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Tomorrow's pharmacist blog

All posts by Ranveer Bassey

The next pharmacy scandal

Posted by: Ranveer BasseySun, 1 Sep 2013

Pharmacy has had more than its fair shareof scandal recently.  It began with inappropriatesales of over-the-counter medicines, then moved on to several variants of thespecials procurement theme.  I thinkthere's another area pharmacy needs to be more vigilant of: patient confidentiality.

ONtrack (review)

Posted by: Ranveer BasseyFri, 16 Aug 2013

Preregs have a number of resources available to help them pass the registration exam.  The list includes workbooks, workshops, mockpapers, books and websites.  But few areas authoritative and useful as ONtrack,

A view from the PJ letters archive

Posted by: Ranveer BasseyMon, 12 Aug 2013

I recently stumbled across the PJ archive and promptly got lostsomewhere in a 1999 version of pharmacy as depicted by readers' letters.

Pharmacists should supply illegal drugs

Posted by: Ranveer BasseyMon, 29 Jul 2013

We share our profession withseveral thousand people you won't find on the register.  Their behaviour makes those selling Oramorphlook tame.  Dubious advice, no qualityassurance and no clinical governance are examples of charges on theirlist.  Despite this, we've let themcontinue their trade with little protest. 

Pharmacist pay & the gender gap

Posted by: Ranveer BasseyThu, 20 Jun 2013

The Office of National Statistics collects data on paywhich, since 2011, has included pharmacists. Their data is sourced from a sample of PAYE records (so excludesself-employed locums). 

The case for an integrated RPS & PSNC

Posted by: Ranveer BasseyWed, 29 May 2013

Ever tried to read the DrugTariff?  It's mind-numbingly boring withits lists of numbers, confusing sections and pages that helpfully inform you are"intentionally left blank".  All thishides the fact that its content has an unrivalled impact on how pharmacy ispracticed.

The workload problem in numbers

Posted by: Ranveer BasseyThu, 16 May 2013

There are currently concerns overthe number of pharmacists and their increasing workload.  I've pulled together a few numbers which mighthelp inform the debate.

University being expensive is irrelevant

Posted by: Ranveer BasseyTue, 7 May 2013

University is expensive. The numbers scream that fact.  Atypical pharmacy student will borrow £36k in tuition fee loans and at least £14kin maintenance loans, totalling a scary £50k. Add another (roughly) £10k if they complete the 5-year course.  It's good then that, for the vast majority,these numbers are meaningless.  You could

An aspirational vision for pharmacy

Posted by: Ranveer BasseyWed, 24 Apr 2013

What would community pharmacylook like in Wonderland?  Join me as we tumbledown the rabbit hole...

The struggle for jobs

Posted by: Ranveer BasseyTue, 16 Apr 2013

You would not be hailed as thenext Nostradamus for predicting the current state of the pharmacy jobmarket.  It's an inevitable consequenceof a more than doubling of the number of schools of pharmacy within the lastdecade.  A stagnating economy andausterity healthcare budget don't help.

Reflecting on NHS reform

Posted by: Ranveer BasseyMon, 1 Apr 2013

Admit it.  For all the paperwork they harassed you with,you'll miss your PCT, even if only because you knew what you were getting.  It's too late to send your farewell card -today they are gone.

Dispensing happiness

Posted by: Ranveer BasseySun, 24 Mar 2013

Pharmacists dispensed £270million worth of happiness in2011, with 1 in every 20 items dispensed being an antidepressant.  It worries me a little.

In defence of homeopathy

Posted by: Ranveer BasseySun, 3 Mar 2013

There's currently apoll asking if homoeopathy should be funded by the NHS.  I think it's entirely the wrong question toask.  We should be asking if drugs shouldbe funded by the NHS.  Allow me toexplain.

Smart drugs and me

Posted by: Ranveer BasseySun, 24 Feb 2013

I have a confession to make.  I have taken a smartdrug.  It was not prescribed for me, norwas it bought from a registered pharmacy. It improved my alertness, increased my attention and allowed me to workfor longer.  But you can hang up yourcall to the GPhC.  I’m talking aboutcaffeine.

Prescription pricing complexity

Posted by: Ranveer BasseySun, 10 Feb 2013

Give three pharmacists acalculator, the drug tariff and a prescription. Ask them how much they will be paid for dispensing theprescription.  I bet you'll get threedifferent answers.

The hidden calories in tablets

Posted by: Ranveer BasseyMon, 7 Jan 2013

You've read the title and think the topic is a little bitsilly.  Who really cares about thecalories in their medication?  Asurprising number of people onthe internet apparently.  But it was

Bad Pharma: pharmacists’ role

Posted by: Ranveer BasseyWed, 5 Dec 2012

The pharmaceutical industry createsproducts that help people live longer and better lives. So why is it hated? How have the companies it compromises destroyedthe goodwill?

How generic drugs are named

Posted by: Ranveer BasseySun, 11 Nov 2012

Despite what it might seem, the process of creating drug names does not involve a bowl of alphabet soup, someone sneezing and interpretation of the resulting mess.  The process is a little more considered than that.

Assisted dying – a debate that doesn’t die

Posted by: Ranveer BasseySun, 28 Oct 2012

In 19th century Britain, a person who committedsuicide would have a stake driven through their heart before beingunceremoniously buried at a road side. You’d think we’d have progressed since then, and we have.  Suicide is no longer the felo de se crime it used to be, but in the case of assisted dying our

The BNF diet

Posted by: Ranveer BasseySun, 14 Oct 2012

Sorry if you feel misled by the title, but this isn't a blogabout a new fad-diet involving eating the BNF and/or a cocktail of anti-obesitydrugs.  No, this is a blog about how theBNF itself might soon need to diet.

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