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Pharmacy practice and profession blog

Lunch breaks and health risks

Posted by: Benedict LamFri, 15 Feb 2013

In a survey carried out for BBC Breakfast of almost 600 office workers, 54 per cent said they regularly work through their lunch hour, 53 per cent believed there is a widespread culture of colleagues doing the same, and 20 per cent said they felt under pressure not to take a break.

A matter of conscience

Posted by: Matthew WrightThu, 7 Feb 2013

The conscience clause that allows pharmacists to refuse to supply emergency hormonal contraception (EHC) is under fire — again. It is a topic that refuses to go away.

The “apocalypse” is coming

Posted by: Benedict LamFri, 1 Feb 2013

Just like the Mayan apocalypse, the prospect of antibioticresistance has been with us for many years. But, unlike 21 December 2012 (whichpassed without much fanfare or drama), antibiotic resistance is real

Obesity: whose responsibility is it anyway?

Posted by: Benedict LamWed, 23 Jan 2013

Coca-Cola has recently released a two-minute advertisement in the US addressing the issue of obesity. If you ignore the cheesy film and soundtrack, there are bits of information worth teasing out from the ad.

A tour of the polyclinic in the Olympic Village

Posted by: Benedict LamWed, 20 Jun 2012

On Monday (18 June) I was given the chance to visit the Olympic and Paralympic polyclinic, learn about the services and examine the equipment ahead of the games.

Sometimes we need to be reminded how valued we are

Posted by: Benedict LamThu, 24 May 2012

Recently a cold bug has been going around our office and, one by one,  members of the PJ team have fallen ill. I was the latest victim.

The final blog: goodbye to the BPSA's 70th Annual Conference, hello the 71st!

Posted by: Shilpa TankMon, 16 Apr 2012

Wow, what a week! Back to reality now (food shopping, washing, revision) - it's safe tosay I have the post-conference blues. The week culminated in a wonderful ball that really was absolutelyfantastic and thoroughly enjoyable, the perfect way to round off a busy week!

Fingerless gloves and liver spots

Posted by: Benedict LamTue, 3 Apr 2012

A well known international pop star has been sporting fingerless gloves as a fashion accessory in recent months.

How cat-poo coffee led to three minutes of fame

Posted by: Lin-Nam WangThu, 29 Mar 2012

It all started with a cup of cat-poo coffee. Kopi luwak is made from coffee beans ingested by Indonesian palm civets. They choose only the choicest beans and, it’s claimed, passing through the cat’s digestive tract improves the product.

When is a team not a team?

Posted by: Aamer SafdarThu, 15 Mar 2012

I have been wondering for some time now what makes a successful team and the events in my last leadership module with the Kings Fund got me thinking about this again.The word ‘team’ is used a lot in healthcare but what do we really mean by this?  What about in pharmacy, particularly in the hospital sector where I work?

Recycling: the next community pharmacy service?

Posted by: Lin-Nam WangThu, 15 Mar 2012


It's all about patients... isn't it?

Posted by: Aamer SafdarFri, 3 Feb 2012

It’s all about patients... isn’t it?

Would you throw away a new widescreen TV?

Posted by: Lin-Nam WangMon, 9 Jan 2012

This weekend, a man came into my pharmacy and handed me a black bin-bag. Inside was £2,250.

Leadership... nature or nurture?

Posted by: Aamer SafdarSun, 1 Jan 2012

If change is constant then what is change…?

Posted by: Aamer SafdarTue, 13 Dec 2011

Following on from my first ever blog comes the last blog for 2011 and then, hopefully, lots more in 2012 as my Leadership development programme really kicks off from February 2012.

Communication... it's all talk innit?

Posted by: Aamer SafdarTue, 29 Nov 2011

So here is my first ever blog, hopefully the first of many!The NLC Clinical Leadership Fellowship kicked off for me in early November 2011 where I am in the South cohort and the four day residential was in Lane End.

Nothing spreads like fear

Posted by: Benedict LamMon, 24 Oct 2011

“Don’t talk to anyone, don’t touch anyone”. That is one of the dialogues in the new Hollywood thriller Contagion. The film revolves around the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors contracted by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention to deal with the outbreak.

Celebrities may be bad for your health

Posted by: Benedict LamThu, 30 Dec 2010

Many of you will have read about the annual report issued by the charity Sense about science, which attempts to extinguish faddish myths from people in the media. Many of these claims promote theories, therapies and campaigns that have no scientific basis or make scientific sense.

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