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Threats and the cult of vaping


"And vaping is a cult, now, for a small number of its advocates. In this cult there is only one truth, and anyone who dares to question it deserves nothing less than savage scorn." Oh come on, Chris, grow up. If you make inflammatory statements - whether about electronic cigarettes or crochet - and receive inflammatory responses, you can hardly hold your moral head up high and whine foul, nor can you point your (somewhat prejudiced) finger and holler 'cultist!' As a vaper, my personal experience of fellow vapers is that they are as collectively reflective of humans as any other group of humans, be they jesuits, bikers, public health advocates, doctors, crown-green bowlers... whatever. If you throw a rock into this pool, you'll get splashed with a variety of responses. I can only conclude that as you seem unable to grasp this, that all that jogging may have dislodged your sense of reality. For your information... from my perspective, I've found an effective and relatively harmless, alternative method to enjoy nicotine recreationally. As a direct consequence of vaping and with no input from PH advocates, nor cost to the taxpayer, nor use of smoking-cessation products... I no longer smoke. Read that last sentence again. It's kinda-sorta the entire point. I am informed and aware... of the mechanics, the risk, the research, the evidence... and yet I see and hear an incredible amount of vested interest, prejudice, ideology and misunderstanding from those who purport and proclaim to have my wellbeing at heart. I have also seen and heard wilful untruth, spin and bucketfuls of cherry-picked, disingenuous effluent... from the mouths and pens of, again, those who proclaim empathy and care. I have always attempted to counter rationally, yet it seems too much to ask... that people such as yourself lay aside prejudice, ideology and/or vested interest, and then, unburdened, take an objective look at the scientific evidence and actually listen to people such as myself and the millions of vapers that have first-hand experience and knowledge... without dismissing them as 'cultists' or their evidence as 'anecdotal.' I find empathy-lacking, blinkered dullards, especially those that go running, incredibly frustrating. Hence this savage and scornful post. Hey ho.

Posted date

27 SEP 2014

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