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Beyond pharmacy blog

All posts from: December 2008

Christmas trees trigger asthma

Posted by: Glow-worm PJThu, 18 Dec 2008

A major decision in many households before Christmas is whether to buy a real or an artificial tree. However, research has shown that either may pose an increased risk to asthmatics and other allergy sufferers.

Poinsettia, the flower of the Holy Night

Posted by: Glow-worm PJThu, 18 Dec 2008

[img_assist|nid=43852|title=Poinsettia (Callie Jones)|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=170|height=120]Poinsettias are a familiar sight at this time of year. They are bought as decorative Christmas gifts for their showy red and green foliage but are usually consigned to compost or dustbin as they fade into the new year.

Carrots for Rudolph or mince pies?

Posted by: Glow-worm PJWed, 17 Dec 2008

Children who leave out mince pies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer may be surprised to learn that the reindeer may prefer the mince pies to the carrots, according to the findings of researchers from the University of Queensland.

Leisure activity

Posted by: Merlin PJThu, 11 Dec 2008

Our local newspaper recently carried a  job advertisement for a cemetery administrator. The post was based in the borough’s leisure services department.

Distribution problem

Posted by: Merlin PJThu, 11 Dec 2008

“The white man knows how to make everything, but he does not know how to distribute it”. This saying is attributed to Sitting Bull, chief of the Sioux Nation who defeated General Custer at the Battle of Little Big Horn in 1876.Were there problems with wholesalers even in those days?

Not so still waters: becks, dumbles and leats

Posted by: Merlin PJThu, 11 Dec 2008

Merlin has always been fascinated by flowing water. There is something magical and poetic about a narrow stream winding between wooded banks on a summer’s afternoon. minor water courses have a variety of names, often local.

An everyday story of pharmaceutical folk?

Posted by: Merlin PJThu, 11 Dec 2008

Why does pharmacy always seem to get a poor press and little mention in the media except when Which? has a go at us? As Footler has pointed out (PJ, 29 November, p646), pharmacists rarely appear in television programmes, although he does mention a few rather ancient films with a pharmacy theme.

Properties of a plant pest

Posted by: Merlin PJThu, 11 Dec 2008

The current bane of the British countryside is Japanese knotweed. It is such a problem that numerous companies offer eradication services and the Environment Agency has a substantial section of its website devoted to managing the weed.

Martindale: the extra-long title

Posted by: Didapper PJWed, 3 Dec 2008

Back in May (2008) the Pharmaceutical Press published a reproduction of the first edition of Martindale to celebrate the 125-year history of this authoritative reference work.

Why ripe bananas get the blues

Posted by: Didapper PJWed, 3 Dec 2008

If you have ever taken a ripe banana to a rave — and let’s face it, who hasn’t? — you will have discovered that it glows an intense bright blue under the ultraviolet (“black”) light beloved of party organisers.

Pharmacy’s pioneering weatherman

Posted by: Didapper PJWed, 3 Dec 2008

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