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Issue : The Pharmaceutical Journal, May 2008

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  • Boots objective to be highly influential externally Subscription

    9 MAY 2008 23:00

    I do not know whether Peter Walker has ever pondered upon the fact that not all Boots pharmacists are members of the Boots Pharmacists’ Association (PJ, 26 April 2008, p506). Perhaps I, as an employee pharmacist of Boots UK, can offer some insight.

  • Reclassification is not likely to increase usage Subscription

    9 MAY 2008 23:00

    In response to the letter “Will switching lead to increased resistance?” (PJ, 3 May 2008, p535) the Royal Pharmaceutical Society would like to reinforce the message that pharmacists are highly qualified professionals, experts

  • Lack of debate is disappointing Subscription

    9 MAY 2008 23:00

    John Rees’s perceptive article (PJ, 5 April 2008, p402) clearly explained how the profession is handicapped by the restriction on use of the title “pharmacist”. It moved the discussion on significantly from one

  • Refusal to supply may not benefit patients Subscription

    9 MAY 2008 23:00

    It was with much trepidation that I read the “Substance misuse” guidance, which was recently updated by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. I contribute to a website that helps people with codeine addiction and I believe that this advice does nothing to help these people. Instead, it enforces the

  • The value of MURs must not be undermined by greed Subscription

    9 MAY 2008 23:00

    I read with interest the letter by Kieron Donlon (PJ, 26 April 2008, p505) about the quality of medicines use reviews (MURs). The notion that “profiteers will maximise their revenue from MURs and that will, and probably already has, debased their value” is only too true.

  • Engagement with branches and regions Subscription

    9 MAY 2008 23:00

    I want to bring PJ readers up to date with work that the English Pharmacy Board is doing to scope the future of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society regions. I, along with fellow board members Paul Bennett and Seema Agha, recently hosted an informal dinner for regional secretaries, which provided

  • Rewarding work with deserving patients Subscription

    9 MAY 2008 23:00

    I write in support of the article by Joanna Lumb concerning the provision of support for epileptic patients by community pharmacists (PJ, 26 April 2008, p509).

  • How can euthanasia be debated seriously? Subscription

    9 MAY 2008 23:00

    Euthanasia is a highly emotive subject. How can I explain how passionately I believe the law ought to be changed in this area without using as an illustration the example of my dying mother? It would be nigh on impossible. It is only after having had the experience of watching my mother in her final fortnight die from cancer that I have formed an opinion.

  • Web video will promote pharmacy services Subscription

    9 MAY 2008 23:00

    May I draw members’ attention to a new web video, developed as part of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s ongoing media work to promote pharmacy services? The video is the next stage in the hay fever campaign, and has been designed to target the ever growing online audience.

  • Reached a position of financial stability Subscription

    9 MAY 2008 23:00

    I am writing to update members of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society on the progress of issues raised as important through letters to The Pharmaceutical Journal during last year’s fees consultations.

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