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Pharmacists must prepare for new ways of working in the seven-day challengeSubscription

The idea behind seven-day working is simple: to provide the same level of essential NHS services to all patients seven days a week. In particular, the NHS plan, outlined in the 2012 report “Equality for all: Delivering safe care — seven days a week”, calls for a focus on admission prevention, early diagnosis and intervention, and early supported discharge.

Blod clot

The rise and fall of the clot buster: A review on the history of StreptokinaseSubscription

Streptokinase, the first thrombolytic drug to reach the market, achieved fame as the iconic clot buster.


Bound to work better: binding kinetics can be used to better inform the design and development of drugsSubscription

Studying how long a drug stays bound to a receptor can help scientists develop more effective medicines. 

HIV Virus

HIV: pathology, diagnosis and preventionSubscription

The human immunodeficiency virus hijacks the immune system of its host. Despite the success of antiretroviral therapy, challenges still remain in reducing the spread of the virus

Blood sample

HIV: managementSubscription

Combined antiretroviral therapy is taken by people with HIV infection to prolong and improve quality of life. Patients require a high level of support to help them adhere to the complex regimens prescribed


Bedaquiline in multi-drug resistant tuberculosisSubscription

The first new anti-tuberculosis drug since 1967 could revolutionise therapy and tackle resistant strains.


Carbapenems have stood the test of time so far but resistance is emergingSubscription

Jenny Bryan takes a look at the discovery of carbapenem antibiotics and their role as the last line of defence against drug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria.

Pharmacy students at the University of Central Lancashire got the opportunity to speak with volunteer members of the Comensus initiative about a wide range of social and health care issues

Involving patients and the public in the delivery of pharmacy educationSubscription

Gordon Becket and colleagues explain how pharmacy students at the University of Central Lancashire benefited from speaking directly to patients about their medical conditions


Leading clinical practiceSubscription

By ,

Consultant pharmacists Stephen Tomlin and Mark Gilchrist describe some of the topics to be covered in the “Leading clinical practice” stream at the RPS Annual Conference 2014.


One journey ends but another continuesSubscription

Out-going RPS President Martin Astbury looks at some of the lessons learnt during his term and looks forward to continuing his role on the English Pharmacy Board.

Lecturer teaching students

Become a teacher-practitioner to help tomorrow’s pharmacists excelSubscription

Trainee pharmacists need input from experienced pharmacists to put their learning into practice. If you enjoy helping people learn and develop themselves, the role of teacher-practitioner could be for you.


Shaping a pharmacist's formative yearsSubscription

Pharmacists undertaking postgraduate diplomas need adequate support throughout the course, and tutors should be familiar with practice-based assessment.

Pharmacy-led service delivers bulk of community flu vaccinations

Community pharmacists could be used as a back up service to the children’s influenza vaccination programme delivered in schools, according to a Public Health England (PHE) evaluation of a pilot project.

Peter Leslie, chairman of terms and conditions at the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists

Could seven-day services compromise everyday care?Subscription


Adequate funding is needed if pharmacy teams are to deliver seven-day services safely.

Doctor using rapid visual assessment of elderly patient

Facial expressions can help emergency diagnosisSubscription

Study shows patients with serious cardiopulmonary disorders have a narrower range of facial expressions.


The debate over e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices that often look like cigarettes but do not contain tobacco. On inhalation, a solution, often containing nicotine, is vaporised into a fine mist resembling cigarette smoke. Recently, since a few pharmacies have decided to sell e-cigarettes, a debate over the role of pharmacists in offering e-cigarettes has been started. On this page you will find all the information we have to offer over this ongoing debate.

Lyme disease: pharmacists can helpSubscription

In recent years the awareness and, indeed, incidence of Lyme disease, a zoonotic tick borne condition, has increased steadily in the UK. Between 2001 and 2010 the number of confirmed cases of Lyme disease in Scotland soared from 28 to 308, although experts believe the true figure could be 10 times that number. Rates are more than three times higher in Scotland than in England.


A step-by-step guide to stability Subscription


Drug stability for pharmaceutical scientists, by Thorsteinn Loftsson.


Pharmacy commissioning can learn from the GP experience


Pharmacy hasn’t been great at pitching services to the NHS. There are the usual excuses — too little funding or a lack of pharmacy representation on key bodies — but pharmacy could take a lesson from GPs.

Tramadol Nightmares


I never thought that tramadol being a schedule 3 controlled drug would become such a problem. Sure, I envisioned doctors forgetting to fill out controlled drug discharge forms (as is needed for other CDs) and us having to remind them.

The giant carnivorous amoeboid


A giant among unicellular organisms that builds its own shell and resembles a carnivorous sponge has been listed in the Top 10 Species for 2014

Learning made easy


Chris Chapman describes the new learning section on the Pharmaceutical Journal website

Focus: Community pharmacy

Do the words “community pharmacy” conjure up thoughts of endless, hard-to-reach targets, dwindling pharmacy income and lack of professional autonomy? Do they make you think of ever-increasing demands from customers, patients and the Government? We hope this issue of Focus will help give you ideas and perhaps provide a more positive view of community pharmacy.


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The problem is not that there are no new antibiotics to be found but that the pharmaceutical industry finds it difficult to make a business case to develop new antibiotics. The pharmaceutical industry needs antibiotics to be used in significant quantities in order to generate an income stream.

Richard Schmidt WHO to develop global plan to tackle antimicrobial resistance

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