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    The latest learning and CPD content on cancer. Under ‘Other resources’ you will find all our other content related to cancer.

    CPD and Learning

    Colorectal cancer fecal tests

    Colorectal cancer screening and the role of community pharmacySubscription

    23 JAN 2019By , , , , ,

    Access to colorectal cancer screening varies across the UK. This article describes the various tests and how community pharmacists can promote them.

    Pharmacist giving out medication in cancer awareness paper bag

    Identifying patients with suspected cancer: red flags and referral Subscription

    16 OCT 2018By

    This article provides practical advice to support pharmacy professionals in their duty of care to recognise and refer patients with ‘red flag’ cancer symptoms.

    SEM of tumour in lung

    Lung cancer: advances in management and therapySubscription

    7 JUN 2018By ,

    An overview of traditional and emerging immunotherapy-based targets and treatments available for lung cancer, their side effects and the impact immune checkpoint inhibitors have had on the treatment of non–small-cell lung cancer.

    Illustration of T cells attacking cancer cells

    Immune checkpoint inhibitors in cancer: pharmacology and toxicitiesSubscription

    22 MAY 2018By ,

    These treatments are commonly associated with autoimmune-related side effects and toxicities. This article outlines how pharmacists and the pharmacy team can recognise and manage these adverse events.

    Micrograph of melanoma

    Melanoma: risk factors and advice on sunscreen useSubscription

    22 JUN 2017By ,

    Melanoma is the fifth most common cancer in the UK, accounting for 4% of all new cancer diagnoses. Pharmacists and healthcare professionals are ideally placed to offer advice to patients on the use of sunscreens to limit UV exposure, reducing their risk of developing melanoma.

    Other resources

    Melanoma on skin

    Combination immunotherapy for melanoma improves long-term survival ratesSubscription

    21 NOV 2019

    Patients with advanced melanoma treated with a combination of ipilimumab and nivolumab are more likely to be alive five years later than patients treated with ipilimumab alone or nivolumab alone.

    Polymerase chain reaction machine

    The precision medicine approach to cancer therapy: part 1 — solid tumoursSubscription

    8 NOV 2019By , , , , ,

    An overview of the anticancer agents that have been approved for use in the UK as part of a precision medicine approach for solid tumours, along with information relating to the relevant biomarkers and biomarker assays currently available.

    Antibiotic blister packs

    Effect of antibiotics on colorectal cancer risk varies along the gutSubscription

    6 NOV 2019

    Oral antibiotic use is linked to an increased risk of colon cancer, but a reduced risk of rectal cancer, a study in Gut suggests.

    xray lung cancer

    Nivolumab improves survival in non-small cell lung carcinoma, study results suggestSubscription

    28 OCT 2019

    Patients treated with nivolumab for advanced non-small cell lung carcinoma had a better survival rate at five years than those who received chemotherapy, a follow-up trial has shown.

    IV bag

    Chemotherapy more effective than second targeted hormone therapy in resistant prostate cancerSubscription

    4 OCT 2019

    Men with advanced prostate cancer who stop responding to targeted hormone therapy but are then treated with modern chemotherapy have better survival rates than those given a second targeted treatment, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has shown.

    Colon cancer computerised image

    Triple targeted therapy for advanced bowel cancer improves survival Subscription

    23 AUG 2019

    Patients with metastatic colorectal cancer who have a BRAF mutation have improved survival after treatment with three targeted therapies instead of standard chemotherapy, results from a phase III trial have shown.

    Tyrosine kinase inhibitor

    Pharmacokinetic considerations and challenges in oral anticancer drug therapySubscription

    10 JUN 2019By

    A review of the pros and cons of oral anticancer drug therapy, as well as the pharmacokinetic barriers and potential solutions to oral chemotherapy in the home.

    medical cannabis ss 18

    Patterns of medical cannabis use differ between cancer and non-cancer patientsSubscription

    8 MAY 2019

    Patients with cancer who use medical cannabis to treat symptoms, such as pain and neuropathy, tend to favour formulations with a higher ratio of the psychoactive component, tetrahydrocannabinol, compared with non-cancer patients.


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