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Tomorrow's pharmacist blog

All posts by Helen Caley

Shadowing a resident on-call pharmacist in hospital

Posted by: Helen CaleyMon, 5 Jan 2015

Hospital pre-registration trainee Helen Caley had the opportunity to shadow a shift with an on-call resident pharmacist. She describes some of the queries they tackled together.

Facing the hospital preregistration interview

Posted by: Helen CaleyTue, 9 Sep 2014

Helen Caley was interviewed for her hospital preregistration placement this time last year. Here, she shares her tips and advice.

Hospital work experience: honey, surgical wards and pharmacy trolleys

Posted by: Helen CaleyTue, 5 Aug 2014

Preregistration trainee Helen Caley describes her experience shadowing a pharmacist on a ward round, and on a surgical ward

Hospital work experience: SIADH case study

Posted by: Helen CaleyMon, 13 Jan 2014

I shadowed a pharmacist on a ward round where we saw apatient who had a low sodium blood level. He had also had a fall and was weak.A scan determined that there was no brain damage so it was deemed safe toprescribe low molecular weight heparin. This prevents the formation of bloodclots and if the patient had a bleed on the brain this would not have been

Hospital work experience: medicines information

Posted by: Helen CaleyMon, 9 Sep 2013

On a hospital summer placement I spent time in the hospital’sMedicines Information Office. This was a regional centre where they had to becareful not to take calls from outside of the region which required a goodknowledge of regional geography. The particular centre I visited receivedapproximately 200 inquiries a month and was open to members of the public, GPs,

Hospital work experience: oncology

Posted by: Helen CaleyThu, 18 Jul 2013

I shadowed a pharmacist on a chemotherapy unit who showed methat dosing is by the patient’s surface area. This is done because the dosageneeds to be very accurate for the patient’s size. In addition, the chemotherapychart is separate to the ordinary drug chart which is crucial in helping to

Hospital work experience: neonatal ward part 3 and paediatrics

Posted by: Helen CaleyWed, 29 May 2013

The pharmacist had to deal with the issue of a baby withsuspected meningitis who was due to start a medicine which is only allowed tobe administered from 41 weeks. The medical notes stated that the baby was termwhich is anything from 38 weeks. It was therefore important for the pharmacistto check how old the baby actually was in weeks to determine whether it could

Hospital work experience: neonatal ward part 2

Posted by: Helen CaleySat, 9 Mar 2013

As it is very rare to find medicines specifically made forneonates there is often a lot of wastage. The pharmacist I was with remarkedthat if someone set up a company specialising in neonatal medicines they wouldmake a fortune! Another issue when administering medicines to neonates is thetaste and texture of oral formulations because if a medicine tastes unpleasant

Hospital work experience: neonatal ward part 1

Posted by: Helen CaleyFri, 25 Jan 2013

Hospital work experience: the journey of a prescription through the dispensary

Posted by: Helen CaleyTue, 6 Nov 2012

The general workflow in the dispensary is as follows: any incoming medicines requests are entered into a filing system according to urgency.  A dispenser selects a medicines request and proceeds to work on one of five dispensing computers to input patient information and to select the medication etc.  The dispenser then has to choose the correct person/ward to cost the supply to.

Hospital work experience: the dispensary

Posted by: Helen CaleyMon, 8 Oct 2012

Summer hospital placement: shadowing a pre-reg on a ward

Posted by: Helen CaleyWed, 19 Sep 2012

Hospital work experience: respiratory ward and botox

Posted by: Helen CaleyFri, 13 Jul 2012

This is my final blog for the week’s work experience I had in a hospital pharmacy during the summer of 2011. My future blogs will focus on further hospital work experience I have managed to secure for this summer.

Hospital work experience: electronic discharging on the stroke and cancer wards

Posted by: Helen CaleyWed, 30 May 2012

Hospital work experience: The aseptics unit

Posted by: Helen CaleyFri, 9 Mar 2012

I started the day in the hospital’s new aseptics  unit which is unlicensed so they can only makeitems from a prescription for a named patient and items for other hospitals

Hospital work experience: clinical trials and antimicrobial use monitoring

Posted by: Helen CaleyThu, 9 Feb 2012

I met a clinical trials technician who told me that they hadapproximately 50 clinical trials at the time ranging from double-blind to openlabel, from drug company sponsored (i.e. they get paid to organise them) to

Follow up to Summer placement dilemma

Posted by: Helen CaleyFri, 20 Jan 2012

My previous blog concerned the issue of receiving acommunity summer placement when I actually really wanted a hospitalplacement.  I did not know whether to

Pharmacy placement dilemma

Posted by: Helen CaleyMon, 2 Jan 2012


Hospital pharmacy work experience: CDs, gentamicin and vancomycin

Posted by: Helen CaleySun, 18 Dec 2011

I started the day in the dispensary shadowing the assistantwho oversees the running of the dispensary, she explained the workflow processand she writes every phone call down to keep a record of all queries and

Hospital pharmacy work experience: hyoscine, doctors and warfarin

Posted by: Helen CaleyWed, 23 Nov 2011

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