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Beyond pharmacy blog

All posts from: March 2011

In celebration of a vegan saint

Posted by: Hourglass PJWed, 30 Mar 2011

2 April (2011) marks the anniversary of the death in 1507 of St Francis of Paola who, among other things, was known for following a vegan diet, free from all animal-derived foods, including eggs and dairy foods as well as meat and fish.

Museum of food of the Soviet era

Posted by: Hourglass PJWed, 30 Mar 2011

On a recent visit to Russia, I was aware of a strong nostalgia for the Soviet past, with food playing a strong part in this. One example of Russian food nostalgia is the museum of public catering in Moscow, which is devoted solely to preserving the culinary heritage of the Soviet Union and is well worth a visit.

Who discovered how to prevent scurvy?

Posted by: Hourglass PJWed, 30 Mar 2011

James Lind, a Scottish doctor, is usually given the credit for discovering in 1747 that scurvy, the disease that plagued many early European seafarers, could be prevented through the consumption of citrus fruits, even though he had no idea what the protective substance was.

New dimension on 3D films

Posted by: Didapper PJWed, 23 Mar 2011

Hollywood’s current mania for three-dimensional films has given rise to a “new” medical condition dubbed “3D fatigue”. Spending time in a cinema seat viewing feature-length films such as ‘Avatar’ through 3D glasses can lead to headache, dizziness, nausea, blurred vision, eye pain, dysfunction of the ocular muscles, dimness of vision and other symptoms.

Robert Bunsen’s claims to fame

Posted by: Didapper PJWed, 23 Mar 2011

Thursday 31 March 2011 is the bicentenary of the birth of Robert Wilhelm Bunsen, the German chemist who gave his name to the Bunsen burner, used in laboratories around the world.

US pharmacist with a lot to answer for

Posted by: Didapper PJWed, 23 Mar 2011

The common starling, Sturnus vulgaris, is found naturally across Europe and western Asia. It is abundant in the UK, sometimes seen at dusk wheeling across the ashen winter skies in dense flocks before settling down to roost.

Propaganda backed by brutality

Posted by: Footler PJThu, 17 Mar 2011

The expression “winning hearts and minds” is often used when seeking support for changes that are claimed to be beneficial even though there may be doubts about the motives behind them.

Stem cells to tackle hearing loss?

Posted by: Footler PJThu, 17 Mar 2011

How a fungus may help control malaria

Posted by: Footler PJThu, 17 Mar 2011

Sad image of pharmacy’s US role

Posted by: Bystander PJFri, 11 Mar 2011

A UK pharmacist who fails to intervene when presented with a potentially dangerous prescription is assumed in law to share the blame for any harm that comes to the patient. I was therefore shocked to learn that in the US, in a case arising from the death of a patient, the Arkansas supreme court has ruled that pharmacists have no duty to warn patients about possible drug interactions.

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