined destination (Grio/

    Vision is not enough — culture change needs strategy, action and investment Subscription

    19 DEC 2008 10:58

    Speaking at the inaugural conference of the Independent Pharmacy Federation in October 2008, Keith Ridge, Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England, called for culture change in pharmacy (PJ, 18 October 2008, p433).

  • Shaping a pharmacy practice syllabus at Kingston University Subscription

    19 DEC 2008 10:57

    Parastou Donyai and Chris Cairns describe how they tackled the challenges of developing a pharmacy practice syllabus at Kingston University since the university began teaching its MPharm course in 2004 

  • Prion proteins, and not bacteria or viruses, are believed to transmit spongiform encephalopathies (Medi-Mation/ Science Photo Library)

    Polymath pharmacist beats prion to a pulp Subscription

    19 DEC 2008 10:37

  • Beer is manufactured from malted barley and hops (iStock Photo)

    Beer: is it good or bad for your health? Subscription

    19 DEC 2008 10:35

    Many claims have been made for the health-giving benefits of beer, but detrimental effects have also been reported. Brian Lockwood, of the University of Manchester School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, examines the evidenceSee other Christmas miscellany articles 

  • John Danwyn Williams (Death notice) Subscription

    18 DEC 2008

    On 6 December 2008, John Danwyn Williams, aged 89, of Spokane, Penygroes, Caernarfon, Gwynedd LL54 6PP.Mr Williams registered in 1947 and retired from the Register in 2004.

  • Christopher Peter Wheeler (Death notice) Subscription

    18 DEC 2008

    On 13 November 2008, Christopher Peter Wheeler, FRPharmS, aged 82, of Seaways, Main Road, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight PO41 0UR.Mr Wheeler registered in 1950.

  • Harmash Kapur (Death notice) Subscription

    18 DEC 2008

    On 29 November 2008, Harmash Kapur, MRPharmS, aged 56, of 279 Lordswood Road, Birmingham B17 8PR.Mr Kapur registered in 1975.

  • Gerald Humphrey Douglas (Death notice) Subscription

    18 DEC 2008

    On 5 December 2008, Gerald Humphrey Douglas, MRPharmS, aged 63, of 1 Wellington Hill West, Bristol BS9 4SP.Mr Douglas registered in 1969 and was managing director of Ideal Chemists Ltd.TributesJIM BARKER writes:

  • New electronic system to identify complex infection problems developed by pharmacist

    18 DEC 2008 14:08

    An electronic system that helps identify patients with complex infection problems for early referral to a consultant microbiologist has been developed by Kieran Hand, consultant pharmacist for anti-infectives at Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust.

  • Pregnant woman

    Statins damage fetal growth, study confirms

    18 DEC 2008 14:03

    Pregnant women or those thinking of starting a family should avoid using statins, according to a letter published in the Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine.

  • Reporting of adverse incidents should be embedded in NHS culture

    18 DEC 2008 14:01

    Methods of reporting adverse incidents and learning from mistakes need to be embedded in NHS systems and culture, according to a report by the independent healthcare watchdog for England and Wales: “State of healthcare 2008” published last week (10 December 2008).

  • NHS Wales advisory group

    18 DEC 2008 13:47

    Members of the group created to guide the reform of the NHS in Wales were announced on 12 December 2008.The Bevan Commission — named after the NHS founder,  Aneurin Bevan — will advise health minister Edwina Hart on emerging health issues, and help to establish a world-class health service that stays true to NHS founding principles.

  • Scottish academic leadership

    18 DEC 2008 13:43

    Pharmacists who want to shape the work of a new academic leadership body in Scotland are being invited to attend events in January 2009; details available from the Events section of PJ Online.

  • Scottish NHS and private care to be kept separate, draft guidance says

    18 DEC 2008 13:39

    NHS patients in Scotland should be able to top up their care privately but only if private and NHS care are kept clearly separate, according to draft guidance published by the Scottish Government on 12 December 2008 .

  • Group to oversee transition

    18 DEC 2008 13:32

    A new working group has been set up to oversee the transition of the Society to the professional body.The group, consisting of Society Council members and staff, will ensure that progress is made within the required time, that there is effective co-ordination of work streams and that risks are managed effectively.

  • Governance of new regulator yet to be agreed

    18 DEC 2008 13:26

    Governance arrangements for the new pharmacy regulator, the General Pharmaceutical Council, are yet to be finalised, although they have now been considered by the Pharmacy Regulation and Leadership Oversight Group (PRLOG).

  • Guidance on smart cards now available

    18 DEC 2008 13:22

    Detailed guidance about how pharmacists can obtain the smart card needed for them to participate in the next phase of the government’s planned electronic prescription service, Release 2, is now available on the website of the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee.

  • APPG: Barriers to vascular service still exist

    18 DEC 2008 13:18

    The All-Party Pharmacy Group (APPG) has written to the Department of Health outlining “significant potential barriers” that it says still need to be addressed before the vascular risk assessments service can be rolled out among UK community pharmacists.

  • Medicine list would reduce errors, says NPC

    18 DEC 2008 13:09

    A minimum dataset of information on patients’ medicines should be available when care is transferred to ensure effective medicines reconciliation, the National Prescribing Centre has said in guidance published 8 December 2008 — “Medicines reconciliation: a guide to implementation”.

  • Lack of funding will prevent pharmacists expanding clinical roles, says Lloyds research

    18 DEC 2008 13:03

    Nearly half of all community pharmacists in England believe lack of government funding will prevent them expanding their clinical role, according to the results of a survey revealed exclusively to The Journal.

  • Disciplinary Committee (16 October 2008) Subscription

    18 DEC 2008

  • Future-proof your pharmacy career! Subscription

    18 DEC 2008 12:26

    Plummeting stock markets, tumbling house prices, bank nationalisation and near meltdown of the international monetary fund did not get to me. The imminent splitting of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society also did not. They were all too gigantic and felt as if they had not, yet, directly hit me.

  • Doctor dispensing change off

    18 DEC 2008 12:18

    There will be no changes to current doctor dispensing arrangements minister of state, Phil Hope, announced this week.The choice was made due to the strength of responses received after proposals for change were made.

  • Product news (20 December 2008)

    18 DEC 2008 12:16

    SPC changesEpanutinThe summaries of product characteristics for Epanutin (phenytoin; Pfizer) have been updated to include a warning that suicidal ideation and behaviour have been reported in patients treated with antiepileptic agents.

  • New pharmacy action plan proposed for Scotland

    17 DEC 2008 16:36

    Pharmacists in Scotland are to have a new pharmacy action plan to replace “The right medicine”, it was announced last week.

  • Merged Co-op group announces store cuts

    17 DEC 2008 16:08

    The Co-operative Pharmacy has announced that it is closing 14 branches in England and Wales and putting another 12 up for sale, blaming cuts in government reimbursement for medicines.Some 119 jobs — 65 of them part-time — are threatened but the company has promised to find alternative employment internally where possible.

  • No pharmacists at top of NPA

    17 DEC 2008 16:05

    There are no longer any pharmacists at director level at the National Pharmacy Association after the job of director of pharmacy practice and chief pharmacists was made redundant. The loss of the role means that Colette McCreedy has been made redundant after 22 years at the NPA.

  • Tests developed to make stage I trials safer

    16 DEC 2008 16:04

    Scientists have developed new preclinical tests that show how the clinical trial disaster at Northwick Park hospital (PJ, 25 March 2006, p342) could have been prevented.

  • A journalist’s memories of Scotland Subscription

    16 DEC 2008 10:42

    Andrew Haynes recalls his experiences as a PJ journalist on assignments to report pharmaceutical conferences in ScotlandSee other Christmas miscellany articles [img_assist|nid=43821|title=Andrew's memories of Scotland|desc=|link=none|align=none|width=350|height=209]

  • Can you spot the differences? Subscription

    16 DEC 2008 10:41

    See other Christmas miscellany articles This competition is now closed. Sarah Mohamad, MRPharmS, from Harrow, Middlesex, is the winner and will receive a book of the photographer John Londei’s work and a £25 Marks & Spencer voucher.

  • Medication round at Butabika Hospital (Hannah Maule-ffinch)

    Improving psychiatric care in Uganda Subscription

    16 DEC 2008 10:40

    In May 2008, Delia Bishara, principal pharmacist at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, was invited to accompany a consultant psychiatrist to Uganda and help him run a series of workshops for staff in a psychiatric hospital. She describes her experienceSee other Christmas miscellany articles 

  • Humanitarian aid in Casamance Subscription

    16 DEC 2008 10:39

    As part of a diploma in pharmacy and humanitarian aid, Emmanuelle Lambert embarked on a mission to improve management and long-term availability of medicines to rural, underprivileged populations in Casamance, Senegal, with another pharmacist and two pharmacy studentsSee other Christmas miscellany articles 

  • Combating counterfeit drugs in Africa Subscription

    16 DEC 2008 10:38

    Each year, Lloydspharmacy funds two pharmacists to visit a drug testing project in Africa. Francesca Rivers talks to project participator Sam GreshamSee other Christmas miscellany articles 

  • Vaseline (Jason King)

    Vaseline: from trade mark to noun Subscription

    16 DEC 2008 10:38

    The Little Oxford Dictionary defines Vaseline as: Vaseline /væsil:in/ noun. Proprietary term. Type of petroleum jelly used as ointment. Peter G. Homan, honorary secretary of the British Society for the History of Pharmacy, tells the story of its success

  • Look east, young man: tales of British pharmacists in India during the Raj Subscription

    16 DEC 2008 10:33

    Today, many pharmacists of Indian origin live and work in Britain. But 150 years ago the movement of pharmacists was in the opposite direction. Stuart Anderson traces the origins of this movement and tells the stories of some of the people who went out to India during the early days of the Raj

  • Bullen’s portrait of prison pharmacy Subscription

    16 DEC 2008 10:32

    Roger Jacob looks into the work of the first pharmacist at HM Prison BrixtonSee other Christmas miscellany articles 

  • Pharmacy potato (Callie Jones)

    2008: international year of the potato Subscription

    16 DEC 2008 10:30

    As the International Year of the Potato draws to a close, Christiane Staiger takes a look at the history of this starchy South American tuber and examines its pharmaceutical career both as a medicinal substance and as an excipientSee other Christmas miscellany articles 

  • Memories of a 1950s apprenticeship Subscription

    16 DEC 2008 10:29

    Phillip Crabtree provides an eye opener for newly registered pharmacists and brings back memories for some more experienced onesSee other Christmas miscellany articles 

  • Billy, goats, Brinkley and an uplifting cure Subscription

    16 DEC 2008 10:28

    In 2008 Viagra, a blockbuster for Pfizer, celebrated its 10th annivesary. Ian MacKillop tells the tale of an earlier treatment for impotenceSee other Christmas miscellany articles  

  • Pharmacy’s Twelve Days of Christmas Subscription

    16 DEC 2008 10:27

    Sarah Marshall finds the pharmacy in “The 12 days of Christmas”.See other Christmas miscellany articles 

  • Woman blowing nose

    Flu levels trigger NICE guidance

    15 DEC 2008 16:44

    Influenza levels are on the rise and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence’s guidance on the use of antiviral drugs for the prophylaxis of flu should now be followed in England and Wales, the Department of Health has stated.

  • PJ letters (13 December 2008) Subscription

    12 DEC 2008 23:01

    Letters on the following topics have been published in the 13 December 2008 issue of The Pharmaceutical Journal.The letters pages are available as a downloadable PDF (60K).

  • Neonatal and Paediatric Pharmacists Group (NPPG) conference 2008 (reports)

    12 DEC 2008 15:16

    Formulating medicines for neonatal and paediatric patients can be challenging and many factors need to be considered. Peter Mulholland reportsThe quest to formulate safe, effective and acceptable medicines for children

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