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Beyond pharmacy blog

All posts from: April 2010

May Day ’obby ’osses

Posted by: Prospector PJWed, 28 Apr 2010

From Planet X to “minor planet 134340 Pluto”

Posted by: Prospector PJWed, 28 Apr 2010

On this day 80 years ago (1 May 1930), Pluto was announced as the official name for the body identified as the the ninth planet in our solar system. The name was proposed by Venetia Burney, an 11-year-old schoolgirl from Oxford, who was rewarded with five pounds for her contribution.

Beware the nocebo effect

Posted by: Prospector PJWed, 28 Apr 2010

Every pharmacist is familiar with the placebo effect, in which patients have positive experiences after taking a dummy pill. But not everyone will be familiar with the opposite phenomenon, the nocebo effect, in which patients experience adverse effects after taking a bogus medicinal product.

A physicist who defied the Nazis

Posted by: Glow-worm PJWed, 21 Apr 2010

The German physicist Max von Laue was born plain Max Laue on 9 October 1879 in Pfaffendorf, Germany. The “von” was added to the family name in 1913 when his father, Julius, was raised to hereditary nobility for his work as an official in German military administration.

Aspects of mixed-handedness

Posted by: Glow-worm PJWed, 21 Apr 2010

The hazelnut as an antitumour agent

Posted by: Glow-worm PJWed, 21 Apr 2010

After the recent harsh winter a welcome sight, if somewhat later than usual, was an abundance of yellow catkins dangling from the bare branches of hazel trees in gardens and hedgerows.

Preserved Baltic Sea shipwrecks

Posted by: Hourglass PJWed, 14 Apr 2010

My father, who had an enormous interest in shipwrecks, told me that those in the Baltic Sea are distinguished from those in many other places by their lack of deterioration. But I never knew why.

The railway clocks of Switzerland

Posted by: Hourglass PJWed, 14 Apr 2010

Blue agave — a multifunctional food?

Posted by: Hourglass PJWed, 14 Apr 2010

Three centuries of copyright law

Posted by: Didapper PJSat, 10 Apr 2010

Three hundred years ago, on 10 April1710, the world’s first fully fledged copyright law entered intoforce — in Britain, of course. Its full title was “An Act for theEncouragement of Learning, by vesting the Copies of Printed Books inthe Authors or purchasers of such Copies, during the Times thereinmentioned”. But it is generally known simply as either the

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