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Pharmacy practice and profession blog

Our pharmacy team is leading our PCN’s COVID-19 vaccination service — and it feels electric

Posted by: Isobel BancroftFri, 15 Jan 2021

Spirits are running high at Chesterfield and Dronfield Primary Care Network, which has given 4,500 COVID-19 vaccinations since Christmas, says lead pharmacist Isobel Bancroft.

How working at NHS Test and Trace landed me a role heading my university’s COVID-19 case management team

Posted by: Gurinder SinghThu, 7 Jan 2021

Pharmacist and lecturer Gurinder Singh’s pharmacy skills proved invaluable during his work as a clinical contact caseworker at NHS Test and Trace — then he was headhunted to lead the University of Reading’s COVID-19 case management team.

What I learned volunteering my pharmacy skills at a health clinic for refugees and asylum seekers

Posted by: Laura BurleyTue, 29 Dec 2020

Pharmacist Laura Burley’s skills proved invaluable at a refugee camp in Samos, Greece, where she was involved in everything from counselling patients on scabies medication, to streamlining the camp clinic’s systems.

How our multidisciplinary approach helped us reduce our practice’s high-dose prescribing by almost half

Posted by: Rory DonnellyThu, 17 Dec 2020

Senior GP pharmacist Rory Donnelly explains how his practice helped reduce high-dose opioid prescribing by an average of 40%.

The Women to Watch 2020 independent advisory panel

Posted by: Angela KamMon, 7 Dec 2020

Well respected leaders within the pharmacy profession volunteered their time and expertise to assess nominations for The Pharmaceutical Journal’s Women to Watch 2020 initiative.

How our pharmacy-led medicines information service supported clinicians on the COVID-19 frontline

Posted by: Cristina CoelhoThu, 26 Nov 2020

Cristina Coelho, lead pharmacist in medicines information at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, on how her team of pharmacy professionals were indispensable in providing the latest and most accurate new COVID-19 information to clinicians on the ground.

I was incensed by society's misconception of pharmacy, so I wrote a book on it

Posted by: Janelle Sze Lok SoongWed, 11 Nov 2020

Preregistration pharmacist and book lover Janelle Soong was shocked by the perception that pharmacists ‘just stick labels on boxes’, so she collected her favourite real-life tales to show what pharmacy is really about.

When I hit a wall in my pharmacy career, clinical research was a lifeline

Posted by: Adam SutherlandWed, 21 Oct 2020

When hospital pharmacist Adam Sutherland felt his career had reached a dead end, research offered him exciting new opportunities.

We designed a new way of tapering antidepressants, but why won't the health authorities recognise its value?

Posted by: Peter GrootMon, 12 Oct 2020

When Peter Groot, a researcher in mental health experience, suffered uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms from his antidepressants, he set about developing tapering strips — clever tools to help patients gradually reduce their dose. But, despite their effectiveness, they are yet to take the medical community by storm.

How our trust's pharmacists are leading, not just validating, pharmacogenomics testing

Posted by: Catherine ChaytorWed, 2 Sep 2020

Senior cancer pharmacists like Catherine Chaytor at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are at the forefront of new technology using patients’ genomes to identify their risk of chemotherapy side effects.

Our patients with addiction often feel little more than ‘animals’ in the pharmacy — we must change

Posted by: Ismael AliWed, 29 Jul 2020

When preregistration pharmacist Ismael Ali made strong connections with patients with addiction in his pharmacy, he was shocked to learn how this patient group is often treated.

How a 'network community pharmacist' is a win-win for our PCN — and could benefit yours too

Posted by: Mitesh ShahMon, 27 Jul 2020

A London primary care network has created a new role for pharmacists who want to work in both primary care networks and community pharmacy. Mitesh Shah, a pharmacist at South Central Ealing Primary Care Network, explains how a ‘network community pharmacist’ could truly integrate the two settings for the first time.

I'm an academic pharmacist who retrained to give remote consultations during the pandemic

Posted by: Zoe EdwardsWed, 24 Jun 2020

Pharmacy researcher Zoe Edwards could safely do her university work from home, but she knew there was another way she could help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How fearful medication requests have wreaked havoc on my general practice during the COVID-19 pandemic

Posted by: Danny BartlettWed, 17 Jun 2020

Medication-related coronavirus media reports and worried patients have put pressure on general practices and local pharmacies, but we must continue to do right by our patients with chronic conditions, or risk ‘playing catch-up’ later on, says clinical pharmacist Danny Bartlett.

They don’t teach you how to cope with wearing your PPE when you burst into tears on the COVID-19 ICU

Posted by: Sarah SeddonWed, 10 Jun 2020

The pandemic has brought with it a new and overwhelming way of working in intensive care, and it is taking a heavy emotional toll on hospital staff, says clinical pharmacist Sarah Seddon.

How I faced COVID-19 as a critical care pharmacist in one of the UK's worst hit regions

Posted by: Greg BartonFri, 22 May 2020

Specialist critical care pharmacist Greg Barton recounts how his unit adapted to new practices and unknowns as cases of coronavirus surged in north west England.

How I prepared healthcare professionals for battle at London’s COVID-19 Nightingale hospital

Posted by: Yinka KuyeThu, 14 May 2020

London’s pop-up COVID-19 hospital constantly adapted and set the standards for other emergency field hospitals, says pharmacy educator Yinka Kuye.

COVID-19: I was punched by an angry patient in my frontline pharmacy on Good Friday

Posted by: Krunal VyasThu, 23 Apr 2020

Pharmacist manager Krunal Vyas was left shocked, shaken and questioning his place in the profession after he was abused by an angry patient during the Easter weekend.

COVID-19 has put my MPharm on hold, so I'm doing my bit for pharmacy on the frontline

Posted by: Jay PatelWed, 1 Apr 2020

All young, fit and healthy pharmacy students should do anything they can to help their NHS during the coronavirus pandemic, says pharmacy student Jay Patel.

COVID-19: I had to close and disinfect my consultation room after an at-risk patient presented at my pharmacy

Posted by: Lindsey FairbrotherFri, 13 Mar 2020

Pharmacy owner Lindsey Fairbrother describes how her team coped when a patient who had recently returned from at-risk northern Italy visited her pharmacy.

Underfunding has hit my community pharmacy hard, but we’re determined to provide new high-value services

Posted by: Eoghan O’BrienMon, 9 Mar 2020

Community pharmacist Eoghan O’Brien explains the impact of underfunding on the sector in Northern Ireland, and what he’s doing to continue providing a valued service to patients.

An outsider's perspective: it is time for pharmacy to shed its old skin

Posted by: Laura SimsThu, 27 Feb 2020

As a doctor turned pharmacy lecturer, I’ve learned how much pharmacy contributes to healthcare, but the profession must evolve, says former doctor Laura Sims.

Why storytelling is essential to my work as a mental health pharmacist

Posted by: Nana TomovaWed, 5 Feb 2020

Stories bring us closer together, help us build trust and deliver wisdom, hope and healing — never underestimate their power, says mental health pharmacist Nana Tomova.

How my part-time medicines safety PhD changed prescribing practice for older people

Posted by: Su WoodFri, 31 Jan 2020

Pharmacist Su Wood’s work on estimating reduced kidney function led to a major change in national recommendations for prescribing in older people.

Pharmacists are anything but 'pretend doctors'

Posted by: Fatema MamdaniFri, 24 Jan 2020

Pharmacists do much more than just dispense medicines, says hospital pharmacist Fatema Mamdani.

Working as a pharmacist on the groundbreaking new CAR-T therapy

Posted by: Jackie ChappellThu, 9 Jan 2020

Clinical pharmacist Jackie Chappell shares her experiences of working with CAR-T therapy, a new cell-engineering treatment for cancer.

How I convinced GPs to let pharmacists lead a successful triage service

Posted by: Amira ShaikhTue, 24 Dec 2019

Amira Shaikh, a GP pharmacist in London, explains how a strong awareness of her clinical abilities and limitations helped her launch a successful pharmacist-led patient triaging service.

Why having a mentor is so important to pharmacists working in general practice

Posted by: Niketa DassWed, 27 Nov 2019

New general practice pharmacists can feel isolated, but mentorship can boost their resilience and the care they give patients, says clinical pharmacist Niketa Dass.

How our pharmacy became the first in North Wales to write prescriptions for minor illnesses

Posted by: Steffan JohnWed, 20 Nov 2019

Superintendent pharmacist Steffan John shares his experience of treading new ground in the launch of North Wales’ first acute minor illness service, led by independent prescribing pharmacists.

How we introduced population health management to our hospital trust

Posted by: James ColeWed, 13 Nov 2019

University College London Hospitals Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is using its patients’ data to identify groups with similar characteristics and design new models of proactive care specifically for them.

How a portfolio career like mine could give the pharmacy workforce a boost

Posted by: Ailsa SharrockWed, 30 Oct 2019

Working across different settings not only gives job satisfaction, but also benefits patient care, says portfolio pharmacist Ailsa Sharrock.

I'm proud of pharmacists taking the lead on World Patient Safety Day

Posted by: Barry JubrajWed, 16 Oct 2019

Barry Jubraj from the Specialist Pharmacy Service was taken aback by the range of projects pharmacy teams across the country are working on to improve patient safety.

Improving medicines safety as a volunteer pharmacist in Cambodia

Posted by: Alda HummelinckWed, 9 Oct 2019

In 2018, pharmacist Alda Hummelinck volunteered in Cambodia to help identify opportunities to improve medicines and patient safety.

Reflective account example: a community pharmacist reflects on his communication skills

Posted by: Kristoffer StewartFri, 4 Oct 2019

Do you feel confident in completing your reflective account? This example helps you understand what you need to include in your GPhC submission

Peer discussion example: a locum's view on medicine safety and near misses

Posted by: Kristoffer StewartFri, 4 Oct 2019

Have you completed your peer discussion? This example peer discussion will help you know what you need to record when completing your revalidation entry.

Unplanned learning example: improving understanding of patient experience in acne

Posted by: Kristoffer StewartThu, 3 Oct 2019

An example CPD entry from the perspective of a community pharmacist who has recently completed unplanned CPD on acne.

Planned learning example: learning about endometriosis

Posted by: Kristoffer StewartWed, 2 Oct 2019

An example CPD entry from the perspective of a community pharmacist who has recently completed planned CPD on endometriosis.

Updating CPD modules to help improve learning

Posted by: Natasha LeesonMon, 30 Sep 2019

From September 2019, our CPD modules will be changing from ‘true or false’ questions to ‘single best answer’ questions.

How UK pharmacy schools can learn from New Zealand to grow culturally competent pharmacists

Posted by: Nga Kaitiaki o Te Puna Rongoa The Maori Pharmacists’AssociatThu, 26 Sep 2019

Work to improve the inclusivity of healthcare for Māori people shows the importance of cultural competence in addressing differences in health outcomes, say pharmacists from New Zealand. 

What a primary care network pharmacist really does

Posted by: Danny BartlettWed, 11 Sep 2019

Former community pharmacist Danny Bartlett has worked in his new local primary care network for a matter of months, but he is already making an impact on his patients.

Dispensing a heart, not just a medicine

Posted by: Ade WilliamsFri, 30 Aug 2019

Writing competition 2019

The patient who taught me that even superheroes have flaws

Posted by: Rory WemyssFri, 30 Aug 2019

Writing competition 2019

The person your older patient used to be

Posted by: John WoodFri, 30 Aug 2019

Writing competition 2019

Bravery on your patient's behalf

Posted by: Sophie OduyaleFri, 30 Aug 2019

Writing competition 2019

To all my patients, who change me a little every time we meet

Posted by: Nana TomovaFri, 30 Aug 2019

Writing competition 2019

Just talking, itself, is therapeutic

Posted by: Simon JacklinFri, 30 Aug 2019

Writing competition 2019

A patient can say everything with just one look

Posted by: Malcolm BrownFri, 30 Aug 2019

Writing competition 2019

The pharmacist I am today

Posted by: Fatema MamdaniFri, 30 Aug 2019

Writing competition 2019

It is every patient who changes your practice

Posted by: Mark BorthwickFri, 30 Aug 2019

Writing competition 2019

The patient who changed me even before I became a pharmacist

Posted by: Emma BoxerFri, 30 Aug 2019

Writing competition 2019

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