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17th Field Ambulance, showing horse-drawn horses

Pharmacists serve on the front line and back at homeSubscription

Pharmacists were among the men and women who served in the First World War, through enlisting in the army, serving on the home front, or maintaining pharmaceutical services.

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People should measure their waistline as a guide to type 2 diabetes

Large waistlines increase type 2 diabetes risk by up to five times

Adult men with a waist circumference of more than 102cm are five times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than men with a smaller waistline, while women with a measurement of 88cm and above are three times more likely. 

Anopheles minimus, mosquito causing malaria

Artemisinin-resistant malaria ‘widespread’ in Southeast Asia

Researchers call for radical measures to prevent resistance to the most effective type of antimalarial agent spreading to the Indian subcontinent and beyond.

WHO launches $100m plan to tackle Ebola

The World Health Organization and African leaders meet to discuss plans to bring the ’unprecedented’ Ebola outbreak under control in West Africa.

Emergency contraception is effective regardless of a woman’s weight or body mass index (BMI)

Emergency contraceptives can be used in women regardless of bodyweight

Levonorgestrel and ulipristal acetate are suitable for use in women regardless of bodyweight, concludes a review by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

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Propionibacterium acnes, bacteria that causes acne

Acne vulgaris Subscription

Acne affects eight out of ten teenagers and can persist into later life. Pharmacists have a wide range of treatments to offer patients.

HIV Virus

HIV: pathology, diagnosis and preventionSubscription

The human immunodeficiency virus hijacks the immune system of its host. Despite the success of antiretroviral therapy, challenges still remain in reducing the spread of the virus

Blood sample

HIV: managementSubscription

Combined antiretroviral therapy is taken by people with HIV infection to prolong and improve quality of life. Patients require a high level of support to help them adhere to the complex regimens prescribed

Cogs for opinion article on community pharmacy and delegation

Pharmacists should delegate without fearSubscription


Unless barriers to delegation are removed, community pharmacists will be unable to fulfil their expanding role.

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Head of technology at MedicinesComplete, Harvinder Sondh

Putting clinical information at your fingertipsSubscription

Harvinder Sondh uses his background as a pharmacist to help design online tools to assist pharmacists and pharmacutical scientists.


Pharmaceutical Care Awards 2014

A closer look at the six finalist pharmaceutical care projects that were presented at the 22nd annual Pharmaceutical Care Awards 2014 held in London on 19 June.

Hands holding patient, Assistance to die opinion piece, July 26 issue

Assistance to die

A change in the law to allow assisted suicide would require stringent safeguards to be in place — informed by pharmaceutical expertise.

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Lyme disease: pharmacists can helpSubscription

In recent years the awareness and, indeed, incidence of Lyme disease, a zoonotic tick borne condition, has increased steadily in the UK. Between 2001 and 2010 the number of confirmed cases of Lyme disease in Scotland soared from 28 to 308, although experts believe the true figure could be 10 times that number. Rates are more than three times higher in Scotland than in England.

Reader's comment

I saw first-hand how this disease leaves its victims trapped in a truly terrifying, living hell – with no way out except fading slowly and somewhat agonizingly into a merciful death. I often felt my charges were closer to anxious zombies than human beings – and did often wonder about the ethics of prolonging life as long as possible under those circumstances.

Scott Nelson Assistance to die

Commonwealth Games and The Queen’s Baton

Pharmacist Audrey Thompson describes the journey of the Queen’s Baton across 70 nations to its current home at the Athlete Village in Dalmarnock.

At last, good press for bone marrow fat

Recent research at the University of Michigan has suggested that adipose tissue contained within bone marrow provides a previously unknown source of a hormone linked with reduced levels of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity-related cancers

The medicinal benefits of selfheal

Selfheal has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries, often as an astringent, and was identified as the herb used by Dioscorides, the ancient Greek physician, to cure inflammation of the throat and tonsils

Tramadol Nightmares

I never thought that tramadol being a schedule 3 controlled drug would become such a problem. Sure, I envisioned doctors forgetting to fill out controlled drug discharge forms (as is needed for other CDs) and us having to remind them.

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Carbapenems have stood the test of time so far but resistance is emergingSubscription

Jenny Bryan takes a look at the discovery of carbapenem antibiotics and their role as the last line of defence against drug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria.

Endothelial Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK)

Protein identified that increases resistance to chemotherapySubscription

Researchers from Barts Cancer Institute have identified a role for endothelial Focal Adhesion Kinase (FAK) in regulating tumour chemosensitivity.


Just saying “bore da” (good morning) can help!Subscription


Principal policy adviser for RPS Wales Elen Jones reflects on the recent inquiry by the Welsh Language Commissioner on the use of Welsh in primary care.

Quality system diagram PharmacyQS

Focus on qualitySubscription


RPS professional support pharmacist Wing Tang explains how the hub can help pharmacy teams embed quality in the services they offer.


A weight off your shouldersSubscription


Why being overweight does not necessarily mean being unhealthy


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