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Welcome to Tomorrow’s Pharmacist — your one-stop shop for information and resources about a career in pharmacy. Whether you are a pharmacy student, preregistration trainee, newly registered pharmacist or someone considering studying pharmacy, we have a bank of useful and informative resources to assist you. If you would like to see a particular topic covered, contribute an article or join our growing community of bloggers, let us know.

How to dress so you look professional, presentable and approachable in a pharmacy

Look sharp! How to dress so you look professional, presentable and approachable in a pharmacySubscription


Do you need to wear a white coat to be taken seriously? Sasa Jankovic finds out that it is attitude more than appearance that influences customers’ perceptions of you.

Steps to secure a summer placement in a community pharmacy

How you can secure a summer placement in community pharmacy


Applications for those all-important community pharmacy summer placements are open now. Here’s how you can secure your place.

Becoming an independent prescriber

How to become an independent prescriberSubscription


Gaining a non-medical prescribing qualification allows pharmacists to diagnose conditions and prescribe medicines to patients. If you are innovative in your practice and think laterally, many opportunities present themselves, says independent prescriber Anja St Clair Jones.


Which career pathway: community or hospital pharmacy?Subscription


Are you trying to decide between the hospital and community sectors? Gareth Malson explains what you can expect from both, including responsibilities, salaries and career progression.

The use of zero-hour contracts — especially in skilled professions such as the NHS — has long been controversial. On one hand, the NHS saves money by only paying people as and when they are needed to work, but, on the other hand, the employer has no guara

Working as staff bank members in hospitals offers pharmacists flexibility and variety Subscription


There are advantages and disadvantages for NHS employees who work only when they are needed. New legislation is set to protect them a little more.

Locum work for pharmacists can be a viable option while they look for a permanent position

Consider a career as a locum pharmacistSubscription


Many newly qualified pharmacists work as a locum while they look for a more permanent position. This article explains how to be a successful locum — and describes how locuming can be a rewarding career

Technological innovations would benefit pharmaceutical care

Using technology to enhance pharmaceutical careSubscription


Tomorrow’s pharmacists will have a wealth of technologies at their disposal to assist them with both patient care and professional development.

Betty Chaar, senior lecturer in pharmacy professionalism, University of Sydney, Australia

How do future pharmacists view themselves and the profession?Subscription


Tomorrow’s pharmacists need to have a positive self-image and view of the profession, but there are challenges to overcome.

Entrance of the Highbury Hospital in Nottingham

Antipsychotics and forensics: my week in mental health pharmacySubscription


In a week-long mental health placement at Nottingham Healthcare Trust, pharmacy student Catherine Leggett had the opportunity to visit a mother and baby ward and a low security forensic ward

Young female scientist working in a laboratory

Getting started in the pharmaceutical industry


This article will help you to decide whether industry might be for you and gives some top tips for getting started.

Female pharmacists have a conversation

Surviving your first year in practice: dos and don’tsSubscription


As you embark on your first year as a practising pharmacist, you may be faced with ethical dilemmas, medical emergencies and dispensing errors. Eamonn McArdle shares some tips for this important time.

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Busy day at a pharmacy in Calcutta

Volunteering in India: my pharmacy experience in KolkataSubscription


Giving up your job to spend six months volunteering in Kolkata may seem like an unusual career move. Amritpal Atwal explains how it made her a better pharmacist.

Preregistration interview at hospital

How to prepare for your hospital preregistration interviewSubscription

By , ,

Well done — you have secured a preregistration interview in a hospital. How are you going to make that all-important first impression and secure a job offer? Gill Shelton and colleagues offer an insight into the interview process and the characteristics that the recruiter will be looking for.

Pharmacy in USA

Hospital pharmacy practice: US versus UKSubscription


British pharmacist Hannah Weekes worked as a pharmacy intern in the US. In this article, she explains the main differences she has found in the profession between the two countries

Katy Bailey in Nepal

Pharmacy in Nepal: my placement in PokharaSubscription


Katy Bailey spent her three-week placement in Nepal dispensing, kayaking and paragliding. In this article, she describes her experience

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How you should prepare for the registration assessmentSubscription

By , , ,

How can you get through the registration assessment unscathed? This article covers advice and revision tips from current tutors, as well as views from two current preregistration trainees.

Dublin Ian Whitworth/

Inspiration, support and Guinness: what I gained from the FIP world congressSubscription


The International Pharmaceutical Federation congress 2014 is taking place from 31 August–4 September in Bangkok. Pharmacy education PhD student Dalia Ahmed Almaghaslah describes the experience she had at last year’s conference


Jumping the final hurdle — the 39-week appraisalSubscription

By ,

The 39-week appraisal is the last significant point of reference for you and your tutor to evaluate your progress. Your registration assessment entry paperwork is often completed around the same time as your appraisal, so it is prudent to consider both the performance standards you have accomplished and your preparedness to enter the registration assessment.

The importance of original scientific research for pharmacy students

The research project, undertaken by pharmacy students in their final year, helps individuals to learn fundamental skills for their future careers, argue Joanne Hainsworth and Patrick To.

Tips on selling OTC medicines in a pharmacy during a summer placement

Third-year pharmacy student Elliot Werner-de-Sondberg gives advice for learning about over-the-counter medicines during a community pharmacy placement.

My placement at the Spinal Injury Centre in India

Pharmacy student Rutendo Muzambi describes her experience of working at a spinal injury centre in New Delhi, India

How to get hospital experience as a pharmacy student

Fourth-year pharmacy student Alisha Sodhi shares her advice for securing adhoc shadowing experiences and placements in hospitals

Shadowing a resident on-call pharmacist in hospital

Hospital pre-registration trainee Helen Caley had the opportunity to shadow a shift with an on-call resident pharmacist. She describes some of the queries they tackled together.

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The registration assessment: articles and tips

In need of some last-minute advice for your registration assessment? Look no further…

Science is intrinsic to pharmacy

At the recent Royal Pharmaceutical Society conference, Scotland’s chief pharmaceutical officer Bill Scott suggested that the focus of the pharmacy degree should not be on science. But science is integral to the pharmacist’s role, argues Jonathan Tugbobo

Facing the hospital preregistration interview

Helen Caley was interviewed for her hospital preregistration placement this time last year. Here, she shares her tips and advice.

Changing perceptions, what else can be done?

Sultan Khan wonders what could be done to change the perception that pharmacists are just shopkeepers

Pharmacists of the future need to prompt doctors to review and stop unnecessary medicines

Pharmacy students Shreena Patel and Emily King and pharmacist Barry Jubraj describe ‘STOPIT’, a screening tool to stop inappropriate treatment in older people, and explain why medicines optimisation is so important

Community pharmacy and then some

Pharmacy student Sultan Khan explains how you can make the most of your summer placement in a community pharmacy

Hospital work experience: honey, surgical wards and pharmacy trolleys

Preregistration trainee Helen Caley describes her experience shadowing a pharmacist on a ward round, and on a surgical ward

Pharmacy PhD Myth Busting

Pharmacy PhD student Adam Pattison Rathbone shares some common beliefs about pharmacy research — and then exposes the truth

Doing Research

PhD student Adam Pattison Rathbone has been ‘doing research’ for 9 months and has only just interviewed his first patient. Here, he explains what doing research actually involves

Dear Pharmacists and General Practitioners

Adam Pattison Rathbone writes an open letter to pharmacists and GPs with a unique proposal

2 in 1: Heart failure with renal impairment

My rotation workingfor our dispensing for discharge service has come to an end. I have slowlymanaged to get used to working at a busy pace in an acute admissions ward. Thepatients I see range from exacerbations of COPD, to ACS, to heart failure.

Run-ins with the Trust formulary

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The Age of Medicalisation

What role does marketing play in medicalising the human experience? Adam Pattison Rathbone shares his thoughts

Is 'seven-a-day' the new 'five-a-day'?

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An Honest Guide to the Application Process...Part 1

have clearly been slacking when it comes to my blogging duties, which is partly my fault and partly through unforeseen circumstances. I am now way past the halfway point of my pre-reg and have crossed over to the hospital part of my training. I am in a completely different world to what I spent the previous 6 months working in, nevertheless I am enjoying myself and learning an incredible amount, which will all be helpful to my future practice.

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PCPA specialist group for practice pharmacistsSubscription

20 APR 2015

The Primary Care Pharmacists Association (PCPA) has set up a specialist group for practice pharmacists, which aims to encourage and support networking between members working in GP practices. It will act as a forum for members to share best practice and ideas as well as developing educational materials for pharmacists and GPs.

BPSA electionsSubscription

14 APR 2015

Lottie Bain has been voted president-elect and Amit Parekh vice president-elect of the British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (BPSA).

Tom Gray, head of professional and clinical leadership at the University of Nottingham School of Pharmacy and Claire Anderson, English Pharmacy Board member

Pre-registration training: is ‘good enough’ good enough?Subscription

2 APR 2015By ,

Following reports of dissatisfaction with pre-registration training, Claire Anderson, English Pharmacy Board member, and Tom Gray, head of professional and clinical leadership at the University of Nottingham School of Pharmacy, ask whether the programme is fit for purpose.

We need to accredit pre-registration tutors Subscription

26 MAR 2015By

I am writing in response to the General Pharmaceutical Council’s (GPhC) overhaul of the registration assessment from June 2016. Having attended the GPhC’s stakeholder’s event in London on 3 March 2015, I liked what I saw with respect to the changes being proposed. This change is, indeed, long overdue and the trainees will have to move away from a surface learning approach, where the skill is to search and find information, to a deeper approach where they have to apply the information ...

The importance of original scientific research for pharmacy students

24 MAR 2015By

The research project, undertaken by pharmacy students in their final year, helps individuals to learn fundamental skills for their future careers, argue Joanne Hainsworth and Patrick To.

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