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Beyond pharmacy blog

All posts from: January 2010

Palladium’s uses in health care

Posted by: Glow-worm PJThu, 28 Jan 2010

A new look at an ancient disease

Posted by: Glow-worm PJThu, 28 Jan 2010

The past week (23-29 January 2010) has been World Leprosy Week, drawing attention to one of the oldest scourges of mankind, which has been recognised for more than 4,000 years in various ancient civilisations.

Anton Chekhov’s “wife” and “mistress”

Posted by: Glow-worm PJThu, 28 Jan 2010

Friday 29 January (2010) was the 150th anniversary of the birth of the playwright Anton Pavlovich Chekhov, in Taganrog, in present day Ukraine.

Cross my palm with silver once again

Posted by: Merlin PJWed, 20 Jan 2010

Many otherwise rational people read the horoscopes in newspapers and magazines and a surprising number seem to set great store by them. However, with a UK population of some 60 million, and even allowing for the small seasonal variation in birth rate, it would seem that between 4.5 and 5.5 million people in this country should all share the same birth sign.

Through a glass darkly with Claud Lorrain

Posted by: Merlin PJWed, 20 Jan 2010

One of the 17th-century’s leading landscape painters was the French artist Claude Lorrain (1600–82). His real surname was Gelleé but he took the name Lorrain because he had been born in Lorraine. Much of his work was done in Rome.

The rapture of the deep

Posted by: Merlin PJWed, 20 Jan 2010

Britain’s moorland marsupials

Posted by: Didapper PJWed, 13 Jan 2010

I wrote a while ago (PJ, 21 June 2008, p761) about the deliberate extermination from Britain of a feral pest, the South American coypu. And now I write about a more endearing mammal that has also become extinct in the wild — the red-necked wallaby, Macropus rufogriseus.

Some famous snowmen in history

Posted by: Didapper PJWed, 13 Jan 2010

While snowbound last week I reread ‘The history of the snowman’ by Bob Eckstein. The book records that an unusual cold spell hit Florence early 1494 and on 20 January the citizens awoke to find that snow had fallen heavily in the night.

Winnie-the-Pooh and the healthy hunny

Posted by: Didapper PJWed, 13 Jan 2010

In childhood my favourite books included A. A. Milne’s stories about Winnie-the-Pooh, with their charming illustrations by Ernest Shepard. Their appeal has survived, despite the efforts of the Walt Disney Corporation.

Problem of hereditary disease in isolated island populations

Posted by: Footler PJThu, 7 Jan 2010

Remote islands hold a special fascination for some of us. We might imagine pirates and buried treasure or simply dream of a peaceful holiday. Some of us travel to observe the unique wildlife of such places while others study their human populations. On two of the most isolated islands on earth researchers have demonstrated the effects of heredity on the prevalence of medical conditions.

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