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Sad child facing wall

ADHD treatment well-tolerated in paediatric anxietySubscription

Researchers found small decreases in blood pressure and heart rate in patients treated with guanfacine, and say further clinical testing is needed.

Molecular structure of fentanyl

Researchers create opioid that only activates at pain sitesSubscription

Opioid-receptor agonist demonstrated similar level of pain relief to fentanyl but without typical side effects associated with opioids.

Smoker lighting a cigarette

Brain activity predicts success of attempts to quit smokingSubscription

Researchers found that smokers who relapsed while trying to quit had a reduced functional connectivity between brain regions involved in inhibitory control, compared to those who remained abstinent.

Blister pack of pravastatin

No survival benefit from adding statins to lung cancer treatmentSubscription

Adding pravastatin to platinum-based chemotherapy offered no benefit to survival compared with placebo, researchers report.

Ovarian cancer cells

Researchers discover molecule that inhibits cancer cell stress responseSubscription

Scientists find a new chemical probe that is a potent inhibitor of human cancer cell proliferation in vitro, with potential applications against many cancers.

Molecular structure of ketamine

Antidepressant response associated with increased resilience to stress in miceSubscription

Researchers say their study using a mouse model of chronic social defeat stress could be applied to identify novel drug targets for depression therapies.

Micrograph of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria (yellow) on human nasal epithelial cells

Salicylic acid exposure might increase risk of Staphylococcus aureusSubscription

Animal research suggests that frequent consumption of aspirin could contribute to S. aureus infection.

Micrograph of the Zika virus

Zika candidate vaccine confers durable protection in animal trialsSubscription

Researchers found that a single dose of their mRNA-based Zika vaccine could protect mice for up to five months.

Close up of a man smoking an e-cigarette

E-cigarettes linked to increased cardiovascular risk factorsSubscription

University of California researchers found that e-cigarette users were more likely to show increased cardiac sympathetic activity and higher levels of oxidative stress.

Diazepam tablets

Diazepam should not be added to NSAIDs for acute lower back pain, researchers saySubscription

Study results show that 22% of patients taking placebo with naproxen for back pain reported moderate to severe pain, compared with 32% of patients taking diazepam with naproxen.

Students in class

Medical-school Prescribing Safety Assessment could be taken by pharmacistsSubscription

Pharmacist prescribers are as competent as medical students when it comes to safe prescribing, pilot study shows.

Petri dish with clostridium difficile culture

Recent C. difficile reduction in England mostly results from antibiotic stewardshipSubscription

Restricting the prescribing of fluoroquinolone seems to explain the reduced rates of C. difficile infections in England over the past decade, national study shows.

Illustration of a blocked artery

Team interventions improve adherence to lipid-lowering medicationSubscription

Pharmacist-led interventions and patient education are better at improving adherence to lipid-lowering drugs than other types of intervention, such as electronic or telephone reminders, study results show.

Sample of male contraceptive gel, Vasalgel, in test tube

Gel-based 'vasectomy' could be an effective male contraceptiveSubscription

Researchers injected 16 adult male monkeys with Vasalgel; their mates did not conceive for the duration of the two-year study.

Close-up of pills on an elderly person's hands

Beta-blockers risk functional decline in some older patientsSubscription

Nursing home residents with pre-existing cognitive or functional impairments were at a higher risk of functional decline after taking beta-blockers following acute myocardial infarction, study shows.

Close up of otitis media ear infection

Shortening antibiotic treatment worsens outcomes in children with ear infectionSubscription

Researchers found that standard-duration antibiotic treatment for acute otitis media works better than shorter treatments.

Close up of aspirin tablets

Non-aspirin NSAIDs outperform aspirin for colorectal cancer preventionSubscription

Non-aspirin NSAIDs offer protection against colorectal cancer but carry a high risk of adverse events.

Woman in wheelchair pushed by a man

Ocrelizumab cuts relapse rates and disability progression in MSSubscription

Researchers found ocrelizumab to be more effective than interferon beta-1a for treating relapsing MS

Chemotherapy drugs on tray

Modelling approach could optimise drug combination choiceSubscription

Researchers used polynomial modelling to simulate complex drug-dose effects and found that they could accurately predict the dose-effect function of drug combinations.

Micrograph of Zika virus particles

Antibodies from Zika patient protect mice against diseaseSubscription

Attempts to isolate human monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against Zika virus have led to broadly neutralising antibodies that also show activity against Dengue virus.

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