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Rachel Brazil' s stories

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  • Why we need to talk about sex and clinical trials

    Why we need to talk about sex and clinical trials Subscription

    28 MAY 2020 11:20 By Rachel Brazil
    Comments (2)

    The under-representation of women in clinical trials is slowly being addressed, but we cannot move towards truly personalised healthcare unless we have an equal balance of the sexes in all new medicine trials.

  • Three strategies to halt the rise of sexually transmitted infections

    Stopping the spread: ending the resurgence of gonorrhoea Subscription

    2 APR 2020 15:09 By Rachel Brazil

    Incidence of sexually transmitted infections is increasing and antimicrobial resistance is adding fuel to the fire, particularly in the case of gonorrhoea. In response, researchers are working on three major strategies to help reduce its spread and maintain susceptibility to antibiotics.

  • Oral Insulin

    Binning the sharps: the quest for oral insulin Subscription

    13 SEP 2019 15:21 By Rachel Brazil

    The pharmaceutical industry has been trying to develop oral formulations of insulin since the 1920s without success, but, over the past few years, several new oral delivery systems have shown promise in clinical trials.

  • whooping cough illustration

    Stopping whooping cough in its tracks Subscription

    24 APR 2019 9:08 By Rachel Brazil

    Whooping cough incidence is increasing in the UK, possibly owing to a change in vaccine type in 2004. Epidemiologists are working to develop solutions that could eventually eradicate the disease.

  • Debi Bhattacharya

    Repurposing Viagra: the ‘little blue pill’ for all ills? Subscription

    13 NOV 2018 11:46 By Rachel Brazil
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    Study results suggest that PDE-5 inhibitors could have a role in treating cancer, heart failure, neurodegenerative diseases, circulatory disorders and even infectious diseases, but the road to approval for new indications may not be smooth.

  • 2018 02 28   Kevin Cash Tattoos JDN 8787 NH

    Body bionics: how the next generation of biosensors could revolutionise drug delivery Subscription

    21 SEP 2018 15:34 By Rachel Brazil

    Smaller, smarter and more sensitive — how four new technologies could change the way drugs are monitored and administered.

  • Opium poppy historical illustration

    Pain relief: designing better opioids

    19 APR 2018 16:22 By Rachel Brazil
    Comments (1)

    While opioids are powerful painkillers, they come with dangerous side effects and carry a sometimes fatal risk of addiction. However, new, safer opioids are being developed using a variety of innovative strategies to maximise analgesic properties, while reducing the burden of side effects.

  • Opposing faces, good versus bad, nocebo effect illustration

    Nocebo: the placebo effect’s evil twin Subscription

    15 MAR 2018 15:26 By Rachel Brazil

    The little-known nocebo effect, where negative expectations about treatment lead to side effects, can have a huge impact on clinical outcomes. It is important that healthcare professionals are aware of the nocebo effect and talk to patients about their medicines in a balanced way so as to try to minimise it.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) brain

    Artificial Intelligence: will it change the way drugs are discovered? Subscription

    7 DEC 2017 15:44 By Rachel Brazil

    The pharmaceutical industry is beginning to invest in artificial intelligence (AI), with many large pharmaceutical companies partnering with AI start-ups in 2017 in order to develop better diagnostics or biomarkers, to identify drug targets and to design new drugs. But when will the first AI-designed drugs reach the market and will AI permanently change the pharmaceutical industry and the way drugs are discovered?

  • Illustration of the blood brain barrier

    A barrier to progress: getting drugs to the brain Subscription

    15 MAY 2017 13:59 By Rachel Brazil

    Getting drugs across the blood-brain barrier could be key to developing more successful therapies to treat central nervous system disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, depression and epilepsy. Scientists are investigating a number of ways to achieve this, from using Trojan horses to smuggle drugs across the barrier, to temporary disruption of the barrier using ultrasound, to allow drugs into the brain.

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