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The Pharmaceutical Journal


Illustration of neutrons forming brain

Pharmacists are an essential resource for Parkinson’s disease patientsSubscription

Pharmacists are well placed to manage the complex medication regimens of patients with Parkinson’s disease by not only addressing a raft of motor and non-motor symptoms but also managing other co-morbidities, such as diabetes or hypertension.


Research on antimicrobial resistance

AMR and diagnostics: pointing the way to better infection controlSubscription

22 SEP 2017By

Antimicrobial resistance — the ability of previously sensitive microorganisms to resist the effects of an antimicrobial agent — is a growing problem. The World Health Organization has warned that we could be moving into a post-antibiotic era where even minor injuries could lead to life-threatening infections, consequently putting an end to complex surgery and returning us to an era where childbirth is high-risk.

Parkinson's disease concept illustration

Back to basics: striving to stall Parkinson’s disease progressionSubscription

21 SEP 2017By

First described 200 years ago, Parkinson’s disease remains without a cure. After many failed clinical trials, researchers are getting back to basics to try to gain a better understanding of the challenges, and a new generation of treatment ideas are now in clinical trials, some of which aim to stall progression of the disease.

Images showing forms of drug delivery: nanoparticles, microchip technology, micro needle patcher and ultrasound-guided delivery

Making drugs work better: four new drug delivery methodsSubscription

14 SEP 2017By

New drug delivery methods have started to emerge that aim to improve efficacy, cost-effectiveness and adherence as well as reduce side effects.


Man on chair measures tangled mess

Science reproducibility crisis: better measurement is required to tackle global health challengesSubscription

Measurement underpins UK trade and regulation, and helps us support innovation and government policy.

Books and Arts

Book cover of ‘The Pioppi Diet'

How following a diet from a small Italian village could improve your health


An interesting book which explains why sugar is the real enemy and not fat, and how dietary and lifestyle changes can improve cardiovascular health.

Book cover of 'I contain multitudes: the microbes within us and a grander view of life'

Living in a microbial worldSubscription


I contain multitudes: the microbes within us and a grander view of life, by Ed Yong.

Book cover of 'Toxicology in the middle ages and renaissance'

A fascinating look at the history of toxicologySubscription


Toxicology in the middle ages and renaissance, edited by Philip Wexler


Donald M. Berwick

Q&A: Invest in safety and make savings overall — interview with Don BerwickSubscription


The author of the 2013 report which looked at patient safety in the NHS after the Mid Staffordshire Hospital scandal speaks to Jenny Bryan to share his thoughts on whether progress has been made.

Learning article

Historical illustration of an eye

Evidence-based understanding of dry eye disease in pharmacy: overview of the TFOS DEWS II report

By ,

July 2017 saw publication of the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society International Dry Eye Workshop report, an update to the 2007 report that became the reference for clinicians, researchers and industry on dry eye. Pharmacy is a frequent point of contact for patients with a dry eye condition. Pharmacists and pharmacy teams should therefore be aware of its changing definiton, causes, diagnosis and management.

Close up of elderly man holding cane

How pharmacy can provide patient-centred care for dementia patientsSubscription


Each person’s experience of mild cognitive impairment and dementia will be quite different. Pharmacists and pharmacy teams are well placed to assist in both the early identification of dementia, as well as to help patients manage their medicines.


Group photo of the Medicines Management Team (MMT) at Bay Medical Group, Lancashire

The medicines management team: a sustainable approach to pharmacist and GP collaborationSubscription


Steve Hemsley explains how pharmacists in Bay Medical Group’s Medicines Management Team have become instrumental in easing the burden of GP shortages in Lancashire.

Rocco Hadland, heart failure specialist pharmacist at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

My journey from analytical chemist to heart failure specialist pharmacist


Helping patients to make sense of a serious and complex long-term condition is the most interesting part of my role, says Rocco Hadland.

Adedayo Titiloye, regional development manager in Manchester for Well

How I support pharmacists and community pharmacy teams in my role as regional development managerSubscription


Collaborative working and sharing best practice ideas with other healthcare professionals are vital to achieving excellence in customer care, says Adedayo Titiloye


Teenager smoking an e-cigarette

E-cigarettes could be prompting UK teens to start smoking traditional cigarettes, study finds

E-cigarette use may be prompting UK teenagers to start smoking traditional cigarettes, according to the results of a pilot study published in August 2017.

Patient (left) collecting and discussing her prescription with a pharmacist at the outpatients pharmacy of a hospital

New study highlights value of pharmacist prescribers in hospitals

Pharmacist prescribing evaluated in three critical care units was found to be safe, with a very low error rate.

young girl having glucose levels tested

Type 2 diabetes on the rise in children and young people in England and Wales

The number of children and young people with type 2 diabetes being managed in paediatric diabetes units has increased each year for the past three years, according to a national audit.

Mortality rates among patients of heart failure in England and Wales have dropped because of improved care.

Hundreds more people surviving heart failure

Hundreds more patients admitted to hospital with heart failure are surviving because of improvements in care, an independent audit commissioned by the NHS has found.

Dutch Health Care Inspectorate building, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Dutch tapering kits website investigated by Dutch Health Care Inspectorate

Public health inspectors are investigating the recently launched English-language version of a Netherlands-based website selling tapering kits to patients, which help to wean them off antidepressants and other psychiatric drugs.

pharmacist advising patient about medicine

New Medicines Service could save NHS £517.6m, economic evaluation finds

Evaluation of new medicines service shows the system is cost effective and has improved medication adherence by 10%

News in brief

Nuremberg weights showing five nested cups lines in a row

Precision medicines — Renaissance-styleSubscription

15 AUG 2017

As the practice of apothecary became more skilled in the 15th and 16th centuries, standardized weights were needed to ensure accurate dispensing.

Donald Trump US president

President Trump declares opioid crisis a national emergency

15 AUG 2017

US President Donald Trump has declared the country’s opioid abuse epidemic a national emergency.

Alex MacKinnon Royal Pharmaceutical Society

Director of RPS in Scotland calls for e-cigarette evidence review

15 AUG 2017

The director of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society in Scotland, Alex MacKinnon, has called for a review of the evidence on e-cigarettes.

EEG showing epilepsy

MHRA advises health professionals on supply of clobazam for epilepsy

15 AUG 2017

An epilepsy charity has updated its advice for health professionals on the supply of clobazam for people with epilepsy.

patient receiving chemotherapy drugs

Three quarters of drugs in Cancer Drugs Fund now approved for routine use

14 AUG 2017

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the health technology assessment body, has now approved three quarters of the drugs in the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) for routine NHS use, and has not rejected any drug outright.

boots logo

Deadline set for BPA to respond to derecognition application

11 AUG 2017

The Boots Pharmacists Association (BPA) has been given until the end of today (Friday 11 August) to respond to an application by a group of Boots pharmacists to have the association derecognised as the representative negotiating body for pharmacy staff at Boots.

female student taking exam

GPhC exam Board of Assessors releases feedback on June 2017 pre-reg assessment

10 AUG 2017

Infusion rates, dose rounding and applying situations to patients were three areas where pre-registration trainee pharmacists performed less well in the General Pharmaceutical Council’s June 2017 registration assessment, according to feedback released by the Board of Assessors.

Drug-resistant N Gonorrhoeae

New antibiotic shown to be effective against gonorrhoea superbug

8 AUG 2017

A new class of antibiotic has been found to be effective against Neisseria gonorrhoeae according to researchers from Imperial College London and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

hepatitis b vaccine

New guidance for hepatitis B vaccine shortage

8 AUG 2017

Public Health England has issued “temporary” guidance that restricts providing hepatitis B immunisation to adults and children, in response to the global shortage of the vaccine.

The Pharmaceutical Journal

September 2017, Vol 299, No 7905

Cover story:

AMR and diagnostics: pointing the way to better infection control

The Pharmaceutical Journal

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Your RPS

gino martini cr klc 17

RPS Winter Summit to focus on science and innovationSubscription

Artificial intelligence and big data may not traditionally be associated with pharmacy, but these are just two of the innovations up for discussion at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s inaugural Winter Summit.

The collection put together by the apothecary John Burges (1745-1807) includes (from left) bees, sea skinks, red coral, viper, seahorses, toads and scorpions

Animal magic — the Burges collection of materia medicaSubscription

The Burges collection was put together by the apothecary John Burges and contains more than 1,000 specimens.

gerard water lily 1

Gonorrhoea and antibiotics — past, present and futureSubscription

By John Betts

The problem of dwindling treatment options for gonorrhoea is complicated because there are very few new antibiotics in development. Stewardship of our remaining antibiotic resources is now more urgent than ever.

award winner 2017 gillian hawksworth

Pharmacist ambassadors feted at RPS Awards 2017Subscription

Gillian Hawksworth, former president of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) and chair of the Panel of Fellows, has received the Society’s Lifetime Achievement award.

RPS publishes new policy on pharmacy's contribution to antimicrobial stewardship Subscription

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has published a new policy on antimicrobial stewardship (AMS).

Mahendra Patel develops new SIGN champions programme

Mahendra Patel develops new SIGN champions programmeSubscription


Students and foundation-level professionals in Scotland are invited to become peer champions for the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network.


For official announcements from The Royal Pharmaceutical society please visit the announcements page here.

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