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Molecular structure of doxycycline

Doxycycline shows promise as repurposed drug against Parkinson’s diseaseSubscription

Repurposing drugs that have already been tested for safety against novel targets has become an attractive strategy for researchers trying to find cures for progressive neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

Cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy session

Depression in cancer patients might be caused by chemotherapy drugs Subscription

Study suggests that depression among cancer patients results from chemotherapy drugs, not just the mental distress of a cancer diagnosis.

Xray showing hip joint

Risk of fracture from benzodiazepine and Z-drugs higher for short-term usersSubscription

Meta analysis shows that fracture risk is highest among new users of both benzodiazepines and Z-drugs.

Xray showing fracture of middle bone clavicle

PPI use in infancy increases childhood fracture riskSubscription

Proton pump inhibitors linked to higher risk of bone fractures in children as well as adults.

Molecular structure of valbenazine

Valbenazine shows efficacy for tardive dyskinesia in phase III trialSubscription

Promising results in the search for a drug to treat this involuntary movement disorder.

Light dispersion through a prism

Researchers test light-activated analgesia in miceSubscription

Light activation of the inactive forms of drugs may offer a powerful strategy for pain control, but further work is needed before it can be used in a clinical setting.

Vaccines inside a fridge

Silica cages could keep vaccines intact without need for 'cold chain'Subscription

Ensilication enables protein-based substances to withstand heat of up to 100ºC and still function as normal.

Hydrophylax bahuvistara or fungoid frog

Peptide found in frog mucus protects against influenza virusSubscription

In the search for new drugs to treat cases of flu, scientists have found a unique class of antiviral agent in amphibians.

Woman holding a blister pack of the contraceptive pill

Common oral contraceptive pill has negative effect on general well-beingSubscription

A large trial has found that the most common contraceptive pills can cause a decrease in wellbeing in healthy women.

Coloured x-ray of a bladder

Antimuscarinics increase risk of depression in women with overactive bladderSubscription

Researchers have found that patients with overactive bladder who are prescribed antimuscarinics have an increased subsequent risk of depressive disorder.

Pharmacist speaking with customer

Pharmacist-led type 2 diabetes reviews in GP practices improve patient outcomesSubscription

Pharmacist intervention led to better blood pressure, glycated haemoglobin and total cholesterol scores for patients with type 2 diabetes, study shows.

Close up of sore throat or acute pharyngitis

Benefit of steroids for sore throat still unclearSubscription

Using steroids, rather than antibiotics, for sore throat is marginally more effective after 48 hours, according to a randomised controlled trial.

Senior woman eating in a care home

Communication training cuts antipsychotic use in nursing homesSubscription

Training nursing home staff to understand the personhood of patients with dementia reduces off-label prescribing of antipsychotics, New England study results show.

Brain scan

Brain scans could match patients to best depression treatment Subscription

Neuroimaging may help identify the optimal treatment for patients with depression, study results show.

Micrograph of human stem cells

Stem-cell screening finds statin alternative for hypercholesterolaemiaSubscription

Researchers discover a stem-cell based approach that may help identify new treatments for inherited liver diseases

Pregnant woman receives vaccination

HPV vaccination during early pregnancy does not increase adverse risksSubscription

Exposure to the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine in the early stages of pregnancy is not associated with a higher risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes, researchers claim.

MRI scan showing intracranial haemorrhage

Intracranial haemorrhage risk of warfarin unrelated to INR controlSubscription

Study results show that choosing apixaban over warfarin could reduce the risk of anticoagulation-related intracranial haemorrhage.

Scanning electron micrograph of a dying cancer cell

Anti-rheumatic works with anti-cancer drug to boost tumour cell deathSubscription

Researchers find that auranofin and RAPTA-T can work together to kill tumour cells.

Boy staring at an open page book

ADHD drug shows promise for treating dyslexiaSubscription

Researchers find that attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder drug atomoxetine could benefit children with dyslexia.

Komodo dragon

Peptide inspired by Komodo dragon blood promotes wound healingSubscription

Researchers in the United States use peptide from Komodo dragon to enhance wound healing in mice.

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