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Pregabalin and gabapentin to be reclassified as Class C controlled substances


The Pharmaceutical Industry is what's hazards to our health because of their ass backward laws that have allowed hundreds of thousands of patients yes patents under a doctors care to prescribe drugs that were additive and many the companies rich off of other peoples pain and misery leading to overdoses addition and deaths, Now something that has no relation with opioids called gabapentin that is helping people like me and countless others with their symptoms has got you guys so nervous that your going to call it a Schedule Class C narcotic Well now your being overly caution causing a big headache for people who have absolutely nothing to do with the opioid crisis that was entirely committed by your industry. What the hell. Why is it always those who are innocent of their crimes but are treated like criminals for the sake of face. Your face at that . Your Industry has shame written all over it and now you want to try and look all caring and respectable and professional and all that to make up for your irresponsible actions and crimes committed against innocent people who were used by the Pharmaceutical Industries to make billions and billions and billions and destroying families and people lives and killing them. You should be ashamed and all put in jail for the humanity crises you have caused our country and now you want to look at other countries and see how they prescribe drugs and go by what they presume to be safe or not. Well you didn't have to ask them about opioids did you because you knew what was happening right under your noses and did nothing. Now you want to act all big and decent in trying to make everyone think that Big Phama has a heart after all by enacting measures of concern that only makes you look stupid because gabapentin is not additive and was never found in large sums of people who overdosed on opioids but it just happen to be in their system enough to say it was part of the cause of the overdose because people just happen to be taking it at the same time they overdosed. You have no proof no any real evidence or studies that say it dangerous even in large quantities. you would have to take the whole bottle for it to even kill you. Stop being stupid and stop trying to call it what it's not. Don't classify this helpful and beneficial drug that is helping those who are not abusing it but will be labeled as narcotic users .when asked by employers do you take any scheduled drugs and how many times and how many MGs do you take. And don't think it's not coming when employers will be asking that kind of question about the drugs people take. Your drug companies will make it harder on everyday working class people who are trying their best to get along in this country but as always it's those people who get struck because the rest of the world don't know how to act.

Posted date

18 JUN 2019

Posted time



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