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Cancer patient doing tests

Integrated care for cancer patients with depression is effective

There is a high prevalence of untreated depression in patients with cancer but an integrated treatment programme is proving to be effective.

Close up of a lung-on-chip linked to a cyclic suction - organ on chip

Organ-on-chip technology to revolutionise drug developmentSubscription

Pioneering work creating organ models aims to predict the human response to a protein in order to assess whether it is a suitable drug target.

17th Field Ambulance, showing horse-drawn horses

Pharmacists serve on the front line and back at homeSubscription

Pharmacists were among the men and women who served in the First World War, through enlisting in the army, serving on the home front, or maintaining pharmaceutical services.

Blod clot

The rise and fall of the clot buster: A review on the history of StreptokinaseSubscription

Streptokinase, the first thrombolytic drug to reach the market, achieved fame as the iconic clot buster. It was a huge advance when there was nothing else and, when combined with aspirin, it halved mortality in what was at that time a lethal disease.

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Doctor uses a defibrillator on a patient

Atrial fibrillation guideline updatesSubscription

How the latest clinical guidelines change the management of a cardiac arrhythmia affecting 1% of adults in the UK.

Ebola facilities at the Royal Free Hospital in London

Ebola: what pharmacists need to knowSubscription

Pharmacists are ideally placed to help educate the public during the current outbreak of Ebola virus disease.

Light micrograph of uric acid crystals from a gouty joint

Acute management and prevention of gout

Ways to treat this painful condition that affects almost 900,000 people in the UK and how lifestyle changes can prevent further attacks.

Aamer Safdar working on his computer

Advising young people on a career in healthcareSubscription

A new online programme enables NHS staff to connect with teenagers and help them consider their career options.


The Ebola outbreak

International health organizations are struggling to contain the biggest Ebola oubreak on record. 

No more Mr NICE guy… can we continue to afford new cancer medicines?

Consultant cancer pharmacist Steve Williamson speculates on the future of funding to cancer drugs following the announcement of changes to the Cancer Drug Fund

Glasgow 2014 activity analysis

Audrey Thompson provides some pharmacy statistics from the Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

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Carbapenems have stood the test of time so far but resistance is emergingSubscription

Jenny Bryan takes a look at the discovery of carbapenem antibiotics and their role as the last line of defence against drug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria.

Africa and pharmacists fighting ebola

Pharmacy can help fight against EbolaSubscription


As West African countries struggle to manage the current Ebola outbreak, more needs to be done internationally to improve the capabilities of the local pharmacy workforce.

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Joep Lange

A pioneer in AIDS research from the very startSubscription


Dutch researcher Joep Lange dedicated his career to groundbreaking HIV and AIDS research and was passionate about improving access to antiretroviral therapy in developing countries.

Software issues lead to loss for pharmacySubscription

I came across the following dispensed prescriptions the other day while doing a locum shift. They were both essentially computer system problems, but I found them concerning nonetheless.

Premature baby in an incubator

Erythropoietin provides neuroprotection to preterm infantsSubscription

A trial has found that giving preterm infants human erythropoietin just before and after birth were significantly less likely to have brain abnormalities.

John Cromarty, chairman, Scottish Pharmacy Board

The RPS is heading in the right directionSubscription


Scottish Pharmacy Board chairman John Cromarty takes stock of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and finds significant progress has been made.

Helen Gordon

Providing standards and resources — and paying tribute Subscription


RPS chief executive Helen Gordon looks at initiatives to provide the professional leadership pharmacists seek.


A weight off your shouldersSubscription


Why being overweight does not necessarily mean being unhealthy


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