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The Pharmaceutical Journal

Relief from indigestion: a visual guide

Relief from indigestion: a visual guideSubscription

Indigestion and heartburn affect four in ten people. This guide illustrates the options available over the counter for managing symptoms and how they work.

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Can hub and spoke transform medicines supply in the UK

Can hub-and-spoke transform medicines supply in the UK? The jury is still outSubscription


Community pharmacy’s flat funding settlement in England is linked to ‘efficiencies’ to be made through the hub-and-spoke model. With a consultation on the model on the cards for 2020, it is time to reconsider whether its benefits stack up.


There will be fewer pharmacies in fewer locations - Toby Anderson, chief executive of McKesson UK

Toby Anderson: 'There will be fewer pharmacies in fewer locations'Subscription


Toby Anderson, chief executive of McKesson UK, on managing LloydsPharmacy’s parent company during a crucial period for healthcare provision and pharmacy.

CPD article

Light micrograph of blood cells from bone marrow in a case of acute leukaemia

Treatment of acute and chronic lymphoid leukaemiaSubscription

By ,

Pharmacists should be able to describe the differences between acute lymphoblastic and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and the available treatment.

Learning article

Case based learning postnatal depression

Case-based learning: postnatal depressionSubscription


Appropriate early recognition and timely treatment of postnatal depression is essential if patients are to make a full recovery.

Pharmacogenomic testing and its future in community pharmacy

Pharmacogenomic testing and its future in community pharmacy Subscription

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Although it is common to see pharmacogenomic testing used North America and Australia, it is not yet part of practice in the UK. With the promise of genomic screening becoming part of the NHS, pharmacists must equip themselves with a knowledge of how the process works.

Postnatal depression: recognition and diagnosis

Postnatal depression: recognition and diagnosisSubscription


Pharmacists are likely to encounter patients affected by postnatal depression; therefore, the ability to identify signs of this under-recognised disorder is essential for appropriate and prompt referral for help and support.


SEM of intestinal microvilli

Recent advances in the oral delivery of biologicsSubscription

By ,

An overview of the key physiological barriers to oral delivery of biologics and the strategies to overcome them that are currently being tested.


Five legal protections for new parents

Five legal protections soon-to-be or new parents should know aboutSubscription


Whether pregnant or returning to a career in pharmacy, there are several ways the law protects new parents.

A pharmacise working at a Regional Medicines Information Centre

A day in the life of a pharmacist at a regional medicines information centreSubscription


The nature of enquiries Daniel Hill receives as a medicines information and prescribing support pharmacist are vast and challenging.


Medicines use in children: time for a reappraisal

Medicines use in children and young people: it is time for a reappraisalSubscription

The Pharmaceutical Journal is announcing an initiative to share new information on how medicines can be used safely and effectively in children and young people.

Community pharmacy referral scheme is not a new concept

Community pharmacy referral scheme is not a new conceptSubscription

The community pharmacist consultation service has been lauded since it was announced in July 2019, but it is similar to schemes that have been tried in recent years.


simon dukes cr

PSNC denies claims the five-year contract could see a fifth of pharmacies closeSubscription

The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee has distanced itself from meeting minutes suggesting it believes a fifth of pharmacies could close as a result of the five-year pharmacy contract.

What is happening in the first half of 2020

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society: what's happening in the first half of 2020?

It is shaping up to be another busy year for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Rania Hallaq consulting with a patient

Pharmacists provide one consultation per week under NHS 111 referral serviceSubscription

Community pharmacists signed up to provide patient consultations are carrying out approximately one consultation each per week, government figures have shown.

Pharmacist carrying out medicine use review

Pharmacists could be expected to conduct millions of medication reviews, under NHS England plansSubscription

Pharmacists working in primary care networks will be expected to play a vital role in reviewing the medication of millions of patients with long-term conditions, under radical proposals to improve the care provided in the community published by NHS England.

Hospital pharmacy signage

Half of NHS trusts outsource outpatient pharmacy services to avoid VATSubscription

Half of NHS trusts now outsource their outpatient pharmacies in an effort to save on tax, according to NHS figures, despite union leaders saying this practice is detrimental to staff pay.

Hospital pharmacy

Hospital pharmacist time spent on clinical activities stalls at 75%Subscription

Hospital pharmacists spent around 75% of their time on clinical pharmacy work in 2019 — a slight drop on the previous year.

The Pharmaceutical Journal

January 2020, Vol 304, No 7933

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A cloud of doubt over the sunshine vitamin

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What is happening in the first half of 2020

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society: what's happening in the first half of 2020?

It is shaping up to be another busy year for the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.


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