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Everything you need to know about the COVID-19 therapy trials


I would like to point out two other drugs with already stablished trials and promising initial results. The first one is CICLESONIDE used primarily in JAPAN by the brand name ALVESCO but also provided in nasal form as OMNARIS from AstraZeneca, being CICLESONIDE from the same family of the much more well known BUDESONIDE ( ALENIA, SYMBICORT ), but which have been tried with success at a limited group of patients from the Diamond Princess ship that aboarded Japan at the very beginning of the Pandemy, where little treatment options were known at that time. Further computational in silico studies and in vitro studies have shown promise for CICLESONIDE as a drug candidate, since aside from locally treating directly the lung inflammation, it exhibited higher computational affinities specific to SarsCov2, which cousin drugs like BUDESONIDE did not scored so well, being not detected as potential in silico candidates. Another in silico discovered candidate drug is NITAZOXANIDE which similarly as IVERMECTIN has already started trials ongoing, with promising initial success cases, demanding further scientific trial confirmation, but with very promising clinical results if NITAZOXANIDE were used at very EARLY STAGES of sympthoms. I would like to just point out some OTHER drugs, with almost probably no official trial, but which have been ALSO investigated due to computational affinities or promising clinical results some of them as profilatic or initial treatment measures, like: HEDERA HELIX PELAGONIUM SIDOIDES ACETYLCISTEIN HESPERIDIN + DIOSMIN CHLOREHEXIDINE L-GLUTAMIN PROBIOTIC LACTOBACILLUS And a list of ANTIINLAMATORY substances like: CURCUMIN QUERCETIN RESVERATROL ALPHA LIPOIC ACID LICOPENE which can be complemented by some specific VITAMINS and MINERALS like VITAMINS B2, B3, B9, B12, E SELENIUM ZINC aside from the widely adopted ones like VITAMINS A, C, D Finally I would like to point out a completely FORGOTTEN drug used primarly in the treatment of childhood immunodeficiencies commercially available under the basic component of thymus extract as THYMOMODULIN Hope to have provided some COMPLEMENTAR drugs worth of Careful Looking, since its clear that appart from vaccinal products were no intermixing of brand shots is originally expected, from a clinical treatment options and point of view its clear that a single silver bullet shot drug will not raise up at least in the actual meanwhile, were vaccinal covering has not being globally widespread enough to shut down new infecctions. Its almost surely that a COCKTAIL of drugs and mixing of complementar treatments for COVID-19 like it has been with AIDS, will be our FIRST WEAPONS in the actual battle. Surely promoting the RAISE UP of INDIVIDUAL immune system defenses and sticking to social distance and hygienic rules while waiting for the vaccine or a new silver bullet drug ( yet to be discovered ), are our best chances of survival of the species. Yours Sincerely, with my Best Wishes and Protection to Us All !

Posted date

14 JAN 2021

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