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    The latest learning and CPD content on allergy. Under ‘Other resources’ you will find all our other content related to allergy.

    CPD and Learning

    Person with urticaria on back

    Anaphylaxis: symptoms, causes and diagnosisSubscription

    28 JUL 2020By ,

    Anaphylaxis normally develops suddenly and can be fatal if not correctly identified and managed.

    Person using auto-injector to inject adrenaline

    Anaphylaxis: management Subscription

    28 JUL 2020By , ,

    Anaphylaxis is potentially life-threatening; therefore, pharmacists must be able to immediately recognise symptoms and know how to treat patients.

    Teenager takes allergy test

    Accurately diagnosing antibiotic allergiesSubscription

    17 JUL 2018By , , ,

    Diagnosing true drug allergy can be challenging and it is important that patients are managed appropriately.

    Father giving baby bottled milk

    Cow’s milk protein allergy in children: identification and treatmentSubscription

    15 MAY 2018By , , ,

    How pharmacists and pharmacy professionals can diagnose this complex problem and advise parents and carers on options for management.

    Other resources

    Dangerous label false penicillin allergies fuel antibiotic resistance

    Dangerous labels: incorrect penicillin allergies fuel antibiotic resistanceSubscription

    4 JUN 2020By

    The vast majority of people with a penicillin allergy label are, in fact, not allergic, leading to significant healthcare implications. Experts say it is now time for a national “de-labelling” drive to help conserve vital antibiotics.

    Baby's foot with eczema

    ‘No evidence’ that daily emollient use prevents eczema in high-risk newborns Subscription

    9 MAR 2020

    Applying daily emollient during the first year of life does not seem to prevent eczema in high-risk children and could increase the risk of skin infections, a study published in The Lancet has suggested.

    Hay fever OTC: management

    Hay fever: OTC managementSubscription

    22 AUG 2019By

    More patients may seek advice on hay fever in the future since NHS England has advised GPs not to routinely prescribe products that are available over the counter for this condition.

    Micrograph of the jejunum affected by coeliac disease

    New drug could reduce symptoms of gluten exposure in people with coeliac diseaseSubscription

    19 JUL 2018

    A monoclonal antibody could help reduce symptoms of coeliac disease in people with the condition who are accidentally exposed to gluten, show study findings presented at Digestive Disease Week.

    Fish oil supplement pregnant woman

    Fish oil and probiotic supplements during pregnancy may reduce infant risk of allergic diseaseSubscription

    23 APR 2018

    A systematic review and meta-analysis of maternal diets has shown that probiotic and fish oil supplements reduce infant risk of eczema and egg allergy.


    Combined oral immunotherapy shows lasting effect against peanut allergy four years laterSubscription

    10 OCT 2017

    In a report of the long-term outcomes of probiotics plus peanut oral immunotherapy, more than half of study participants were able to continue eating peanuts up to four years later.

    Molecular structure of ibrutinib

    Leukaemia drug stems allergen response in exploratory studySubscription

    5 JUL 2017

    The tyrosine kinase inhibitor ibrutinib can help to block allergic reactions and prevent anaphylaxis, a study finds.

    Penicillin rash in the arm, allergic reaction of patient to penicillin

    Penicillin allergy often inaccurately recorded by healthcare professionalsSubscription

    30 JUN 2017

    Researchers find that only one-third of medical records accurately reflected patients’ reported allergic reactions to penicillin.

    Jiri Hrdy, one of the researchers who reported their findings at the International Congress of Immunology in Melbourne, Australia

    Probiotics correct immune function in babies at risk of allergySubscription

    31 AUG 2016

    In children who received a probiotic at birth, some functional characteristics of regulatory T cells improved, study finds.

    Close up of a dust mite

    Immunotherapy tablets improve asthma control in patients with dust mite sensitisationSubscription

    12 MAY 2016

    Use of sublingual allergen immunotherapy tablets reduces the risk of moderate or severe asthma exacerbation by around 30% compared with placebo, study finds.

    Researchers say that H1 antihistamines could therefore be explored as a new treatment approach in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), x-ray pictured

    Antihistamine reduces pain in irritable bowel syndromeSubscription

    22 JAN 2016

    Patients given H1 antihistamine ebastine showed significant reduction in pain score in randomised trial.


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