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Tomorrow's pharmacist blog

All posts from: January 2013

Individual / Corporate Responsibility

Posted by: Thu, 31 Jan 2013

A lot flashes through my mind on a daily basis. This can actually be quite frustrating as I consider all sorts of, what would appear to be, nonsense. However, a lot of what I think about actually isn’t... Anyway, down to business.

A vaccine to combat alcoholism

Posted by: Sara ValenteTue, 29 Jan 2013

Cancer vaccines

Posted by: Sophie KhatibTue, 29 Jan 2013

So, guess what I learned today?  That it is becoming more and more possible to treat cancer with a vaccine.  Sounds weird, doesn’t it?  But it’s true!

HER2 positive breast cancer

Posted by: Sophie KhatibSun, 27 Jan 2013

HER2 is a protein which is found on the surface of some cancer cells and is linked with breast cancer.  Some people with breast cancer over express HER2 and in these cases, the tumour is said to be HER2 positive.  HER2 positive breast cancers have been shown to grow quicker than other types of breast cancer and therefore have a higher rate of metastasis and mortality.

Hospital work experience: neonatal ward part 1

Posted by: Helen CaleyFri, 25 Jan 2013

mTOR and autism

Posted by: Sophie KhatibThu, 24 Jan 2013

Could an antihistamine be used for obesity?

Posted by: Sophie KhatibTue, 22 Jan 2013

Think histamine and you think of allergy and stomach acid, right?  Well, as it turns out, this is only part of the picture.  There are three types of histamine receptors; H1, H2 and H3.  H1 has its main role in allergy and is the main target for traditional pharmacological antihistamines used in the treatment of allergic conditions.  H2 is the target for drugs such as ranitidine and cimetidine

Link between obesity and cancer

Posted by: Sophie KhatibSun, 20 Jan 2013

It has been well established that obesity predisposes a person to a multitude of other health problems, commonly including type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke, MI, the list goes on.  But there is strong evidence that visceral fat, causing central obesity, is directly responsible for secreting adipokines and cytokines. 

Cancer cachexia

Posted by: Sophie KhatibSat, 19 Jan 2013

Cachexia is the wasting of muscle that cannot be reversed by nutrition and is normally associated with a poor prognosis.  This is commonly seen in those patients with cancer, along with a number of other conditions.  This weakens the patients, opening them up to number of complications and reducing the likelihood of them responding to treatment. 


Posted by: Mon, 14 Jan 2013

Are drugs prescribed too easily?

Posted by: Sophie KhatibSat, 12 Jan 2013

Think about the last time that you went to the doctors.  Did you come out holding that magic FP10?  Chances are, if you didn’t, you may have felt that you hadn’t been taken seriously or your expectations of the consultations were not met.

The hidden calories in tablets

Posted by: Ranveer BasseyMon, 7 Jan 2013

You've read the title and think the topic is a little bitsilly.  Who really cares about thecalories in their medication?  Asurprising number of people onthe internet apparently.  But it was

Medicines Information

Posted by: Ayla AtalarSun, 6 Jan 2013

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Legalised marijuana

Posted by: Sara ValenteWed, 2 Jan 2013

Recently, two American states - Colorado and Washington, have legalised the recreational use of marijuana with a legal age limit of 21 years old. Some reasons behind the reform are about winning the war on drugs, taxes and preventing drug-related crimes. My first reaction however was how this change would affect public health and how this may impact pharmacists.

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