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chemotherapy patient ss 17

Cancer-associated thrombosisSubscription

Venous thromboembolism is a complication of cancer that pharmacists should understand to ensure that their patients have the best possible outcomes.  

Gonorrhoea infection: diagnosis and treatment

Gonorrhoea infection: diagnosis and treatmentSubscription

Diagnoses of gonorrhoea in England rose by 26% between 2018 and 2019. Pharmacy teams can help prevent transmission and promote good sexual health practices through identifying patients at risk.

Diabetes: mental health considerations in adults

Diabetes: mental health considerations in adults Subscription

Pharmacists can contribute to the psychological and emotional wellbeing of people living with diabetes by helping to identify those who have mental wellbeing needs, optimising treatment and minimising risk factors.

Woman unable to sleep in bed at night

Insomnia disorder: management strategiesSubscription

As sleep disturbances are common, understanding their management and how to best counsel and appropriately treat patients is essential.

Insomnia disorder diagnosis and prevention SS20

Insomnia disorder: diagnosis and preventionSubscription

Insomnia can have a profound impact on a patient; understanding its causes and how it can be prevented can have significant implications on their wellbeing.

Chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy

Implementing chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy in practiceSubscription

How pharmacists can ensure the safe delivery of chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapy by ensuring governance, operational and clinical requirements are met.

Tetanus vaccination

Tetanus: symptoms, treatment and vaccination

Although most people in the UK will be vaccinated against tetanus as a child, immunity does not always persist into adulthood. It is important that pharmacists can recognise the symptoms and know the treatments available for this disease.

ECG heart cardiovascular test

Acute coronary syndrome: risk factors, diagnosis and treatment Subscription

This overview describes the different management options for acute coronary syndrome and how pharmacists can support patients with the condition.

Pack of amisulpride tablets

Schizophrenia: recognition and management Subscription

Common medicines used to manage schizophrenia have many side effects that can cause significant morbidity. Regular monitoring and support can ensure patients improve outcomes.

Light micrograph of blood cells from bone marrow in a case of acute leukaemia

Treatment of acute and chronic lymphoid leukaemiaSubscription

Pharmacists should be able to describe the differences between acute lymphoblastic and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and the available treatment.

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Differential diagnosis: cold, flu or COVID-19?

Differential diagnosis: cold, flu or COVID-19?

An overview of the main differences between the symptoms for colds, flu and COVID-19, to enable pharmacy teams to advise patients effectively on their management, including treatment and/or referral.

CBL Impetigo

Case-based learning: impetigoSubscription

Pharmacists need to identify and manage impetigo effectively to help prevent its spread. 

Person with urticaria on back

Anaphylaxis: symptoms, causes and diagnosisSubscription

Anaphylaxis normally develops suddenly and can be fatal if not correctly identified and managed.

Person using auto-injector to inject adrenaline

Anaphylaxis: management Subscription

Anaphylaxis is potentially life-threatening; therefore, pharmacists must be able to immediately recognise symptoms and know how to treat patients.

Stoma SS20

Pharmaceutical considerations for patients with stomasSubscription

Pharmacists should be aware of the requirements of their patients who may have a temporary or permanent stoma.

Video consultation

Remote consultations: how pharmacy teams can practise them successfullySubscription

As remote consultations become more common, pharmacists must consider best practice and how they can get the most out of these interactions.

Caring for palliative care patients at home

Caring for palliative care patients at home: medicines management principles and considerationsSubscription

Pharmacists need to understand the range of medicine support that they and their teams can provide to palliative care patients and their caregivers.

How to provide advice on alcohol consumption and explain the potential health risks

How to provide advice on alcohol consumption and explain the potential health risksSubscription

Alcohol consumption has increased during the  COVID-19 pandemic. Pharmacists can provide patients with support and information to enable them to make informed choices about their intake.

PJCS dental emergency covid 19 lead art

Managing dental emergencies in response to COVID-19

This learning resource provides a summary of self-care advice and important considerations that pharmacists and their teams can use to counsel patients on interim management for common dental emergencies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Organ donation law and transplantation management in the UK

Organ donation law and transplantation management in the UKSubscription

Pharmacists should be aware that the law around organ donation changed in England in May 2020 and will change in Scotland from March 2021, and should understand the implications this has on practice and for patients.

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