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Tomorrow's pharmacist blog

All posts by Sara Valente

The e-cigarette appeal

Posted by: Sara ValenteSun, 16 Feb 2014

E-cigarettes are appealing because they are one way to giveup smoking without really having to give up smoking. They are aestheticallysimilar to real cigarettes and offer the same nicotine-fuelled buzz that iscraved by smokers. In theory, they could vastly reduce medical problems

Who needs a pharmacist anyway?!

Posted by: Sara ValenteWed, 8 May 2013

My unofficial pharmacy advice

Posted by: Sara ValenteThu, 25 Apr 2013

Weird pharmacy

Posted by: Sara ValenteTue, 2 Apr 2013

Written communication in pharmacy

Posted by: Sara ValenteMon, 4 Mar 2013

Students who pick pharmacy as a career usually do so because they have an interest in science, they want to work with people and have a flair for analysing problems. These students sometimes choose a scientific career because they also prefer subjects that don’t require the need to write lots of essays. The good news is there isn’t a lot of essay writing on a pharmacy course, as we focus on calculations, graph-drawing and multiple choice questions but we must not abandon all knowledge ...

Pharmacy students - know your rights!

Posted by: Sara ValenteTue, 12 Feb 2013

A vaccine to combat alcoholism

Posted by: Sara ValenteTue, 29 Jan 2013

Legalised marijuana

Posted by: Sara ValenteWed, 2 Jan 2013

Recently, two American states - Colorado and Washington, have legalised the recreational use of marijuana with a legal age limit of 21 years old. Some reasons behind the reform are about winning the war on drugs, taxes and preventing drug-related crimes. My first reaction however was how this change would affect public health and how this may impact pharmacists.

Pre-registration diversity

Posted by: Sara ValenteThu, 6 Dec 2012

BPSA conference: Pennine area

Posted by: Sara ValenteSun, 18 Nov 2012

The Pennine area BPSA conference took place this Saturday (17thNovember) at Manchester University, which boasted a sold out event with topspeakers. Annie Sellers – a fourth year pharmacy student at Manchester University –

Edible deodorant

Posted by: Sara ValenteThu, 15 Nov 2012

A Daily Mail article was brought to my attention about a newdeodorant that is being marketed by Deo Perfume but instead of applying it to yourarmpits, you eat it! The scientific rationale behind the new candy is that it

Is community pharmacy losing student fans?

Posted by: Sara ValenteThu, 11 Oct 2012

 Most of the students in my year have been spending the past couple of months applying and securing their pre-reg placements. What struck me as strange was that many of them who showed little interest in hospital pharmacy in the past, applied and accepted places to do their pre-reg in hospital. In fact, I think many students have applied to hospital pharmacy in preference to community.

Eye liner to make your eyelashes grow?

Posted by: Sara ValenteMon, 24 Sep 2012

One of my favourite things to blog about is the weird andwonderful vanity items that pop up in stores that claim to boost such things astanning and weight loss. The latest that has caught my eye is a new type of eyeliner from the brand M2 Beauté that can apparently, after severalapplications, promote eyelash growth. This isn’t the same as mascaras that make

Are drugs the answer for obesity?

Posted by: Sara ValenteTue, 21 Aug 2012

PJ Internship

Posted by: Sara ValenteFri, 3 Aug 2012

Back to the future

Posted by: Sara ValenteFri, 20 Jul 2012

Which Hayfever Medicine is the Best?

Posted by: Sara ValenteTue, 19 Jun 2012

Pre-Reg Interview Tips

Posted by: Sara ValenteWed, 23 May 2012

Pre-Registration applications are well underway and many students are waiting for offers of interviews from hospitals, community and industry. The interview may be the most vital part of the application as it will ultimately decide whether a person receives a placement or not.

Apps and pharmacy

Posted by: Sara ValenteSat, 12 May 2012

I love my iPhone, it’s true. As I tell most of my friends, it is practically an extension of my brain as it keeps my dates in a calendar, my to-do-list, recipes, games and more all thanks to applications or ‘apps’ as they are known. There are so many possibilities and uses for apps that can make everyday tasks a little easier. Apps are becoming more advanced, sophisticated and programmers are making money by creating apps ...

Why do women crave chocolate?

Posted by: Sara ValenteMon, 30 Apr 2012

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