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    Professional knowledge and skills

    Pharmacy professionals should use their skills and knowledge, including guidelines and the evidence-base, to deliver safe and effective care while also looking at how quality of care can be improved. Behaviours relevant to this standard include recognising and working within the limits of knowledge and skills, referring to others when appropriate and undertaking a range of CPD activities relevant to practice and recording these to demonstrate knowledge and skills remain up-to-date.

    These articles can be used to support the development of your reflective account entries for this standard and provide an idea of the activities that could be included.

    Jaidev Mehta, a pharmacy business intelligence manager for NHS England and NHS Improvement

    A day in the life of a pharmacy business intelligence managerSubscription

    18 NOV 2019By

    Jaidev Mehta details a typical day as a pharmacy business intelligence manager, analysing medicines utilisation data to reduce variation in the provider sector.

    Managing common ear problems: discharge, ache and dizziness

    Managing common ear problems: discharge, ache and dizzinessSubscription

    12 NOV 2019By

    Pharmacists and their teams should be able to manage patients presenting with ear discharge, earache and dizziness effectively, referring patients only when necessary.

    Ana Armstrong

    A day in the life of a community-based pharmacist supporting older patients at home Subscription

    11 NOV 2019By

    Former hospital pharmacist Ana Armstrong would often find herself worrying about her older patients after discharge; so she decided to move sectors and help bridge care between hospital and home.

    Reflective account

    Reflective account example: a community pharmacist reflects on his communication skills

    4 OCT 2019By

    Do you feel confident in completing your reflective account? This example helps you understand what you need to include in your GPhC submission

    Learning using laptop

    Unplanned learning example: improving understanding of patient experience in acne

    3 OCT 2019By

    An example CPD entry from the perspective of a community pharmacist who has recently completed unplanned CPD on acne.

    Student laptop learning

    Planned learning example: learning about endometriosis

    2 OCT 2019By

    An example CPD entry from the perspective of a community pharmacist who has recently completed planned CPD on endometriosis.

    Someone working on a laptop

    Updating CPD modules to help improve learning

    30 SEP 2019By

    From September 2019, our CPD modules will be changing from ‘true or false’ questions to ‘single best answer’ questions.

    Gemma Fromage

    A day in the life of a pharmacist working in aestheticsSubscription

    19 AUG 2019By

    Gemma Fromage explains why she decided to become a prescribing pharmacist and aesthetic practitioner, as well as what her role entails.


    Case-based learning: cough Subscription

    13 AUG 2019By

    Most coughs are acute and self-limiting; however, it is important to understand when a cough becomes clinically significant.

    Careers decision concept

    Six things to look for in a pharmacy preregistration placementSubscription

    5 AUG 2019By ,

    Preferencing the right training providers in Oriel will be one of the most important decisions for a future trainee to make. Here is what students should consider before making that choice.

    David Gerrard is an advanced pharmacist practitioner at Northumberland Tyne Wear NHS Foundation Trust

    A day caring for vulnerable people with learning disabilitiesSubscription

    22 JUL 2019By

    David Gerrard details a typical day as a pharmacist independent prescriber working as part of a community learning disability treatment team.

    digital pharmacy

    How to shift your pharmacy career from analogue to digitalSubscription

    15 JUL 2019By

    Five tips to help pharmacy professionals digitise their career.

    Case based learning meningitis

    Case-based learning: meningitisSubscription

    27 JUN 2019By

    Causes, diagnosis and initial management options for adults and children with meningitis.

    Case based learning acne

    Case-based learning: acne vulgarisSubscription

    21 JUN 2019By

    Causes, diagnosis and management options for a range of patients, including those with mild or moderate acne.

    Mosan Ashraf, homecare medicines lead at University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust

    A day in the life of a homecare pharmacistSubscription

    18 JUN 2019By

    Mosan Ashraf details a typical day as lead pharmacist for homecare medicines at a foundation trust.

    Pharmacists talking in a dispensary

    How to give and receive constructive feedbackSubscription

    15 MAR 2016By , , , ,

    The importance of feedback and how to deliver it in a clinical environment.

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