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    Infectious diseases

    The latest learning and CPD content on infectious diseases. Under ‘Other resources’ you will find all our other content related to infectious diseases.

    CPD and Learning

    Differential diagnosis: cold, flu or COVID-19?

    Differential diagnosis: cold, flu or COVID-19?

    24 SEP 2020By ,

    An overview of the main differences between the symptoms for colds, flu and COVID-19, to enable pharmacy teams to advise patients effectively on their management, including treatment and/or referral.

    Gonorrhoea infection: diagnosis and treatment

    Gonorrhoea infection: diagnosis and treatmentSubscription

    1 SEP 2020By ,

    Diagnoses of gonorrhoea in England rose by 26% between 2018 and 2019. Pharmacy teams can help prevent transmission and promote good sexual health practices through identifying patients at risk.

    Tetanus vaccination

    Tetanus: symptoms, treatment and vaccination

    7 APR 2020By ,

    Although most people in the UK will be vaccinated against tetanus as a child, immunity does not always persist into adulthood. It is important that pharmacists can recognise the symptoms and know the treatments available for this disease.

    Twinrix vaccine for Hepatitis A and B

    Hepatitis A infection: symptoms and managementSubscription

    23 OCT 2019By ,

    Pharmacists must understand how hepatitis A is spread and how it affects patients in order to ensure prompt, effective treatment and to reduce the spread of the infection.

    Case-based learning: Sore throat

    Case-based learning: sore throatSubscription

    17 SEP 2019By

    Most sore throats are caused by viral infections and get better within a week through self-care. However, it is important to recognise when a sore throat is a symptom of a more serious illness.

    Mycoplasma genitalium bacteria

    Antibiotic treatment of Mycoplasma genitalium infectionSubscription

    7 AUG 2019By , ,

    An overview of the 2018 guideline for management of this sexually transmitted infection in men and women.

    Aspergillus fungus conidiophoresSEM

    Aspergillosis: causes, types and treatmentSubscription

    24 JUL 2019By ,

    Aspergillus-related disease is rare, but results in high mortality rates. The limited treatment options and emerging antifungal drug resistance mean that accurate diagnosis and management is paramount.

    Case based learning meningitis

    Case-based learning: meningitisSubscription

    27 JUN 2019By

    Causes, diagnosis and initial management options for adults and children with meningitis.

    Other resources

    Sick man on subway wearing mask

    Everything you should know about the coronavirus outbreak

    23 OCT 2020By , ,

    The latest information about the novel coronavirus identified in Wuhan, China, and advice on how pharmacists can help concerned patients and the public.

    Community pharmacist led influenza vaccination  a service evaluation

    Community pharmacist-led influenza vaccination: a service evaluationSubscription

    6 OCT 2020By

    The results of an evaluation of a seasonal influenza vaccination service in a community pharmacy setting, conducted with 485 patients across 55 pharmacies following the 2019/2020 season, that assessed person-centredness, professionalism and privacy, to make recommendations for improvements for the 2020/2021 season. 


    Honey effective at relieving URTI symptoms, analysis concludesSubscription

    1 OCT 2020

    Honey is superior to usual care for improving symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection symptoms, researchers have concluded.

    The COVID-19 vaccines being backed by the UK and when we might get them

    The COVID-19 vaccines being backed by the UK and when we might get them

    1 OCT 2020By

    The UK government has ordered 340 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines from several manufacturers, with the hope that at least one will prove successful in large clinical trials over the next few months. However, there are no guarantees and some of the strategies are not without their challenges.

    bacteriophage illustration

    Beyond antibiotics: harnessing bacteria’s natural predatorsSubscription

    10 SEP 2020By

    With antibiotic resistance set to cost 10 million lives per year by 2050, there is a renaissance of interest in the potential of bacteriophages to be the next generation of bacteria killers.

    A finger-prick antibody test

    Everything you need to know about COVID-19 antibody tests

    31 JUL 2020By

    Testing for COVID-19 antibodies has been riddled with government miscommunication and a lack of clarity, but here is what we know so far.

    Pharmacist at drive through pharmacy at Northwick Park Hospital Harrow

    No going back: how the pandemic is changing hospital pharmacy

    2 JUL 2020By

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge challenge, but it has revolutionised pharmacy practice in some positive ways. In the first of a three-part series, we ask hospital pharmacists which changes they want to retain.

    Rapid review of treatments for novel coronavirus SARS CoV 2 infection

    Investigational treatments for COVID-19

    23 JUN 2020By , ,

    A review of several of the treatments for COVID-19 currently being trialled.


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