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Sunday at Glastonbury. This isn’t just Pharmacy, this is Rock’n’Roll.

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Finally we awoke to beautiful clear skies and we knew it would be scorching today. Of course by the time we wandered out, we were already complaining “It’s too hot!” I decided it wasn’t a welly day (although there were still muddy areas) and it was great to step out in a pair of trainers.

I headed to The Pyramid Stage for the opening act. The Fishermens Friends. As they described it, “The Sunday morning spot for old has-beens!”. I’ve met and heard several members as they join in with Trigg Morris on our Thursday nights out in Cornwall, but that’s a whole different blog! There was already a crowd forming but I fancied getting right to the front at The Pyramid. (NOT something I’d want to do with any of the big bands!). There are actually several barriers to stop crushing if the crowd surges forward and I filtered around them to the front. Many people had already ‘dug-in’ for the day and chatting to them and to camp neighbours, Billie and Eleanor, I discovered they had everything they needed for the whole day (except toilet facilities! Hmmm!). As I stood there with the crowd, singing sea shanties and with my strawberry split ice lolly in my hand, it didn’t exactly look ‘Rock’n’Roll!’ but it was a whole lot of fun! It was so hot though that the security staff were already handing out cups of cold water into the crowd. Well done Billie and Eleanor for lasting the whole day before finally being pulled over the barrier to safety, most of the way through Beyonce’s show at the end!

The sunshine meant that the markets were busy again and Medicine Man Pharmacy was doing good trade. Antihistamine sales were increasing, we were running low on blister plasters and selling lots of clotrimazole cream. It wasn’t just for thrush and athletes foot though. If you’re going to get a sweat rash  and inflammation, this is where you’re going to get it! Sun lotion sales were taking off too. My laptop battery had run out so I parked myself outside the pharmacy door to finish and upload my blog. It was so hot, though, that I was burning my fingers on the mouse-pad! James took pity on me, found a large parasol and tented me into the corner to type away. Thanks James. It’s been wonderful to be involved with Pharmacy at Glastonbury again and I also thanked Rob, James, Vicki, Sophie, Rachel and Ellie for welcoming me to the team this year.

Love and Peace

The sunshine brings the crowds out and the markets were thronged as I pushed through to see Don McLean at The Pyramid. Traffic was held up by a commotion and I thought I could hear large motorcycles revving! It turned out to be four elderly bag ‘ladies’ sat astride large motorised shopping trolleys. They were full of attitude and they posed for photos before disappearing noisily through the crowd again! and Attitude!

There was a really good crowd and we enjoyed singing along to Don McLeans biggest hits, like ‘Vincent’ and ‘American Pie’. It was Paul Simon who brought the largest crowds to the Pyramid arena. The sun was out and people were stood, or camped on picnic chairs, shoulder to shoulder all the way up the hill to the tents. In my opinion, Plan B were a bit dull and the crowd thinned out quite a bit at the back where I snoozed in the sun with friends, listening to the music. The volume went up significantly with Pendulum. Billie, who was right at the front, confessed later that security staff gave out earplugs, but she didn’t wear them! Towards the end of a belter of a set, we headed through the woodland walk to the John Peel Stage. This was when I discovered I should have been wearing wellies! I nearly lost my trainers several times in the deep and sticky mud inside the tent.

Micki and Dee head to the John Peel StageWe watched Robyn and then The Streets before Micki & Dee persuaded me to head back to see the end of Beyonce. OK. She was very good.There, I’ve said it!  

My friend, Kim, discussed later how rarely women headline Glastonbury (Skunk Anansie in 1999 . .and even Kylie was planned in 2005 . . etc.) We  have a woman headlining Glastonbury, and now she's here, she's waving her hotpants in my face and telling me to get a ring on my finger.

I spend five days hiking over rough terrain in a huge hilly area exposed to the elements. My time at Glastonbury Festival each year is the most physically challenging thing I do. If ever it isn’t, it probably means I’m not doing it right! It remains one of the best things I’ve ever been involved in.

Tomorrow will still be a hard day, packing up and travelling home.



This isn’t just Pharmacy, this is Rock’n’Roll.


Goodnight all.

Jim Hutchins, signing off for RocknRollPharmacy at Glastonbury Festival 2011.

and goodnight Glastonbury


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