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Threats and the cult of vaping


The thing is vapers get a little sensitive to "medical opinion" due to it's underlying mistake. Medical opinion is supposed to inform the consumer and not to dictate or have a political agenda. The use of certain words like "safe" are deliberately ambiguous and annoying to many. There is nothing you can do which is "safe" to an absolute level so you have to draw comparisons, in this case to smoking a cigarette. Most research I've seen does not qualify vaping as the safest hobby since knitting was invented but does acknowledge that it's a whole hell of a lot safer than smoking. All that's being asked of the so called experts is to add in the context and remove the agenda. Talking about air quality is a nonsense as a perfume could be considered to degrade that. Talking about certain chemicals being present is also a nonsense unless you know what they are doing and the thing is, you don't. It's acknowledged by all that no long term studies have been done and the jury is out. In such a vacuum of certainty, state it as such. Don't play on words or cover your insurance, admit you don't know but you are concerned. As for a cult. As a vaper myself I object to the label. A cult draws parallels to a religion of blind obedience. Vapers are by and large rebels. There is little obedience or agreement amongst them except that we're glad we stopped smoking and started vaping. As with all groups of people with an element of commonality, we request (or at least I do) some sensibility when you refer to us or that which makes us a group. Don't wade in with size 12 hob nail boots and demonize people. In the end the discussion will be moot. The community can self sustain this hobby. The ingredients are available to make the juices and build the devices. Unless evidence is found to show that vaping is actually a problem (not just smoking related and therefore the source of all evil) then any attempt to criminalise it would be futile and wasteful. However, I do sympathise. I used to post on a forum related to typology and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and drew many odd and harsh comments. It's part of the whole internet anonymity. My suggestion would be to avoid popularised media as it is generally frequented by the ill informed and all to ready to speak.

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26 SEP 2014

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