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Hospital staff holding ketamine ampoule

Lack of evidence over ketamine’s long-term safetySubscription

Acute side effects are common in studies of patients who have received ketamine for depression and more research is needed into long-term outcomes, researchers find.

Profile of obese man's stomach

Bodyweight-based growth hormone dosing excessive for obese patientsSubscription

Researchers argue that alternative dosing strategies for obese patients, in particular children, should be rigorously trialled.

Xray of hip fracture

Alendronate might help protect against hip fracturesSubscription

Patients treated with prednisolone are likely to benefit from receiving the osteoporosis treatment alendronate, but further research is needed.

3D structure of the anticoagulant, dabigatran

Idarucizumab rapidly reverses dabigatran anticoagulationSubscription

Researchers find that idarucizumab effectively counteracts the workings of anticoagulant dabigatran in emergency situations.

Xray showing inflammatory bowel disease

Antibiotics in late pregnancy linked to inflammatory bowel diseaseSubscription

Researchers found that exposure to the antibiotic cefoperazone resulted in gut microbial imbalances in the mother that were transmitted to their offspring.

Elderly patient holding medicines

PPI use not linked to cognitive functionSubscription

A study conducted over a 14-year period found no convincing association between proton-pump inhibitor use and cognition.

Light micrograph of osteosarcoma cells

IGF1R inhibitors could treat osteosarcomaSubscription

Over the last three decades there has been limited improvement in the prognosis of osteosarcoma, a primary malignancy of bone which is incurable in 40% of cases.

Molecular structure of aripiprazole

Adding antipsychotic more effective than switching antidepressant in MDDSubscription

Researchers compared remission rates in patients with major depressive disorder who were either switched to another antidepressant or had their existing treatment augmented with an antipsychotic.

Abscess wound after cleaning

Antibiotics increase cure rate from small skin abscesses compared with drainage aloneSubscription

Researchers assess the use of antibiotics in combination with incision and drainage for the treatment of skin abscesses in comparison with drainage alone.

Toddler playing

Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy linked to suboptimal early neurocognitive developmentSubscription

Study in The British Journal of Nutrition finds a link between vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy and delays in neurocognitive development in the first 42 months of a child’s life.

Woman has an ultrasound

Fluoxetine during first trimester linked to malformations in infantsSubscription

Careful consideration of the use of fluoxetine by pregnant women has been suggested by a recent meta-analysis study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

Close up of viagra pills on the palm of a hand

Link between Viagra and melanoma is weak, meta-analysis showsSubscription

A meta-analysis reveals a significant association between the use of Viagra and low-stage melanoma but the criteria for causation were not met.

Micrograph of Plasmodium berghei

Large malaria genome study highlights surprising number of potential drug targetsSubscription

A large-scale study of malaria gene function reveals an abundance of essential parasite genes that could be targets for new antimalarial drugs.

Newborn sleeping in cot

Serum serotonin levels could identify sudden infant death syndrome casesSubscription

Study reveals serotonin metabolism abnormalities as contributing factors to sudden infant death syndrome and suggests serotonin serum levels as a forensic biomarker.

Vitamin D3 capsules

High-dose vitamin D counteracts sunburn damageSubscription

A double-blinded, placebo-controlled interventional trial reveals high-dose vitamin D3 as a potent modulator of experimental sunburn induced by simulated solar radiation.

Micrograph of T cells attacking cancer cell

Molecular fingerprint could predict lung cancer patients who will respond to immunotherapySubscription

A study reveals that the transcriptional programme of tumour-infiltrating T cells in lung cancer might inform personalised immunotherapeutic treatment strategies.

Laboratory mouse

Beta-blockers reverse heart failure gene expressionSubscription

A study in Scientific Reports reveals beta-blockers as potential modulators of cardiac gene expression.

Illustration of brain synapse

Researchers dispute the therapeutic mode of action of a ketamine metaboliteSubscription

A study in Nature contradicts a previous report on synaptic NMDAR inhibition by a ketamine metabolite, a potential antidepressant.

Baby ultrasound

Prenatal paracetamol exposure alters brain and reproductive tract development in male miceSubscription

The need to limit the widespread exposure and use of paracetamol by pregnant women has been emphasised in a recent study published in the journal Reproduction.

Patient in hospital bed

Unnecessary antibiotic prescribing increases risk of adverse drug eventsSubscription

Study reveals the importance of judicious antibiotic prescribing to reduce the harm that can result from antibiotic-associated adverse drug events.

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