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Pharmacy technicians are essential members of the pharmacy team. This Pharmacy Technician Day, The Pharmaceutical Journal is promoting the essential role of the pharmacy technician with the hashtag #IndispensableTechs and making all pharmacy technician related content free to access for the month of October.

Your RPS

Hands forming pharmacy cross symbol, working together

Empowering pharmacy technicians is good for all of us

10 AUG 2018By

Principal pharmacist lead for education and development at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Royal Pharmaceutical Society English Pharmacy Board member, Aamer Safdar, says pharmacists must “stop being precious” about traditional pharmacy roles and embrace the skills of technicians.

News in Brief

Signage of the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)

GPhC gives green light to updated training standards for pharmacy technicians

12 SEP 2017

The General Pharmaceutical Council has approved in principle updated standards for the initial education and training of pharmacy technicians.

Hospital ward round taking place

Pilot study results support feasibility of pharmacy technician-supported medicine administration

9 MAY 2017

Results from a pilot study of pharmacy-supported medicines administration on hospital wards have revealed that the practice did not lead to a reduction in the number of omitted doses. 

Pharmacy Technician's Guide

Pharmacist and patient

Pharmacy Technician's Guide - Dry eye disease: the patient journey and further resources

19 DEC 2017

Although some patients may experience some symptoms of dry eye only occasionally, dry eye disease is a chronic condition, so it is important for patients to understand the implications.

woman applying contact lens eye ss 17

Pharmacy Technician's Guide - Dry eye disease: treatment advice for contact lens wearers

15 DEC 2017

People who wear contact lenses are at risk of dry eyes. Pharmacists should give specific advice to contact lens wearers when recommending over-the-counter products because some cannot be used with lenses.

man applying eye drops ss 17

Pharmacy Technician's Guide - Advice for applying dry eye treatments

15 DEC 2017

In order to get the most from eye treatments, it is important to apply them effectively and store them correctly.

blepharitis inflammation eyelid wi 17

Pharmacy Technician's Guide - Blepharitis: managing eyelid inflammation

14 DEC 2017

Pharmacists should advise patients to maintain good lid hygiene to manage blepharitis. Antibiotic drops or ointments, or low-dose antibiotic courses should be considered if hygiene changes are ineffective.

single dose ss 17

Pharmacy Technician's Guide - Dry eye disease: preservative versus preservative-free products

14 DEC 2017

Many over-the-counter products for dry eye disease contain preservatives. These can help make products last longer once opened and mean products can be available in multi-dose packaging.

punctal plug eye anatomy pj 17

Pharmacy Technician's Guide - Treating more severe cases of dry eye disease

13 DEC 2017

Specialist intervention may be required for patients who have severe dry eye disease, or if the condition does not respond to artificial tears or other treatment.

woman eye drops ss 17

Pharmacy Technician's Guide - Advising patients on the prevention and treatment of dry eye disease

12 DEC 2017

Over-the-counter treatments for dry eye disease are available in several different formulations including drops, gels, creams, ointments and sprays. Some of these formulations are known as ‘artificial tears’.

dry red eye ss 17

Pharmacy Technician's Guide - Dry eye disease: pathophysiology and risk factors

11 DEC 2017

If a patient enters the pharmacy with eye symptoms, there are several questions pharmacy staff can ask to help find out whether their symptoms may be related to dry eye disease.