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Beyond pharmacy blog

Roman gladiators knew the value of calcium

Posted by: Pamela MasonMon, 27 Oct 2014

A study of Roman gladiators’ bones indicated that they had higher levels of calcium in their diet than individuals in the normal population.

Pharmacy is striding forwards

Posted by: Sandra GidleyMon, 20 Oct 2014

Sandra Gidley reports on the discussions she led at the Liberal Democrats Party Conference.

Finger snap silenced by Ebola

Posted by: Roger PooleTue, 14 Oct 2014

People in Liberia have been advised not to shake hands in the traditional manner because of fears that this may spread the Ebola virus, writes Roger Poole.

Commemorating a compassionate man

Posted by: Andrew HaynesTue, 14 Oct 2014

Until 4 January 2015, you can see temporary exhibition about the UK's first children's charity at the Foundling Museum in London’s Brunswick Square.

A pioneer in the development of aspirin

Posted by: Andrew HaynesTue, 14 Oct 2014

Andrew Haynes describes the first rudimentary clinical trial of aspirin.

Aids ‘family tree’ traced back to Kinshasa

Posted by: Steven BremerTue, 14 Oct 2014

New research has traced the origin of the Aids pandemic back to 1920s Kinshasha, where a “perfect storm” of rapid population growth, a roaring sex trade, and good railway transport facilitated the spread of the HIV virus.

The legacy of Eli Lilly

Posted by: Steven BremerTue, 14 Oct 2014

Pharmaceutical scientist Eli Lilly had more of an impact on pharmacy than you might think, writes Steve Bremer.

James Prescott Joule – brewer and amateur pharmacist

Posted by: David WalshTue, 14 Oct 2014

Joule is famous for his research into electricity and thermodynamics. David Walsh describes Joule’s work.

Chokeberry – a new wonder food?

Posted by: David WalshTue, 14 Oct 2014

David Walsh describes the possible health benefits of the chokeberry.

Flying the flag for pharmacy

Posted by: Aileen BrysonWed, 8 Oct 2014

Aileen Bryson, policy and practice lead for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Scotland, highlighted the services provided by pharmacists at the Labour Party Conference

How do the Conservatives view pharmacy?

Posted by: Sibby BuckleFri, 3 Oct 2014

Sibby Buckle shares her thoughts from the Conservative Party conference

Threats and the cult of vaping

Posted by: Chris ChapmanTue, 23 Sep 2014

Insulting and threatening people who do not agree with your views is not the way to be heard, writes Chris Chapman

Electronic nose to sniff the whiff of C diff

Posted by: Andrew HaynesFri, 19 Sep 2014

An electronic detection tool may be able to identify what strain of bacteria Clostridium difficile is present in faeces.

A neglected pioneer of anaesthesia

Posted by: Andrew HaynesFri, 19 Sep 2014

Henry Hickman demonstrated that carbon dioxide could be used as an anaesthetic, but was never recognised for his work

Collision avoidance using optic flow

Posted by: Roger PooleFri, 19 Sep 2014

Roger Poole explains how bumblebees and zebrafish manage to navigate their surroundings while avoiding collisions

On parade with Marmite

Posted by: Roger PooleFri, 19 Sep 2014

Marmite contains a high concentration of thiamine. Roger Poole explains why soldiers in World War I had to eat it — like it or not.

Dietary change important for climate mitigation

Posted by: Pamela MasonFri, 19 Sep 2014

Pamela Mason explains why limiting our meat consumption may help to avoid dangerous climate change

Smartphone camera could monitor glaucoma

Posted by: Pamela MasonFri, 19 Sep 2014

A new sensor, implanted into the eye, may help glaucoma sufferers monitor their condition in a better way.

The anti-inflamatory properties of meadowsweet

Posted by: David WalshWed, 17 Sep 2014

Various parts of meadowsweet have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. David Walsh explains

Microbiomes and human health

Posted by: David WalshWed, 17 Sep 2014

Some gut bacteria may affect our choice of food by modifying eating behaviour and influencing dietary choices.

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