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Personalised medicine

Researcher holding a DNA autoradiogram spl20

An insight into the future of medicine, including how the latest science is being used to better target diseases based on an individual’s genetics, biomarkers or lifestyle.


Everything you need to know about the NHS Genomic Medicine Service

Everything you need to know about the NHS genomic medicine serviceSubscription


A closer look at the progress made so far on NHS England’s new national genomic medicine service.

2018 02 28   Kevin Cash Tattoos JDN 8787 NH

Body bionics: how the next generation of biosensors could revolutionise drug deliverySubscription


Smaller, smarter and more sensitive — how four new technologies could change the way drugs are monitored and administered.

Digitalised illustration of DNA in pill representing personalised medicine

Genomic medicine is going mainstream and pharmacists need to be prepared Subscription


The 100,000 Genome Project is driving the move from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to treatment, towards personalised, or precision, medicine. Genetic information is also being used by pharmaceutical companies to help speed up drug discovery and development, and reduce the associated costs. Pharmacists will have an important role to play when genomic medicine goes mainstream.

Picture from the PReDicT (Predicting Response to Depression Treatment) emotion recognition

Personalised treatment for depression on the horizon: predicting response to antidepressantsSubscription


Only one-third of patients with depression benefit from the first antidepressant they try, but researchers are striving to find biological features that predict how a person will respond to particular drugs so they can tailor treatment from the beginning.


DNA in pill

Pharmacists must embrace pharmacogenetic services before other professions beat them to it Subscription

By Dyfrig Hughes

Multidisciplinary genetic testing services will help patients receive more targeted medicines, and pharmacists are the obvious healthcare professional to lead them.

Pharmacogenomics concept

Targeted medicines: how pharmacists can lead a pharmacogenomics revolutionSubscription

By ,

Though commonplace in other countries, pharmacogenomic testing is yet to become a mainstay of NHS healthcare. Here, David Wright and Dhiren Bhatt argue how this process could improve the chance of therapeutic success and why pharmacists should be at the heart of its implementation.


Murray Aitken, executive director of QuintilesIMS and co-author of a new report on system therapeutics

Q&A: Why pharmacists must prepare for precision medicineSubscription


Murray Aitken, co-author of a new report on system therapeutics, including precision medicines, explains to Julia Robinson the important role pharmacy will play in precision medicine.


RPS Conference 19

What I gained from attending the RPS Science and Research Summit


Tsz To Sham encourages pharmacy students to take every opportunity to attend pharmacy conferences.


Polymerase chain reaction machine

The precision medicine approach to cancer therapy: part 1 — solid tumoursSubscription

By , , , , ,

An overview of the anticancer agents that have been approved for use in the UK as part of a precision medicine approach for solid tumours, along with information relating to the relevant biomarkers and biomarker assays currently available.

Geneticist at the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) researches genetic diseases like cystic fibrosis

Conventional therapies and emergent precision medicines for cystic fibrosis: challenges and opportunitiesSubscription


Around 27 years ago, the discovery of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene – responsible for causing cystic fibrosis (CF) – marked a significant moment in the history of the condition. Despite the early promise of this target for gene therapy, a universally successful treatment has proven elusive in the ensuing years. While clinical trials involving gene therapy continue to make progress, the ‘magic bullet’ remains some way off. Survival continues to ...


Pharmacogenomic testing and its future in community pharmacy

Pharmacogenomic testing and its future in community pharmacy Subscription

By , ,

Although it is common to see pharmacogenomic testing used North America and Australia, it is not yet part of practice in the UK. With the promise of genomic screening becoming part of the NHS, pharmacists must equip themselves with a knowledge of how the process works.


Pharmacogenomics concept

Pharmacogenomics: an overviewSubscription

By , ,

With the NHS working towards the integration of personalised medicine, in particular, aiming for whole-genome sequencing to be standard for specific conditions by 2020, it is important for pharmacists and healthcare professionals to be aware of the principles of pharmacogenomics and its evolving application into clinical practice.

Your RPS

Gino Martini Todd Lecture 2019

Gino Martini delivers 2019 Todd Lecture

Therapy needs to become more proactive and less “casualty-based” as more people live to an advanced age, Gino Martini, chief sceintist at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society has said.

Dame Sally Davies, chief medical officer for England

RPS Science and Research Summit shines light on AMR and falsified medicines

Topics discussed at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Science and Research Summit included possible medicines shortages in the event of a no-deal Brexit, tackling antimicrobial resistance and the challenges of implementing the Falsified Medicines Directive.

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