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    Women's health

    The latest learning and CPD content on women's health. Under ‘Other resources’ you will find all our other content related to women's health.

    CPD and Learning

    Folder with a photo of a woman with PCOS

    Case-based learning: management of polycystic ovary syndromeSubscription

    24 MAR 2020By

    As the most common incurable hormonal condition affecting women of reproductive age, polycystic ovary syndrome can lead to infertility, anxiety and cardiovascular disease if it is not managed appropriately.


    Endometriosis: symptoms, diagnosis and managementSubscription

    27 AUG 2019By

    Early diagnosis and multi-modal treatment is necessary to improve quality of life in adolescents and women with endometriosis.

    Female reproductive organs illustration

    Heavy menstrual bleeding: diagnosis and management optionsSubscription

    12 JUN 2018By

    Heavy menstrual bleeding has a major impact on a woman’s quality of life. This article covers the most recent guidance and available treatment options.

    Senior woman speaks to a pharmacist about menopause

    Treatment options for menopausal symptomsSubscription

    16 JAN 2018By , ,

    Pharmacists and healthcare professionals can provide a patient-centred approach to advising women about the menopause, and provide robust information about the risks and benefits of menopause hormone treatment that will allow patients to make an informed choice about how to relieve their symptoms.

    Case based learning postnatal depression

    Case-based learning: postnatal depressionSubscription

    17 JAN 2020By

    Appropriate early recognition and timely treatment of postnatal depression is essential if patients are to make a full recovery.

    Postnatal depression: recognition and diagnosis

    Postnatal depression: recognition and diagnosisSubscription

    7 JAN 2020By

    Pharmacists are likely to encounter patients affected by postnatal depression; therefore, the ability to identify signs of this under-recognised disorder is essential for appropriate and prompt referral for help and support.

    Other resources

    Access to contraception in primary care leaves much to be desired — community pharmacy should prescribe, as well as supply, pills and patches

    Access to contraception in primary care leaves much to be desired — community pharmacy should prescribe, as well as supply, pills and patchesSubscription

    22 JUL 2020By David Taylor

    Pharmacists can do more than just dispensing contraceptives; by prescribing and monitoring them in the pharmacy, they can free GPs to provide women with a wider range of contraceptive choices.

    Refusing to supply emergency contraception undermines our profession — no pharmacist should do it

    Refusing to supply emergency hormonal contraception undermines our profession — no pharmacist should do itSubscription

    4 MAR 2020By

    Allowing personal beliefs to prevent patients accessing emergency hormonal contraception goes against the patient-centred care standards that pharmacists should uphold.

    ACL tear CT scan SPL19

    Oral contraceptives protective against ligament injury in young womenSubscription

    23 MAY 2019

    Oral contraceptive pills may be protective against anterior cruciate ligament tears in women, particularly in 15–19 year olds, a study has shown.

    contraceptive pill packets

    Newer hormonal contraceptives still associated with reduced risk of ovarian cancerSubscription

    14 NOV 2018

    Researchers in Denmark found that newer combined hormonal contraceptives were still associated with a reduction in ovarian cancer risk in women of reproductive age.

    A doctor checking a mamogram for breast cancer

    Palbociclib slows tumour growth in early breast cancerSubscription

    25 JAN 2019

    Adding the CDK4/6 inhibitor palbociclib to hormone therapy can slow or stop tumour growth in women with early breast cancer, a study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology has shown.

    DNA strand illustration

    How genetic testing can help women with breast cancer avoid chemotherapySubscription

    5 JUL 2018By

    By using Oncotype DX test technology, researchers behind the TAILORx trial have proven that invasive and often harmful chemotherapy needn’t be the only option for women with breast cancer. 

    Lisinopril ACE inhibitor, molecular structure

    ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers reduce risk of cardiotoxicity for some Herceptin patientsSubscription

    4 MAY 2018

    Researchers conclude that prophylactic use of lisinopril or carvedilol should be considered in patients who could benefit from anthracycline treatment prior to trastuzumab (Herceptin).

    Woman having a blood test

    Blood test after taking palbociclib could predict response in advanced breast cancerSubscription

    17 APR 2018

    Research has shown that testing for PIK3CA levels after taking palbociclib could help predict a progression-free survival, making it the first known biomarker for this therapy.

    pregnant lady

    Exposure to alcohol during pregnancy may impair child’s cognitive outcomesSubscription

    17 MAR 2020

    Children born to mothers who drink alcohol during their pregnancy are more likely to have impaired cognitive abilities, such as reduced academic performance, later in life, according to the findings of a systematic review in the International Journal of Epidemiology.

    Pregnant lady holding abdomen

    Asthma exacerbations during pregnancy linked to birth complicationsSubscription

    2 JAN 2020

    Women with asthma who experience exacerbations during pregnancy are more likely to have birth complications than women with well-controlled asthma, a study published in the European Respiratory Journal has suggested.

    Woman with gestational diabetes testing her blood glucose

    Use of antidepressants linked to heightened risk of gestational diabetes Subscription

    17 DEC 2019

    Women who take antidepressants during pregnancy are more likely to develop gestational diabetes than women who do not, research published in BMJ Open suggests.

    Pregnant woman receiving vaccination

    Flu vaccination in pregnancy found to be effective in immunising babiesSubscription

    28 NOV 2019

    Having a flu vaccination during pregnancy helps to prevent infection and admission to hospital in babies, a study funded by Public Health England has found.

    The real impact of the UK’s hormone replacement therapy shortages

    The true impact of the UK’s hormone replacement therapy shortagesSubscription

    6 MAR 2020By

    More than 18 months of hormone replacement therapy product shortages have had a drastic impact on the lives of people who rely on them, but nobody seems to know why they are happening.

    hrt infographic

    Is hormone replacement therapy worth the risks?Subscription

    10 OCT 2019By ,

    The risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) have long been the source of confusion and controversy. Here we summarise the latest evidence to assist pharmacists in supporting patients thinking about HRT.

    Older woman putting on her HRT patch

    HRT linked to increased Alzheimer’s disease risk in womenSubscription

    1 APR 2019

    Hormone replacement therapy is associated with a small but significantly increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, research published in The BMJ has found

    Wilting flower, menopause concept

    Novel menopause treatment rapidly reduces hot flashesSubscription

    3 APR 2018

    Research has shown that neurokinin 3 receptor antagonism has a rapid effect on vasomotor symptoms of menopause


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