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Tomorrow's pharmacist blog

All posts from: October 2012

The world is your oyster!

Posted by: Sophie KhatibMon, 29 Oct 2012

So, after a bit of a dodgy start to the day, calculations tests, difficult lectures and a dispensary session, I have to say, I’m very proud to be a pharmacy student.

A Cyanide Sayonara

Posted by: Emily HardakerMon, 29 Oct 2012

Assisted dying – a debate that doesn’t die

Posted by: Ranveer BasseySun, 28 Oct 2012

In 19th century Britain, a person who committedsuicide would have a stake driven through their heart before beingunceremoniously buried at a road side. You’d think we’d have progressed since then, and we have.  Suicide is no longer the felo de se crime it used to be, but in the case of assisted dying our

Secret universe: the hidden life of the cell

Posted by: Sophie KhatibSun, 21 Oct 2012

Wow. I’m amazed. A tv programme that gives a visual representation of what goes on inside a cell – personally it brings information together from multiple modules...everything is clicking into place!

Adhering to encourage adherence

Posted by: Ayla AtalarWed, 17 Oct 2012

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The BNF diet

Posted by: Ranveer BasseySun, 14 Oct 2012

Sorry if you feel misled by the title, but this isn't a blogabout a new fad-diet involving eating the BNF and/or a cocktail of anti-obesitydrugs.  No, this is a blog about how theBNF itself might soon need to diet.

Is community pharmacy losing student fans?

Posted by: Sara ValenteThu, 11 Oct 2012

 Most of the students in my year have been spending the past couple of months applying and securing their pre-reg placements. What struck me as strange was that many of them who showed little interest in hospital pharmacy in the past, applied and accepted places to do their pre-reg in hospital. In fact, I think many students have applied to hospital pharmacy in preference to community.

Future Medicine

Posted by: Thu, 11 Oct 2012

One of my more recent speculations has been concerning the future of medicine as technology advances. In my opinion, it is becoming ever clearer that the majority of diseases are associated with specific genetic/protein regulation modification. This has caused me to consider where the future of medicine may lie.

Is evidence-based medicine misleading?

Posted by: Sophie KhatibWed, 10 Oct 2012

Do we have all the information when it comes to basing a clinical decision on evidence based medicine?  I would like to think so but it doesn’t appear that way.

Hospital work experience: the dispensary

Posted by: Helen CaleyMon, 8 Oct 2012

LINX Reflux Management System; is it worth it?

Posted by: Connie PringleSat, 6 Oct 2012

If you had £9000 going spare, what would you do with it?

Breast cancer

Posted by: Sophie KhatibMon, 1 Oct 2012

Well I wasn’t going to write another blog so soon, but I just had to get this down!

Drugs Live: Part II

Posted by: Emily HardakerMon, 1 Oct 2012

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