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Issue : The Pharmaceutical Journal, July 2011

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  • Discontinued products (Sandocal +D600)

    7 JUL 2011 15:38

    Sandocal +D600The six-tablet pack of Sandocal +D600 (calcium carbonate, colecalciferol, calcium lactate gluconate; Novartis Consumer Health) effervescent tablets has been discontinued. Further information on 01403 323046. 

  • Scientist (lightpoet/

    “It’s the appliance of science, Brian!” Subscription

    15 JUL 2011 11:06

    The ongoing debate about non-pharmacist pharmaceutical scientists joining the Royal Pharmaceutical Society has led us to consider the importance and function of science as a component of pharmacists’ professional identity.

  • Angela Timoney

    Angela Timoney takes the helm at the Scottish Medicines Consortium

    1 JUL 2011 10:23

    The responsibility of deciding which medicines may be used within the NHS in Scotland came under the leadership of pharmacist Angela Timoney in May.

  • Antibacterials R&D in urgent need of boost

    12 JUL 2011 13:20

    Urgent action must be taken to stimulate research and development in antimicrobials in order to overcome the growth of antibiotic resistance, according to a new report from the Office of Health Economics.

  • Elderly woman ( Wierink)

    Antidepressants no benefit to dementia patients

    22 JUL 2011 15:00

    Patients with dementia do not benefit from taking sertraline or mirtazapine to treat depression, and are at an increased risk of side effects from the drugs, according to a UK study published online (The Lancet, 18 July 2011).

  • Doctor writing prescription (Feverpitched/

    Antimicrobials section in hospital prescribing chart improves practices

    12 JUL 2011 13:28

    Including an antimicrobials section as part of a hospital’s prescription chart can improve the management of antimicrobial prescribing in line with Department of Health recommendations, research suggests.

  • Apt motif for accuracy in dispensing

    14 JUL 2011 By Bystander

  • Steve frame/

    Are there any hospital job vacancies for pharmacists?

    14 JUL 2011 14:13

    The latest NHS pharmacy staffing and vacancy survey paints a relatively calm picture for hospital pharmacy recruitment and staffing but, as those with an eye to NHS reform will tell you, the sector is far from being a sure-fire bet for future pharmacy employment.

  • Diabetes definition (Ivelinr|

    Audit suggests diabetes care is lacking

    5 JUL 2011 12:28

    Most people with diabetes do not receive all the care they should, a report into diabetes care in England and Wales has revealed.

  • Avogadro, his law and his constant

    7 JUL 2011 By Prospector

    Avogadro’s Law, which Amedeo Avogadro proposed in 1811, states that the relationship between masses of the same volume of different gases (at the same temperature and pressure) corresponds to the relationship between their respective molecular weights. Hence the relative molecular mass of a gas can be calculated from the mass of a sample of known volume.

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