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    Mental health

    The latest learning and CPD content on mental health. Under ‘Other resources’ you will find all our other content related to mental health.

    CPD and Learning

    body dysmorphic disorder

    Recognising and managing body dysmorphic disorderSubscription

    10 SEP 2019By , ,

    A range of symptoms can indicate potential body dysmorphic disorder. Pharmacists should know how to have conversations about this condition and provide advice about the available treatments.

    Young man in a counselling session

    Antisocial personality disorder: diagnosis and managementSubscription

    3 SEP 2019By ,

    Patients with antisocial personality disorder often present with substance misuse problems and comorbid mental health problems. Pharmacists can support them by improving medicine adherence and advice on how they can take their medicines safely.

    Two people sitting face to face, woman gesturing with hands, cropped.

    How to demonstrate empathy and compassion in a pharmacy settingSubscription

    26 APR 2019By ,

    Showing kindness and compassion is central to the delivery of patient-centred care and can help make better use of the short time pharmacists have in consultations.

    illustration-profile of a skull

    Suicide: how to recognise the warning signs and deal with disclosureSubscription

    12 MAR 2019By

    The risk factors for suicide, and the psychological frameworks and practical tools to use when dealing with disclosure of suicidal ideation.

    Back of young school girl's head in class

    Depression in children and young people: identification and managementSubscription

    12 APR 2018By ,

    As one of the most common paediatric psychiatric disorders, pharmacists and healthcare professionals need to be aware of the symptoms of depression and be able to assess children and young people who may be at risk.

    Action of serotonin reuptake inhibitors

    Depression in adults: recognition and managementSubscription

    5 APR 2017By ,

    Pharmacists and healthcare professionals should be able to recognise the symptoms of depression in people who use their services and direct them towards accessing treatment.

    Boy with Down's Syndrome listens to a healthcare worker

    Reducing antipsychotic prescribing in people with learning disabilities Subscription

    11 OCT 2016By ,

    Pharmacists and healthcare professionals are ideally placed to review and reduce inappropriate prescribing of psychotropic medicines in people with learning disabilities safely and effectively.

    Bipolar brain, 3D view of an MRI scan

    Bipolar disorder: pharmacotherapy options with a focus on women of childbearing ageSubscription

    14 APR 2016By

    Bipolar disorder and its implications for women of childbearing age, with a focus on the use of valproate and how this compares to other available pharmacologic treatments.

    Other resources

    cannabis marijuana medical bedrocan

    Poor evidence available on cannabinoids in mental health conditionsSubscription

    4 DEC 2019

    There is a lack of high-quality evidence supporting the use of cannabinoids in the treatment of mental disorders, the authors of a meta-analysis published in the Lancet Psychiatry have concluded.

    Cognitive cannabis

    Cognitive cannabis: the emerging evidence for treating mental health problemsSubscription

    31 OCT 2019By

    One year since UK law changed to enable medical cannabis to be prescribed, researchers are exploring the drug’s potential for treating post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

    Sertraline blister pack

    Sertraline may reduce anxiety more quickly than depressive symptomsSubscription

    24 OCT 2019

    Sertraline is unlikely to reduce depressive symptoms within six weeks, according to findings from a randomised controlled trial in The Lancet Psychiatry.

    Fluoxetine bottle

    NICE guidance linked with rising antidepressant use in childrenSubscription

    3 SEP 2019

    National Institute for Health and Care Excellence guidelines from 2005 may have inadvertently led to increased antidepressant prescribing in children aged under 18 years.

    Pill blister packs

    Antidepressants in the treatment of major depression: a changing landscape for clinical decision makingSubscription

    2 APR 2019By

    With publication of the update to the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence depression guideline postponed until late 2019, this article aims to examine the findings of the Cipriani et al. meta-analysis in the wider context of the management of depression in the UK.

    A person researching suicide on the website

    What could UK pharmacy teams learn about suicide prevention from North America?Subscription

    5 MAR 2019By

    From the perspective of their clinical and holistic role, and restriction of access to means, there are opportunities to involve pharmacy teams in suicide prevention. This article examines the published evidence-base and the success of ongoing programmes and initiatives in the United States and Canada to produce a set of recommendations for the benefit of UK practice on the opportunities community pharmacy teams have to raise awareness and help prevent suicide and self-harm.

    Hospital corridor

    Statins and metformin could be used to treat serious mental illnessSubscription

    30 JAN 2019

    Existing medicines for physical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension could be used to treat serious mental illness, concluded the authors of a recent study in JAMA Psychiatry.

    Illustration of a head with psychedelic colours

    'Like a hug from everyone who loves you' — how MDMA could help patients with traumaSubscription

    15 OCT 2018By

    When combined with intensive psychotherapy sessions, MDMA — commonly known as ecstasy — has elicited impressive results in phase II trials and a global phase III study is just beginning.


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